This is my man. Sascha and uh today were going to do our first flight impressions of the blackhawk. Let me put that back in here, whatever the hell, that is, the blackhawk 2. This is the blackhawk 2 pro now inside. The truck i do have the black hawk 2 mini were going to do that. One last ill talk about. Why were going to do that? One last, but were just going to fly it out over the gulf. I feel like the best place to test something new that you dont know is out over the water, because if it has a problem, its just going to go down in the water and then it just means this review became very easy, so um, i dont, think Thats going to be the case well see how this does so lets, go ahead and uh, take it out and give you my first impressions. All right so looks like were about ready to take off. This is the drone. Color looks actually pretty good. Looking at the screen facing me Laughter thats how ill sync, the footage later all right lets go ahead and sing. We weak gps was that just because i picked it up, i dont know all right now it says ready to fly. Can it go up? I cant go in with this all right, so i got ta Music, please be mindful so its talking to me. Oh almost hit that tree. I have not uh.

This is the first time im flying this uh straight out of the gate ill. Tell you theres some horizon tilt, maybe yeah it looks like there is some horizon tilt lets go left right. Controls seem pretty smooth lets head towards that island. It is hot out today. My goodness dynamic range on this actually looks really good. Surprisingly, thats sort of shocking actually – and this is their standard profile – that im using for this shot here, so video transmission is pretty good. I can still see it looks good and uh guys i apologize if i sound nasally, my nose is more congested than the guy that does quality control for the cuban cartel Music. I mean its allergy season here in florida, so im going to try yawning around this island here and uh, the yaw seems to be a little bit sensitive. It does let you tune it though, but uh it is letting me orbit the island and the video feed is still good and were at uh sixteen hundred feet and video transmission is looking pretty good. I can tune the horizon tilt if i want to, though so thats one nice thing as i can tune that. But honestly, the video feed looks great, which is you know, one of the things like when you get a lot of these budget. Drones like this is sometimes the video is not as good um. The yaw is a little sensitive, though like really sensitive.

Actually so, but it is letting me orbit the island. Video feed is really good, though, actually sort of shocked with that colors look pretty good. At least from looking on the phone screen, the color looks nice. I dont, i dont, really see anything jumping off now there is different color modes in here too so lets see. This is the standard color profile lets go ahead and see. What is this? This is for video lets, start recording video now so i wasnt recording before so. This is the standard video, so now im, recording and just orbiting the island here. So still no change in the video quality, but the yaw is is really weird, its almost overly sensitive. So ill probably have to tune that, but the horizon now looks straight oddly enough, so maybe a gimbal calibration is in order. So looks pretty good, though yeah color looks good im im impressed. Actually, i was firmly expecting to come out here and itd just be like hot mess, but this is not a hot mess. All right so lets toggle over all right, so you got ta, stop recording and then you have different options here underneath the settings. Oh, they have a log profile, so this is their h. Log lets see what this looks like so were: recording an h log now. What is that all right? So this is h. Log almost reminds me more of a decent alike, although its pretty desaturated, though pitching down on the gimbal, see what that looks like h, log, okay, gimbal control is pretty good all right, so thats h log.

Let me know what you think of that ill. Just do a quick color grade to that all right and lets go back to the camera settings and well go back lets see what other styles. This is natural. They have sunny day and natural for the styles. Oh, they have hdr is that whats on is hdr on or off all right, so thats hdr on hdr off yeah. It helps out a little bit lets throw the grid lines on okay lets. Go this way, all right, so theres. Also this six time, ops, optical zoom me i cant, speak so lets see what this looks like theres the beach over there, so maybe its not six time optical zoom – that doesnt make any sense thats 2.5 times optical zoom, oh thats, exposure, lock! Oh no! It is six times wow thats grainy, that is grainy yeah. I definitely dont want to zoom in there lets see what resolution were at to begin with, though um lets see so im filming 4k 30 frames per second bitrate. We can increase the bit rate up to 200 megabits lets see if we notice any better quality increasing the bit rate. Before i lose myself, where the freak am i oh im over here. Yeah, this horizon is definitely like. You can see, as i rotate it. It sort of loses itself a little bit but thats, not abnormal theres, a lot of drones that do that. So not really super abnormal, but uh im not giving it a pass, though all right so now were filming at the 200 megabits 15 miles an hour.

Is this speed 17 miles an hour honestly, the video looks really good. The colors look super natural and the dynamic range between the shadows and the highlights is very, very pleasing and the greens dont look nuclear a lot of times. I get these uh budget drones and they dont know how to render out greens. The hues are always off, but these hues look very much spot on and the iphone 13 screen is usually pretty color accurate, so im pretty happy with what were seeing so far. This looks pretty good, i mean color wise. This is just in their standard. Color profile of natural and filming and automatic and yeah looks pretty good. Let me stop. The recording here lets see what other modes there are. This is normal mode. Is there a sport mode? We can get into im almost afraid to press any other buttons theres. So much going on up here. Um. Let me hit return to home, well hit return to home and see what happens: okay, its rising its moving slower than though its got to get to its. You know altitude im assuming 100 feet is the altitude i didnt check were at 3 200 feet by the way its pretty good still rising. I may just cancel this return to home scares the out of me all right any day you can start moving back to me. It is literally still just rising all right im gon na do i cancel it.

Ah jesus. I didnt check that thats on me thats. My fault i didnt look at that. Do i trust it. Whoa, its still going. Jesus cancel, cancel, cancel yeah, cancel that return gon na return to home. No, no, no dont return to home. Just just come back just come back just lets bring it back. No stop cancel return. Yes, i i canceled holy its hard to see with the screen. You know what it is im so used to flying dji and these other brands that um things are sometimes different. The transmission is really good on this, though i wonder what the latency is. I didnt test the latency when i get it back closer to me. Im going to test the latency uh battery lifes, looking pretty good 51 percent, i dont think we started with a full battery, but uh 51 percent max distance. So far was 3200 square uh square feet, im thinking about a house 3 200 feet. So that is pretty impressive and from my understanding, im hearing reports that, like people are struggling with the mini with range, but this didnt appear to be a problem so far, so that is pretty cool uh my biggest hindrance with this thing is my phone screen, its Not bright enough to handle being out here where the sun is like directly over my shoulders, so all right its almost to us, i can see it Music. Alright, so you can see the camera.

You cant see it its its hard to explain but theres, no theres. No latency Music, theres, no latency lets see. Did i get more speed, yeah im getting more speed, 26 miles an hour holy its tilted for 35 miles an hour. Okay, oh, were cooking. Now, oh battery is below 40. That definitely takes a toll on the battery fast. So the battery definitely takes a big hit in sport mode, but pretty impressed so far. I did bring two batteries, but lets go ahead and take a look at the mini version of this lets see if i can hand catch this, if i can hand catch it, its a good drone. Oh i dont know this ones, weird its a good drone. I could hand catch it all right, mini two time. Its making me dance all right, i dont have any video cables connected rcs connected, says: im in addie mode Music. Oh this one aint as stable nah, this one, oh, where is it going im noticing this one? Has a little bit harder time like holding its position. The other thing that i thought was weird. Let me move it away. Did i start recording i didnt start my screen recording yet so another thing i found weird im gon na move. This away from us was that um it it didnt. What the is it doing. It didnt start showing me a visual until i started moving its bright, its really bright out here.

The other thing im gon na go straight ill. Just show you this im going straight and its sort of going to the right its not its, not really going straight, and then i stop, and it just starts drifting to the right. What the hell is it doing the other one didnt do that all right, so lets start recording, seems to be horizon. Tilt is a common trend for this and again i can correct that because it allows you to correct that, but its just annoying seeing horizon tilting drones, knowing how critical people are of that and theres horizon. So, like i, i notice it all right, so it is flying. Pretty quick. Dynamic range appears to be pretty good so same as the other camera, which i suspected that theres not going to be any other differences im just seeing like what is that every time i stop it, it like drifts to the right, maybe firmware, and these are all Up to date on the latest firmware by the way um, maybe thats something firmware could fix, at least on the mini. The color looks good the transmission once again, the transmission is really really good, so ill. Give them props. For that. This is definitely not like the xeno, because the xeno is a piece of to be honest. Am i standing in ants? I feel like im getting bit up ah 14 miles an hour lets see how the orbiting does on this one.

So im gon na try to orbit this island Music. I guess orbiting is okay. It is a little bit sensitive on the left stick. So i need to make some adjustments there. Maybe a little bit more expo really hard to say: lets give it some altitude, god ive got more sweat on my lip and you can shake a stick at my god, its hotter than hell. I dont even care. I look like a hot mess im out here. I will trade anybody that lives in north, the north. For this, like its hot, i dont give a its hot, its hotter than im just gon na put some sensor bars around this. I dont even care its hot im sweating, my balls off out here for you for your enjoyment, just ill put like a blur. A gaussian blur all right transmission looks good on this one im gon na attempt to fly it back and navigate using my navigational beacons to to make it back. I could hit return to home, but god i dont even know what the return to home altitude set to felt like that thing was going to the moon. So there you go. That was my first flight with the black hawk 2 pro and the black hawk 2 mini im. Just going to sort of summarize my thoughts and overall i am impressed. I do have a few minor gripes, but the gripes that i do have are honestly really just minor horizon tilt, but its not just exclusive to the exo drone, its every brand has it even my mavic 3, which is a premium 3 000 drone had horizon tilt At one time, so its going to be something that theyll have to fix with firmware, you can counteract that by adjusting it in the configuration settings to offset the role the mini had a little bit more issues than i think the blackhawk 2 pro had issue.

I had was when it would break it would drift to the right. I couldnt see it doing it at a distance, but i know up close. It was breaking so breaking and having an issue drifting to the right, so something that they do need to address with firmware all right um. As far as transmission signal and video feed back down to the rc, i think theyre flawless, like its crazy. You know and again im pretty crucial on this, because i had all those issues with x dynamics where there was a lot of lag and a lot of latency, so its one of the first things i look at now when i review a drone, is the latency Between the rc and the drone itself – and i really couldnt notice any latency just having it here, hovering behind me doing the wave test, it seemed to be pretty much in sync. So good news is the latency. The video transmission is awesome down to the drone. The colors from the camera look pretty accurate and the fact that it has that h log is a nice added benefit. I mean there are some drawbacks, obviously, because there are drones with much more premium features, but i think for the cost points of each of these drones. I think its really hard to to you know really complain too much about them, so thats just my initial thoughts. If i had to choose right now, one or the other, i would probably choose the blackhawk 2 pro just because size wise it folds up so tiny like this is so tiny.

Like look at that, yes, it is heavier than 250 grams, but if youre doing anything professionally or you have your 107 no big deal just to register this and not even worry about it. So for me i would probably choose the black hawk 2 pro. I have a functional sd card: theres, functional internal storage of 60 gigs, so thats pretty awesome its got a built in fan. It just feels a lot more premium than the mini. Obviously this is a mini drone, its its designed to be a budget and lightweight. It is still better than the evo 2 uh, the evo nano. I keep messing that up, but its the evo nano. You know what i mean um. The nano i still think is absolute trash there. I said it all right, thats gon na do it for this video, if you enjoyed seeing me, topless, be sure to hit that like button comment down below, if you want to see more unfiltered first flight videos like this, i love giving you candid thoughts like this, Especially when ive never had any time to prep or any time to actually fly the drone beforehand stay original. I heard they checking for me. No one checking on me, so i had to go run up a check. I got the message: homie aint, no flexing on me. My attorney gon na call and collect blessings on blessing. For me, my successors only made them envious. They got upset.

I had to put all their egos in check. I want the money Music im not gon na lie. Dollar has bought her brain fries keep on heading.