Now that we have the box lets, go ahead and open it up and see what we have there. It is the cinemaster 2 by xodrome. Now the reason why we decided to get this is because previously weve been working with a phantom 3 drone, which works amazing, very happy with it. The only downfall is for our youtube channel when were out and trekking through the mountains and stuff its kind of a a bear to carry with us. So we had to go with something a little bit smaller, more compact and easier to to carry. So when were in those areas were not fighting nearly as hard so lets go ahead and open up the box and see what we have inside im definitely liking the case already its a hard shell case. So its definitely going to be easier for us to carry around and pack around versus what we had been using its also nice. It came in a case because our our phantom 3 drone came in a soft case that was falling apart, so im definitely glad that this came with the case here. It is wow. Look at that bad boy. Now, when we ordered this, we did order it with two batteries. Um each battery they say has about a 20 mi 28 minute flight time lets go ahead and take a look. The propeller is stuck in the controller, but i doesnt look like it did any damage here is the controller.

I have a feeling, like its going to take a little bit of work to Music, understand how these work thats. What you use to mount your phone in these are the antennas. It looks pretty straightforward a couple of handles for easy control like that. All right here is the drone itself. Look at that bad boy. Oh, i think i found the other battery a little tag. Saying warm tips, please remove the scratch proof of the remote controller and the aircraft before use okay. So it looks like its just talking about this plastic cover, so two sensors on the front. Now it is lightweight you can tell a lot of its uh, designed specifically for being able to fly longer. Two sensors three sensors on the bottom well figure out what those are the camera is underneath here all right. There is the camera three access, so up down, left right and side to side, two sensors in the front two sensors here optic sensor there i believe the legs, so you can set it down and, of course, the battery because it wont fly without batteries. So it looks like it just slides in and clips in here im not going to do it yet because i want to charge it battery indicator theres. A second battery looks like they both come with about the same charge on it press and hold to turn on and off there we go. Batteries are actually pretty light too compared to what were used to.

So in the case it comes with. Uh looks like a charging cord, a little screwdriver charging cord two types of charging cords extra propellers just in case, because you never know that must be what the screwdriver is for. So you can undo the screws and replace them on the go. If you need its a very nice setup, then of course, as always, the owners menu, so it comes with a quick start guide and then the full user manual so looks like we will be doing some reading before we decide to take this out and uh. Do some aerial shots and kind of figure it out how it works and everything i need to know about it again, i have to say, im really liking the portability of it. I, like the protective case so when im transporting it it doesnt it doesnt ruin the camera. I love how it just snaps shut, hold the legs up underneath again. I really appreciate this case because uh we go into some pretty rugged areas and to have something thats. A little bit more sturdy and a little more durable, lighter weight, easier transport is very important. Looks like weve got our battery storage here. Nice fit looks like our controller goes here, make sure you put it in right, so you dont mess up the controllers, and then all your cables and other stuff can go right here. In this little front, wraps were off to go so soon here.

Well be able to take this out after i do some educating make sure i understand all the stuff on this and um well be back and well show you some of the footage weve collected while we were out and about flying it around so till then.