Even after i crashed it several times. I crashed it into the house, i crashed it into a tree. I crashed it into the side of a mountain and i even got some sand in the motors at the beach. I was able to clean the sand out and it worked fine. You could see theres a few scratches on the propellers, but thats about all that happens most of the time if you crash it, when i crashed it into the tree, there was a little bit of damage on this cover the covering around the camera, but um a Few scratches didnt change the performance even right after crashing into the tree it it was able to start flying again right away anyway. Here is what it looks like when you turn it on. It has four light: it has four lights on the battery theres a light. Uh under each propeller, when you first turn it on the lights, are yellow thats, the controller when it connects to the controller. The lights are blinking. What you have to do when you first turn it on, is spin it around to calibrate the compass, so they say spin it around three times like that. Now you have green flashing lights on both sides. Then you have to spin it around this way with the camera pointing up, then the lights in back turn, yellow and the lights in front turn red thats, how you know its ready to get started on the on the controller theres a button with a lock symbol.

You press the lock symbol, button Applause, the propellers spin, fast or three times and then its ready to go up. So if i press this, it would go up right now, but im inside and uh its uh theres too many things that could hit inside right. Now. Im just doing this for the video right now here on the controller on the right side, theres this uh knob, whatever that it makes the camera go up and down, so you can get 90 degrees down or straight forward, uh theres, two modes on the controller you Can control uh, which side does what, if you want to switch it, you can control, it goes up down, left right turn forward and back um Music. The home button is here, so you should always have gps turned on when youre outside, so that it knows the starting position it usually gets about. I dont know 17 satellites uh when youre outside when it has a good enough signal from the gps satellites. It knows its starting position and then it can go back to that position so anytime, its flying in the air. You can press the home button and itll go back to the starting position. This is on the left side of the controller. You have a camera button. Uh i tried using that with just the memory card in the drone and it doesnt seem to work. I sent a message to the uh exo people on their website.

They said it only works. If you have a phone connected, i think it should work without a phone because theres a memory card slot, so maybe theyll change that in the future. Who knows anyway, on the controller that this button is to land? Actually, it has arrows going both ways. So maybe you can use that to take off too, but i think most of the time it makes more sense just to use this to take off. Just push the stick up: gps, theres, a theres, a switch to turn gps off, but most of the time, theres. No reason to turn turn it off. I mean if youre indoors and youre in a big area – theres no gps anyway, theres theres no signal, so you could turn it off. I guess over here you have a buttons its for high and low speed and the light theres a light underneath it doesnt turn on when its not flying, but it makes it a lot more visible if youre flying when its dark. So you could press that to turn the light on or you can hold it for a few seconds to change the speed so see changes to high speed, change back to low speed and thats about all. You would need to know, i guess oh yeah and uh. They have a spot to put your phone here, so you could put this one has part of the phone holder missing, so there should be an extra part of that.

I dont think this holds the phone well enough, so id rather just hold the phone in my uh in another hand or something what else. Oh yeah. If the battery goes low, it goes back to the starting uh position, just like, if you press the home button, if it loses a connection to the controller, if you go too far from the controller, it goes back to the home position where it started where it Took off from the ground be careful with when it goes back to home position, because if you flew around an obstacle along the way, while it was in the air, it wont know that thats there on its way back to the home position its going to go In a straight line, uh theres a few things you can change in the app you can change the height it goes to when it goes back to home. So theres a few things you might want to change here, yeah on the left and right side. You see bars that show the signal to say how how good the signal is between the controller and the drone. You have the battery amount for the drone and the battery amount for the controller and the distance from the controller to the drone and the height for the drone above the ground. Sometimes the app does not connect to the drone very well. You might have to try it a few times. I noticed that if theres a memory card in the drone, when you start it up uh, sometimes that makes it more difficult to connect or like sometimes the wi fi on the drone, just wont connect to the phone.

So maybe its better yeah sometimes its better to have no memory card in the drone and then just connect with the phone. And then, if you want to put a memory card, you could do that after after its started up and connected to a phone. If theres no memory card in the drone, then it records the video directly the videos and photos directly to the phone app. If theres a memory card in the drone, then it records at a higher quality it records in the 4k video, if you record directly to the phone it only records in 720 or whatever it is 1080.