I purchased this uh probably about a week ago and first time i really made a purchase like that without doing very much research, but theres. Always that part of me also that i know that a lot of people are biased, and i know that dji from what ive discovered is is a pretty big brand. I actually bought one many two thats actually coming should be here today but, like i said, i did purchase this right here. Um and all im going to do is kind of give like a little bit of video clips and you can kind of make a decision for yourself. So this is actually one of my first kind of real drones. Um ive never really purchased one never really got into it too much, but ive always wanted to so im, not going to do any of the unboxing or or show you what all came with it. I can tell you that i did buy the the bundle um it came. You know, and i bought a couple of extra batteries too ill. Tell you that i paid probably eleven hundred dollars for everything altogether uh, which is kind of ways to get the extra batteries. Other than maybe spares for later on, because the um controller only lasts about three battery lengths so, like i said um, this right here is the uh black that i got like. I said im not going to go into too much detail on anything as far as the unboxing and everything im just going to show you some of the video quality um, some of the the distance that i got and ill talk a little bit about it.

Whenever im, showing it tell you a little bit about it so, like i said its not going to be a whole lot, um its just going to be pretty basic, but if you got any questions or anything, just uh put it in the comment box. Dont care about you subscribing im im, not planning on doing this before profession. I just wish that somebody would have done this right here, uh prior to me. Purchasing that way i could kind of get like a little bit better idea of what i was purchasing. So basically, this right here is when i first got the uh drone took it out for the very first time, uh took it to the park and um just kind of messing around with the controllers a little bit im trying to see what the functions are. Not trying to get too crazy with it um definitely didnt want to get too crazy with it. I was trying to keep aware of like the people that were around um because it is a park, and there were people running um off to my right and theres. A little bit of track over there, but for the rest, the rest of the area there wasnt anybody out there, you see the track over on the right and people running its like. I said i tried to keep it like kind of basic kind of take it over the fields, kind of stay away from everybody and still really cautious, because i wasnt really exactly sure of what this drone was going to do.

If it was going to work out. Okay, so i did all that probably the basic moves that everybody else pretty much does um. You know just kind of looking around coming back sitting down going back out. Nothing really extreme the whole being able to look at my phone and see whats going on um was pretty cool because, like i said this is basically my first real drum um. So, im just looking around more right now getting a little bit of height im, not doing anything too crazy, um still staying away from people. You can see the video quality i mean. As far as i can tell, i mean it looks decent, but you know somebody else out there may um, you know think differently which thats fine, i know my the jerking and all that stuff. I know that that will come with time now. This right here is whenever id uh um did a return to home um the second time i did a return to home. Well, im not going to show the entire clip, because whenever i did the return to home, it basically shut up in the air um it it. It went up in the air and uh. I uh pretty much knew that i lost it on my very first flight. Um i i could tell on the battery clip that uh or on the battery on the phone that it was down to one percent and – and i can just say it was above 300 feet thats thats.

All i can say it was above 300 feet. So if you pause the clip at 5 11, you can see in the distance back there. There are towers if you think that that may be too close, and maybe what interfered with the reception, just let me know so in this clip it ill make it kind of brief. Whenever i looked up, it was probably about 300 feet and when it did the return to home well, the return to home i didnt know. If, basically, i had did it wrong, but it started shooting up. It went from about 150 feet and then it went above 300 feet and at this point in time i couldnt really see it very well um, so i had no control over it whatsoever. So all i basically saw was go above 300 feet and it just kept on going so i dont know if it had something to do with me or um, something else so once it started falling um, i basically knew that i was screwed that i basically had Lost it um because i figured it was basically going to be shattered, so id ran over and actually ran past. It didnt realize me being newbie at these um. The controller actually had a gps on it, so i realized it found out where it was. That saw the camera had turned back on once i gotten close to it and uh, so i id went over and found it.

So whenever i found it, i figured it was basically going to be destroyed and i i have no idea what happened so like i said it was fallen and whenever i got over there, it looked exactly like this right here sitting on the ground, theres, absolutely nothing Wrong with it, the blades were fine, the gimbal was fine. There was not a single scratch on it, so the only thing that i could come up with and maybe im wrong, but it was either one in a million chance or for some reason once it started getting down to the ground. It turned itself back on and then just set itself down, but i i dont know how it could have done that i dont know, but there was nothing wrong with it. It literally fell from um way up there. So in this clip i took uh took the drone out to our lease its several miles out of town. We got a air force base thats that was fairly close. I was going to take it to the lake and realize that that wouldnt be a good idea. So, Music, our our lease, is just a little bit further out, so i brought it out to kind of see what it like what it looked like out there and i could kind of not worry about it, hurting anybody or crashing into anything. I mean it. The worst case scenario is going to crash into a tree, but i know this least, like the back of my hand, so um i could you know, have an idea where, where it was going to be at if it did go down, so this just me just Going back and forth really all this is just to kind of show you the quality, the movement and every bit of it.

I know its probably very amateurish but, like i said this is just me messing around with it for the first second time so, but i will show that later on, i did take it out a little bit further and Music ill ill. Probably talk about that whenever, whenever it gets there so at this point, ive taken it over to the middle of our lease and i kind of wanted to kind of bring it down a little bit lower and see what kind of reception i got. So i was kind of just trying to find a spot that that was a little bit more open. That way, i could get it down kind of low. I got it down fairly low and the reception on my phone kind of messed up and it kind of lagged, and i wasnt really that far. This is probably 200 250 yards away. I did have a lot of trees in between me, but the reception kind of messed up a little bit and it kind of freaked me out so eventually i just brought it back up and and brought it back home, so anyways to kind of sum. This whole thing up. I know its like a lot of video that a lot of people you know it may not make a whole lot of sense, but all it really is is just to kind of show the quality of the video Music, the uh. I guess somewhat capabilities of the drone.

I think my mini supposed to be here within the next couple hours im kind of excited about that. I think the reason why im more excited about that is because there is so much uh videos on it. I just kind of wish that there was some you know on this, even if it was just what im looking at right now, you know just seeing that you know that way. I could have kind of made a little bit more judgment of of the drone itself. So, like i said, theres not a whole lot that i know about it, but if you have any kind of questions as far as like the return home im going to go ahead and try it again ill probably try to make another video and try to make The return home and see if it just comes back to the spot. I did it a couple of times out here, but it was fairly close. That way, i could try to cancel it in case it just shot back up again, but it it did it. It turned around came right back and uh it. I guess i got ta get just a little bit more comfortable with it and, like i said, those towers may have been the whole reason for it. You know the way that it reacted that time. So i think its just going to take like with anything just get more comfortable with it and feeling more confident with it.

I did take it over some ponds on our lease, which it i didnt really realize i was doing it at the time. I didnt realize that directly over the top of it, but i think its really just comes down to just getting comfortable with it, and maybe you know explore just a little bit more but, like i said, if you got any questions, just put it down in the Comment box, uh, obviously im very amateur amateur at far as far as editing and stuff i did the best i could do so. If you got any questions, just just, let me know Music. I appreciate it by the way my name is craig nichols if you, if i put out another video uh its c r, a i g n, i c h, o l s so ill, try to put out some more as i as i take them, and hopefully The quality and the editing will get a little bit better now that ive kind of started editing just a little bit. Its really got my curiosity up as far as making some better quality videos well thats.