Oh okay, i hit the return to home that stopped. It too look kind of neat here comes the car. Okay, still pretty much. Are there hey everyone, tommy jordan? This is the exo sin master ii just came in today. Lets take a look. What we have here, exo look at that case now, thats an impressive looking case. Its got a nice leathery feel to it very impressive sensation. Take a look there. It is a long drone. This is the exo cinemaster 2 wow that is long. Staying still, thats kind of cool takes up the entire screen and we have our label wow clicks into place, and the german is a plastic body and clicks into place. Its very light, not heavy at all, listen to that lets go ahead and take this off here, theres my uh peel, all right, uh! Okay, there you go okay, so that was tricky taking off, but its off all right. So this is the exocinimaster ii or a sin master excuse me, and it looks like the battery is three quarters of the way charged all right, plug that in slides, right in okay and were up and running it that quickly. Since i plugged that battery in very um gentle, it feels gentle, as i fly put, that down lets put that down. Lets. Take a look at this wow thats, impressive. All right lets take a look heres, our controller here, okay, two battery, two antennas: okay, pretty simple controller – feels like your typical controller, its very lightweight, though now this drone has a lot of other cool features.

It has circle knee mode. It has follow me mode as well. This is the xo synmaster ii uses two doubly batteries: kind of cool, okay, so heres my spotlight button watch and now lets see spotlight underneath theres a spotlight underneath it. There makes a little bit easier to see it. Thats kind of cool now in just a moment that camera is gon na set itself up. Look at that in that cool now watch this ill pick it up and the camera will stay level, see how the camera moves the camera up or down. Look at the camera stays level, regardless of where the drone is. How neat is that? Look at that? Okay notice, how the camera stays in its place as i move it forward, and thats cool left notice, how the camera stays still thats kind of cool. Give him a nice job staying still thats kind of nice, all right, thats, really neat, all right, so its staying in a nice hover like that down nice now, thats. What i like, i like a drone that when i tell it to stop it stops and youll notice here all i did was i brought it down and now it doesnt start off. By doing this, though, you have to hit that all right. Nice very lets go ahead and bring nice down again see i like that thats. I like a drone that when i tell it to stop it stops comes in for landing.

That was a good landing, so i like that. I like that, a lot all right lets take a look at this controller here. Look at this. I have a gps on the side, so i can turn it on or off very easy. Look at that. Thats cool nice turns on there or take off, probably return home pictures all right. Nice were gon na figure this out in a second. It is controllable, though i mean its got a decent light characteristic. It feels big its a big drone, its a different kind of fly. This is the main thing, ive flown before very different. Look at that my uh battery power. Im gon na control use two doubly batteries plenty of signal kind of cool neat. So this is the fastest ski right here. Not that much faster, though, probably have to read the instructions heres, our second battery, so we have two batteries and in here we have our instructions for the exo syn master ii, so theres two types of calibrations with the exo cinemaster theres, the gyro – and you see I put it down to the left and the lights are green and so theyll be done in just a second there. Now the other calibration is the um geometric calibration and just bring them down to the side like that, and we see how its blinking at me now im going to turn it. Okay and the lights are green right and now that thats done it looks like i hold it up like this, and now i turn it a little bit one a little bit different to turn this way, but okay until the front and rear indicate stays on all Right, oh, there you go and its and now the red is on.

So i guess were good all right and we can see the camera and that cool how the camera stays level. Thats, really nice kind of cool. All right lets take a look here. We have. We have our propellers additional props and screws right there as and bs and heres our instructions. This is probably charger cord. This is a uh there. You go theres our charger cord for our battery charge up next and heres our instructions, cinemaster quickstart, guide, cool, hey scan. All right lets go ahead and scan watch these videos, so we go right to our scanner and go, and i guess this will take me to the video yep theres, our theres, our video here. We start and uh scan code download the app right there. Now the app is also here on the box. I can download the app right there on the box as well, but ill go ahead and use the um ill go ahead and use the uh app here set that up its good and there we go, and it should take me right to the site where ill Go ahead and download the app all right, theres, our exo were going to go ahead and do it on google play and install all right. Well, that was easy. I do like how it stays put, though it stays stays right in its place. I like that thats, where the gtx on so its staying right there. So i like that.

I, like that, a lot i like how to stay split. You can see here the uh sin master ii, beautiful germ im, going to turn it off. So i dont mess up the camera, one: two: okay, all right, thats off thats cool. I love how its nice and thin theres your akiflu oculus sensor on the bottom. Nice im going to take this off one time. You have all kinds of little pads. You have all kinds of pads right here on the bottom and on there pretty cool lets back down to slow speed. So im gon na hit this button here and that makes it possible now im not getting any okay. The controller tells me its on low speed right now, so this is low. Speed right here. Look at that thats really slow thats. Your cinematic speed right here. That is slow, wow, yeah, thats thats, so its only two speeds slow and fast and uh reach out. That is slow, okay, that is a without further. So i think i like to sport, my better all right, and so i just put on to fast mode now. I think i like that fast move better its got a big, its got a very wide turning radius, all right so theres, our scene master 2 right there coming towards you pretty cool this. The exo sin master 2. kind of cool all right, so i got ta say this thing is a lot of fun.

I do like it its actually fairly easy to fly. This is the exo drone sin master ii, exo sin master ii and i got ta adjust that gimbal there. So ive got the camera gimbal. Oh there, it is coming back back up, lets turn this off and watch. It goes right back up, so i like this uh. This is sid master ii, not bad its a different type of drone ive, never flown a drone, quite this its its its got like a heavy feel to it, and yet its relatively easy to fly lets see here there we go, fixing that and im definitely low In power, though thats good, i lets take my picture. I love the fact that i can take my picture with my uh isnt that cool thats neat or hold it down and now im videotaping myself and the end and the uh. The controller tells me its recording too thats kind of cool anyway, guys im tommy drone. This is my review of the sin master 2 from exo its a 4k drone. It shoots in 4k, its got some weight, not not super heavy, but it feels good. The legs are plastic, though, and um it just has a feel to it. That, in my mind, i worry that if i get a good crash, i wonder how hearty these arms will be in a crash, but i think it looks so cool. I love that length its just so neat its a cool.

Looking drone – and i like this, like i like the light watch, put the light on. Am i still recording? No okay, so all right thats it its done no more power. This things out of power now, anyway, guys my review of the exo drone. Let me know what you think: exo scene, master 2, pretty cool drone. If youre interested in getting one, i got direct links for you below check it out.