But today, its all about the blackhawk 2 pro, who is exo well theyre, based out of salt lake city utah, like i said they joined with hubsan and hubsan, is one of the best drone manufacturers in the world and their first drone theyve produced together. Is this blackhawk ii pro, so why is it important that theyre based out of salt lake city utah, because they fall under u.s guidelines, guys the us government doesnt care? If drones are made in china, they just care if the company is based in china and has to share all their data. Just i dont want to get real political, but since theyre based in the united states, they follow u.s guidelines and all your data is safe. So thats really important, also being based in the united states. Their customer service is top notch, guys im having so much trouble with dji. I pre ordered my mini. It was supposed to be here weeks ago and now it doesnt get shipped off for another 10 days. I think im going to cancel it. The main thing im having problems with is these three drones. My air 2 air, 2s and mini 2 have some problems and i cant get dgi to work with me on it guys i called exo and they answered the phone and its someone whos very polite, theyre, very passionate about drones. They want to build a community of enthusiasts that want drones, but they want them at a really good value guys.

My channel is mainly about budget drones and beginner drones, so now theres a drone price as a budget drone, but its not a budget drone guys. This thing is 799 dollars and it checks all the boxes. It comes with this really nice carrying case fly more package, three batteries, a great remote, a fantastic app, multiple charging hub and on the drone, its got brushless motors, a three axis: gimbal, obstacle avoidance, front, rear and bottom, a really nice light on the back optical flow Sensor, its a gps drone, its not a wi fi drone, so it hooks up to gonads on the satellites and it can probably fight fly for four or five miles im, not one of those guys that do long range tests, because theyre illegal its an intelligent battery And one thing i like about it: a lot is the gimbal kind of reminds me of the original air how its covered most drones are, like theyre mini how the how the gimbals so exposed i mean, especially as a beginner. If you crash the drone, its very unlikely youre gon na damage it because thats one of the first things that break up on a drone is when you fly it and you crash it and they knock the camera off and then the drone is kind of worthless. Guys, im really excited about this drone because of all the flight features of it. It has everything that you want its got. The follow me that works really good.

Its got the orbit mode, which is my favorite, but its got something different in orbit mode. You can speed it up, slow it down zoom in zoom out, while youre orbiting. I havent seen that before its got waypoints all that its got the map, the app just works fantastic. So today, im going to review the drone, go over the flight characteristics of it and all of the flight features of it that i just mentioned and part two ill go deep into the app, but guys this drone should cost way more than 799 dollars. So i mean, if youve been holding out thinking about getting a good drone at a good price. I mean you cant go wrong with this one great drone customer service based in the u.s lets, go put her up in the air Music, all right, so im, a roofing contractor and my neighbor across the fairway from me is getting their house roofed. So were going to go over there and check out his crew and see how theyre doing thats going to be our mission today. Let me first of all say i just got this about a week ago and if i get a little cheap drone, its pretty easy to make a review on it. But when i get a drone like this, i really want to put it through the paces. So ive ran about 10 batteries through it to really understand the drone, because each one has its own quirkiness and things i do and dislike about it, but each time i fly this drone, the more i like it, the more solid.

It is a couple things uh. You cant film, by holding the drone in your hand, itll only start filming once it takes off and the obstacle avoidance doesnt work as soon as you take off, but theres a big red circle that reminds you and it tells you to turn on obstacle avoidance. I wish i had another week to edit this video ive only had the drone a week, uh right now id normally be showing like a box and box picture, but i wanted to show the whole screen with this camera. Its amazing look at that horizon guys its really windy and ill show you. The zoom feature im pretty sure its just a digital zoom, its not an optical zoom, so its just kind of spreading the picture, but, as i do youll see these trees moving around here. Look how windy it is. I mean its really windy its definitely a 4k camera a lot of times, the cheaper drones. They call them 4k cameras, but theyre, not but man. This thing is really good, so its a one over one third inch sensor and its a 48 megapixel camera now right here, im shooting in 30 frames per second, and i have the auto set for the iso and the shutter speed. But you can also do everything manual and you can also adjust it on the fly. So look at this pan when im going up with the camera. The gimbal is really solid.

Now, when i do turn to the right right here, you will see some shakiness but thats, because its really windy. I think any drone right now other than like an inspire thats having the camera hang down would still have this shakiness. So there are better drones out there with better cameras. You have nothing in this price point at 800 with the fly more package. This is an incredible deal to have a camera that has this color saturation right off the bat all right so now were going to try follow me and then were gon na try um, so were gon na well, first of all, gon na take off and take Off, are you sure yes go up so anytime? I take the drone off i like to go up to about 15 feet to get the point set for the return to home. As you can see, it is forbidden to take pictures. While you are on the ground and right here, no obstacle avoidance mode. Please fly with caution so youre going to get that every time you take off so all youve got to do is press that little red circle and then obstacle avoidance is turned on and you got to do that every time it does remind you. So i hit a point of interest orbit and you hit execute immediately and at first i didnt think it worked really well, but the higher you go and the further you are away from you.

Then it executes much better. It doesnt work if its within, like 15 20 meters, but see that orbit speed thats new. I really like that, and if you see it shows you time per orbit, so right now its at a minute and 53 and you can hit pause and you can also hide it or reset the parameters right there. So now now that ive slid it over it. Now you see the time per orbit is 36 seconds. I mean thats, really neat, you see the stop button up there and you can also zoom in and out while its doing the orbit mode and the orbit mode is my favorite feature. I wish i had time to show a hyperlapse when i compare the two drones when i compare this one to the mini pro ill go more in depth in this, and also i show how the app works in part two. So if you want to see how all this works, uh be sure and watch part two im just showing you how well it all works. So if youre new to drones – or this is your first drone – learn the orientation of the drone before you start exploring into the different flight features like this, because its important that you know how the drone flies, how it stops, how it turns and then start diving Into all the features i know its like getting a christmas present, you want to open and get right to it, but to be safe, be sure you know how it works.

Also, if youre going from a wi, fi drone to a gps drone – and you dont understand how to calibrate the compass thats very important. The reason why is if you get in your car and your car starts moving is the gps. It doesnt know whats the front and back until you drive it like a half a block, and then you got to turn around and go back. You cant have that happen on a drone, so its real important that when the drone takes off the gps knows whats the front and the back and where the drone is located. Another thing too, i really like about this. One is, if you open the maps you can hold down on a spot and reset your return to home when you hit return to home its going to return to home where it took off not where youre at. But you can change that. So if you change locations and youre afraid the battery may run out or you lose orientation of the drone and you want it to come to a certain spot, open your maps up and press down on a new spot on the map and then thatll reset the Return to home also look around. You make sure that your return to home is set correctly higher than everything else around you. If you dont do that and youve got it set at 50 meters and youve got a 60 meter tree. Well, guess what theres little branches hanging out its going to hit them so be real? Careful with that, the only drone! I trust out there, that doesnt hit the little branches is the skydio2.

So now were going to do a waypoints mission, theres two ways to do it. You can have a waypoint memory where you pre program it or you can plan it on the fly. So when you open up the map you see draw and you can either select it to be a straight line or dots, and here im, selecting dots and im doing a little mission. And then you or you can do point of interest and just touch spots. And then you hit submit, and it will warn you that you need to keep it above the ground more than five meters during the flight or it could hit something and then, when you submit the drone, takes off and flies in those directions. Man, look at that tree. How windy it is. Waypoint missions are really nice, especially if you want to like film a golf course or a ranch. You can just draw where you want the drone to go and you can mess with the angle of the camera. Going up and down in the zoom in and out and get some really nice shots without having to worry about controlling the drone, and you can still be still in line of sight or actually have a observer. As you see the little green arrow up there, it shows that its in a waypoint mission – and you have the stop button – you can stop it at any time. Im not going to show you the whole mission for time state, but it did really good.

So its going to go to those points in turn and theres all kinds of features that you could use this for its really nice to have on a drone. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you learn to use it, youll have a lot of fun with it. The only problem im having is wrapping my head around that im showing you all these features on a drone thats eight hundred dollars with the fly more package. This is really cool that you can get an american based company that can produce a drone that has all these features for eight hundred dollars with three batteries and really good customer service, and this is the camera again showing through the app. If you take the sd card out and load it in this is at 1080 or maybe even 720.. I love that. It shows you the speed the height. I got 10 satellites. If you look up to the top im at 66 percent on my battery now, the remote control that ill show you in part two. It actually shows you the yaw of the drone. So when you take off, if you point it directly away from you uh, if you lose satellites or orientation of the drone, you can put it at 180, which means its coming straight back at you and you can bring the drone back so see the three bars On the top and on the bottom that bottom ones starting to turn red because im starting to land and itll beep at you, which is really nice, i missed the mat because im holding the gopro so next im gon na show the follow me mode and im.

Just gon na show me walking around when i compare the two drones i will get on my motorcycle and also my helper, has a little wheel and will do more in depth on the follow me and compare the two uh, the mini pro and the blackhawk 2. Pro ill also show the hyperlapse on that video. So if i read the instructions, i would have realized that its not going to work good if its at 6 meters off the ground and a distance of 4 meters, but who wants to read the instructions right? You want to jump on youtube and learn how to do it, so once i got it figured out, i really understood more of how the follow me works, because the follow me follows the remote. When, when you go to active track, you actually draw a circle around. What you want it to follow and it will follow that object like right there. I draw a circle around me and i hit go and i trace it and then you then itll start following whatever that object is and of course, as i work with it more then ive realized my batterys running down so im down to ‘. So what it does, it will go ahead and start returning. No battery warning automatically. You can hit cancel and you can stop it from returning home uh thats. When i do the battery test, i take it all the way down to twenty percent and let it return but heres something thats really neat.

I had to pause and do a screenshot of this, so you have a choice: its gon na return to the takeoff point or you can have it returned to the remote control or it will land in place, but make sure you know where its going to land When it lands in place, what, if i was over that pond and i hit land in place, it would take a bath. So next we want to test the battery life, so we take it outside. I set a timer up in the garage and we take it out and fly it during flight. We kept testing the obstacle avoidance, it worked fantastic wouldnt hit me wouldnt, hit the house uh front rear or the bottom. I didnt want to really put it through the test, because i got ta do more testing with this drone, so i can show you some more videos on it, but we ran it to 20 minutes and 51 seconds, and that was landing it at 20, but its 95 degrees out there so im sure that had something to do with the battery life. Maybe you could have got just a little bit longer, so lets go inside for our final review. Hey guys thanks so much for watching my review of the exo blackhawk 2. Pro guys, as you can see, this is an amazing drone for the price. I think this thing is a game changer. I really do what do i like about it? Just about everything.

Um, the brushless motors, the obstacle avoidance works. All the flight features work really good. Uh theyre, based in the us, its got multiple batteries good flight time, its a solid little drone. It doesnt feel like a toy, its rock solid, so guys. What do i not like about it? Not much? I wish the camera would work when it wasnt in flight, because i know some professional photographers if with a camera as good as this, they like to walk around and do filming with the drone. So i wish they could fix that. Maybe thatll be in a firmware update or something is there anything else i dislike about it? I dont think so guys. This is an amazing drone. You could make a living with this drone and theres, not many drones out there that you could buy for 7.99 that have the camera that this one does and all the flight features. But the main thing i like about it is youre joining exo guys. These are some amazing guys, theres only 24 people in the company and so theyre still able to get that personal one on one customer service. If you reach out to them, theyll answer the phone email them. If youve got a problem, email them. If you got something that you are concerned about or something that you want in the future, they listen because they want to build that community of drone enthusiasts. That want a great drone at a great price, and this one fits that.

Please watch part two where i go over the app real, deep, also and next ill be reviewing the exo mini pro, and this is the one with obstacle avoidance. I think they have two different options. This one is going to be 650. I think on amazon guys these arent released, yet they get released tomorrow and then ill do one and ill compare the two to see which one might be better for you. So itll be four videos total guys if you got something of those please like and subscribe.