Why the cinemaster 2, you ask, because a cinemaster needed a sequel were going to unbox and fly a cinemaster ii im also going to share with you some of the video that i shot. Then, when were all done with that ill. Give you my thoughts on the cinemaster 2 and things i wish they would have done better, which, by the way, are not a lot. When you open up the cinemaster 2 box, youll find another box. The semi hard shell case is built pretty solidly it zippers open and when i say hard shell case i mean it has a heft to it inside underneath the piece of styrofoam youll find the transmitter, the drone and a zippered container that contains all your essentials. Theres. Also two spaces for extra batteries. The drone weighs in at around 22 23 ounces things i like about the cinemaster ii outside of the gimbal cover which well get to in a second its built, really really well. It comes with the props attached and, as you can tell theyre a and b props, it comes installed with a little separator between the battery compartment and the battery so that it doesnt burn the battery out during transportation theres. The gimbal cover that i speak of in order to get the gimbal cover off. First, what you have to do is pinch. The sides pull next. What you have to do is separate the legs of the drone. The gimbal cover will not come out unless the drone legs are separated, theres a little latch and then pull straight out in order to put the gimbal cover back on.

You have to line it up with the gimbal slide it into the hole and then snap it in place inside the zippered container. Youll find the manual the quick start manual, a set of props two power cords, one which is a power cord for quick charging. Another power cord, which is a standard c type usb cord and like any good drone company, they include a small screwdriver im going to compare the deerc d15. My first drone with the cinemaster heres the controller for my d15 heres, the controller for the cinemaster. Try to tell the difference between these two controllers, i would go to say outside of the color. These two controllers are identical right. There is where you stick the memory card. I hope you can see it right there and try to use memory thats above class 10.. All right lets get the exo ready for takeoff. First, you got to stretch these guys out. You might notice that my hands are shaking. It was 45 degrees that day theres a little tagging. That label is going to come off. Put that for there. For now there we go see if we can carefully take this off so that we dont take anything with us little sticker. When you get the battery, the battery will have a piece of foam right here, make sure you take the foam off theres a sticker here that needs to come off and im, leaving that guy on for now, dont forget to fold down the front legs before takeoff.

The first time you use an exo youre supposed to pair it in order to pair. I have to press this button. Hold it down do that, while the drone is on now its time for geomagnetic calibration turn the drone three times horizontally and turn it three times vertically the lights change, letting you know that youve calibrated them correctly make sure you do this. Otherwise, the drone might not be stable waiting for the wind to die down just a little bit. Another important reminder check the number of gps satellites on your transmitter. I usually dont take off until it says nine remember your drone doesnt know where it is without gps. Satellites now that were in the air youll see just how good the color is in the cinemaster too, i did notice that the saturation is bumped up in the factory settings. I ran a similar route between the d15 and the cinemaster ii so that you could accurately compare the color between the two. These shots were taken about 20 minutes. Apart on the left, youll see that the browns are a little washed out, whereas theres more clarity and color in the browns on the right. I also like the color detail in the shadow areas of this. In a master too, the greens seem more vibrant. Everything seems less washed out as we go over this car in the citymaster 2. I would like for you to pay attention to that area on the left when you charge forward in the cinemaster 2.

If the gimbal is level to the horizon, then the act of moving forward will put the props in view. However, if youre pointed downward just a little bit, you wont see the props. Both of these shots are looking slightly into the sun. The cinemaster, i believe, gives better contrast, whereas the d15 is looking washed out notice that the d15 shot is darker. Yet you see more detail in the cinemaster 2 shot. I like this shot specifically because it shows you how the cinemaster deals with a harsh light coming towards it in this image. The sun is, at a 90 degree angle, youll notice that you can see the rocks at the bottom of the water through the water. All of the background sound is from the cinemaster 2. thats. My canon camera there on the right on the top is a poorly exposed. Slr shot on the bottom is the sun master ii. The cinemaster 2 is showing you that, even when the drone is moving left and right at extreme angles, it still keeps the horizon in a level position. As i gawk up at my drone im coming in for a landing Music, hello, successful first test, a few beauty shots from the drone here in the cinemaster im passing over a football field and showing you its climbing rate, just showing you how fast it can go. I really like the difference between the green of the lawn and the artificial turf in this image.

You can see that even in the artificial turf, there are different shades of green now, just a shot just taking straight off just going straight up to give you an idea of how good the drone is looking into haze from above im, not at maximum altitude, but Im getting close to it coming back down taking my time in a slow descent. I love how in this shot, you cant even tell that its a drone until the camera pans. I was probably about 40 feet in the air at this time, its dusk, its low light, but you can still see a lot of the detail in the browns. There is a little bit of grain there, but pay attention to the lawn pay attention to the brown areas, the different red areas that you could see, thats, where i think you can really tell the subtlety of a camera that can deal with low light in this Particular shot look at the brownish reddish red tree. Look at the reflections in the water, the reflections of the cloud in the water in here, especially the area that is on the edge of the water. As i track this car notice, the clouds i love this particular shot because it was shot when it was just above freezing the detail in the trees and the reflection of the trees. What did i like about the cinemaster 2? Well to start out? It took great shots, the color detail was fantastic.

There was extended range into the shadows. I could see shadow detail, the dynamic range felt really good to me and the color saturation was great, the hover was stable and, as far as i could tell, it was about as rock steady as you can get as far as any drone goes uh. I was flying in a not a windy day, but a day that there were unexpected gusts and it would respond in kind. Every single time having a heavier drone im sure helps in those instances. I love the build. It just has a solid feel to it. From beginning to end, as far as things, i dont like the gimbal cover is a really cool addition: im glad that it protects the gimbal when youre putting it away or when youre taking it out. I wish it attached in a different way, its really finicky, and it feels like the way that you have to pull out the the cover just feels like you could accidentally injure it in that way. You just have to be very careful, removing it is what im saying im, not convinced that the props wont become a problem at a later time. Granted ive only used one other drone before, and this is my second drone. So what do i know right? But if you have a solid prop as every prop in the world of aviation, is you know where to see the points of failure? You can go ahead and actually feel the prop and figure out? Oh okay, i have a.

I have a nick here or theres. A line going through it – and i think this is going to be a point of failure when you have props that fold in that adds an additional point of failure and its one thats not clearly its, not nothing that you can clearly see what that means. Is that at some point in time when that does fail, youre not going to have the opportunity to catch it ahead of time? And that means you could end up losing your drone at 200 or 300 feet up and not even know that the prop was a problem in the first place, im still new to them and im sure ill find out over time. If thats as apparent of a problem as i believe it is, and hopefully im proven completely wrong, having said that, i love the cinemaster ii. It is blowing away my d15 and granted. My d15 was an entry level drone, but its blowing my d15 away. As far as color quality, as far as the gimbal goes and everything thats important to me, the speed is great. The maneuverability is great. It just feels like its doing a lot of the subtle things better and when it hovers it just hovers like a dream. Uh, please support exo if you like, good drone companies and, if youre not up to dji.