There arent a lot of reviews on this particular drone, which is the exo blackhawk. So i wanted to do a review on it theres a couple of uh reviews out there, and you know this is just another one of those things i wanted to just give my honest opinion and experience. I am not a youtube reviewer by far im, just a drone enthusiast, i own uh three drones right now soon to be four and um. I wanted to talk about my experience with the blackhawk i own, originally a ranger from exo. The drone has been phenomenal. For me, great drone, i know theres a lot of different opinions about this particular drone about exo about all drone companies. So i will probably go ahead and even turn comments off to this video, because im not interested in really getting into a discussion about who agrees or disagrees just wanted to really provide my honest experience and also talk about um, some other uh, some other things. Some other tips and tricks that i found when using this drone in particular, but really that apply to other drones so here to just share information. So the exo blackhawk here it is comes in this box, and one of the things that i do want to talk about is the difference when you buy from exo having bought multiple drones from them. As i said, i own a ranger, i now own a blackhawk. I just ordered a cinemaster 2, so im really excited to receive that its probably going to take a little bit because black friday is crazy or post black friday is crazy, so itll take a while to get here but im patient, but i really trust in exo.

Just because of the experiences that ive had ive had some issues with my ranger that theyve always been able to resolve uh matter of fact, when i first got this black hawk day one i got the two battery version, i will say one of my batteries would Not charge all the way the batteries on this drone which ill show in a second um, they have indicator lights on the back as most of them do it wouldnt charge past three lights, um battery was a little warmer than the other one. I got the two battery version and i went on to exos chat and took me about five minutes there. They shipped me a new battery, so very very good support, ive, always gotten from them. I cant say enough about that team, um and uh. I know theres again a lot of mixed opinions out there im on their facebook group, um and theres all im always trying to contribute and uh help. People positively and uh point them in the right direction. Um. This is a company thats uh, fairly new and growing um, so uh, you know the guys have always been great. That ive talked to im, not sure if thats been everybodys experience, but mine has been great so anyway again comes in this box. Ill kind of do this quickly. What you get with the two battery version is you do get a cool little bag very uh. You know says exo on it: lunch lunch box, style bag like most of a lot of drones, come in, i actually decked it out with some of the stickers that exo gave me so go exo.

Thank you um, so that all came with it. Of course, you get your controller now, one of the things ill talk about in this video is, you know, make no mistake about it. This is a hubsan drone and its been rebranded by exo and is being sold by exo. You know youll notice, the controller says blackhawk, but it also has the hubsan logo on there now theres a guy on youtube, his names chris hes known as the qc guy. I trust his content and his opinion for anything drone related and he is pretty much a wizard when it comes to hubs and drones, im a huge fan of hubs and drones. I also own a xeno, 2 plus, and that drone has been phenomenal for me. But i really just wanted the black hawk um. I like the appearance of the drone. There is a hubsan version of this drone that you can buy um and its pretty much identical ill show you what the differences are, but i really wanted to focus on why? What what do you get when you buy it from exo? Yes, you can go on amazon right now and buy the hubsan version of the blackhawk um, but there are some differences and i want to talk about those. So again you get your controller. Pretty nice got your extendable antennas, uh phone goes in here and then its spring loaded accommodates a pretty big phone, and then you got your standard.

You know you got camera and video button here you got your joysticks and then your speed for normal and sport mode. Your um, auto return to home take off and land button which does work for both take off. You can land with this button as well ill talk about that a little bit more because i got a tip on that and then obviously your power button, so pretty decent controller feels you know, feels pretty good um its plastic, its not rubberized, like some of the Other controllers – i also own a mavic mini excuse me dji mavic mini and its a little bit more rubberized, so, but all in all really really really feels decent. It doesnt feel really like a cheap toy. Okay, of course, you get your charging cable for your controller micro, usb charging ports right there fold this up here in the box. You get two sets of spare propellers screwdriver to change it. These spare propellers come with special um glue or loctite screw glue so that you put them on there um, so theres. You know obviously enough screws in here for both sets of propellers. You also get uh your battery setup. Now i got the two battery setup, which comes with your battery charger and then their setup is pretty cool, heres your battery charger, and then you get these adapters, the charger plugs into the in port on the battery adapter, and then you get you know if you Got the two battery version, for example, you get a cord that plugs into here on the out port and you get another charger adapter.

So then you hook your batteries up pretty much heres the battery. By the way. Excuse me got a nice clip ill talk about that clip and you hook your batteries up to this, and essentially what youre doing is daisy chaining your battery setup to charge now one of the things that i did notice is this particular um setup im, not sure. If the hubsan version does this, i would assume that it does because its the same drone, but this one does charge both batteries at the same time, ive actually done it. Ive actually tried to do it and ive observed it, and it does charge both batteries at the same time. In addition to that, there is a usb port on this adapter and whats cool about this adapter, and the usb port is that you can then connect your micro usb cable into your usb port and charge your controller at the same time, im not sure um. If everyone will agree on that, some people will say no, they dont charge in series. I will tell you on my hubsan xenopro plus, excuse me xeno2, plus this drone here. My batteries. Um are hooked up exactly like that in series, but the batteries charge one at a time, so youll get the leds charging on one battery when that battery is fully charged. Itll switch to the next battery in series, so i have not thats one difference that i see here with this particular drone.

Again, i dont know if its uh, the hubsan version, does the same thing, but these batteries do charge at the same time, as does the controller i charged both of these batteries and my controller. At the same time, last night everything looked like it was actually charging. Unlike the setup that i have on my xenopro, excuse me xeno, 2, plus, where you can hook everything up in series, including the controller. However, it will charge one at a time, so thats kind of cool and then of course let me just disconnect this here and again. I apologize guys im, not a youtube reviewer, so this is actually my very first review video if you will im in my bedroom, because my wife works from home and shes downstairs um. So this is the actual drone. I am going to go ahead and ill unfold. It for us here and what i like about this drone um and here is the. Let me just do this real quick, heres, the battery um and how it goes in. So you insert it and it kind of just clips in theres this retaining clip here and thats how it kind of stays in there. I kind of like this setup, some people dont um its got this again. This clip, which is kind of cool, to make sure that its in there uh theres some other setups out there. I dont mind this one, i kind of like it. You just have to make sure that its clipped on there it actually just goes over that that little lip on the drone and it clips in place kind of makes me feel like that battery secure wont fall out outside of that.

Its pretty cool. Now, differences between this and the hubsan drone, which i believe the model is the xeno pro plus listen, you can go out there and you can buy a xenopro plus right now on amazon theyre still available um your prerogative. If you want to do that, um probably available for a little bit cheaper and thats fine, i chose to pay more money for this drone and ill. Tell you why there are some differences if you go out to the youtube world and you search qc guys, video on this particular drone. The black hawk hes gon na illustrate some differences in there and one of the differences are apparently they have better motor hubs. These motor hubs here they theyre a little different ill, let ill. Let you guys look at his video, but one thing to note: is you got to use exo propellers for this drone? You cannot use hubsan propellers if you buy new propellers, because they will not fit theyve done something different to this motor hub, and these propellers are specific to this particular drone to exo again theres a couple of the differences i wont get into that. This is just to share my experience. I like this drone better than the hubsan, because number one i dont mind the gold. The gold is actually pretty cool. I like the etching that they have here. I, like that theyve etched blackhawk in here its a little hard to see oops upside down, theyve etched blackhawk in here really nice um.

I like the look and feel of this drone um. This is the gimbal which ill take the cover off in a minute um. The bottom of the drone um again i like the gold – i like that theyve lined it in gold. Here i thought this was a sticker. I looked at qc guys video come to find out. This is actually not a sticker, its painted, so the legs, i believe, are different on this drone than on the hubsan version, um a little more improvement there. I suppose, and then you have your gimbal, which ill take this cover off, and one thing that i will say that i would have liked is. I would have liked them to uh. You know its got your its got. A three axis, gimbal um, pretty good. I would have liked this particular gimbal to be a little bit more sturdy, youll notice as im shaking up the drone, its a little its a little uh. You know its a little loose, so you do have to be careful. Okay, um. A lot of drones are like that. This is not a flaw. You just have to be careful. You have to be careful putting this cover on taking this cover off and then, when youre actually holding the drone, just be careful, dont mistreat it. My other drone, or one of my other drones, has a 3 axis gimbal as well its a little bit more sturdier. Just the architecture is a little different, but all in all, when you turn this drone on, even though this is loose when you turn this drone on, it goes through its turn it on real quick.

It goes through its uh calibration of the gimbal and, as you can see, it does actually become a bit more sturdy when you do that. So when the drone is off just uh, keep in mind, the gimbal is kind of flimsy, so be careful like anything, just uh treat it with care. If you will, on one side its pretty plain, okay, other side, you have your uh, your micro sd card slot and a usb slot um. One thing that i did like about this drone as well is that i did not have to update the software on it. Apparently, before it leaves the factory exo updates it to the correct firmware and there is no firmware update available for it. You can actually update the controller firmware from the app. However, it already came updated, which was really cool as well, so you can check for updates. Theres nothing available right now, and i just got this about a week ago. So overall drone is great. I can tell you guys about my flying experience and give you guys some tips overall, which is really why i wanted to do this video so ill fold. This guy up a little bit and talk about that so first off, why buy from exo i buy from exo because uh of the experience guys, you know, i you buy a hubsan drone, which you can do same drone and youre gon na get uh the hubsan Experience hubsan is not a bad company, but they dont have an online resource like exo does thats available to you pretty much 24 7 and that will respond at least thats been my experience again.

I know theres horror stories out there. I know people feel differently and thats fine. That has not been my experience any time ive ever reached out to these guys for anything, exo related its been great um, theyre, fast, theyre, responsive and i actually have enjoyed talking to that team. Ive had battery issues before i had an issue with a calibration issue with my ranger again ive reached out to him a number of times and its been great. Another thing that i will share is i actually reached out and had a post on facebook about this blackhawk drone, because this blackhawk drone previously there was some specs that were incorrect on the exo site, and i was fair in my comment. I as it was after. I bought it, i wasnt happy with it. I posted about it and one of the exo guys reached out to me directly right on facebook. Um thanked me for pointing it out and he got it fixed the website, just like he said within within 72 hours. It actually did it in less than two days was fixed um. They they posted the correct specs. It had to do with the camera sensor and the megapixels, and there was some miscommunication on the exo site, um about a drone that was going to be released in the future um but true to their word, uh chris, i spoke to chris uh and uh ill. Protect his identity, i wont say his last name on this video um, but i spoke to chris and he was very responsive, took care of it thanked me and uh.

You know took care of me as a customer and thats whats important to me um again. What do you get with exo you get the support and the experience uh and thats to me is the difference. Yes, i paid more for this drone. I could have got a cheaper version of it but um. I am the person that pays for convenience and i will do that every time. So yes, it cost me a little bit more, but i got peace of mind that i can reach out to these guys and um. I get support from them. Ive never had to contact hubsan uh, i will say to be fair, but i know plenty of people that have and its not great um. You know theres a lot of horror stories out there as well. Fortunately, for me with my one hubsan drone that i own uh its been great – and i also chose to buy this because i know it – it was uh. You know it was a rebranded hubsan, so im getting the quality that i think hubsan provides. Now. I will share with you guys that theres a lot of opinions out there about drones, i own a dji. For example, i own a mini um, been a great drone, love it its small its little, but for what i paid for my dji to have none of the features that i really wanted obstacle or not obstacle avoidance. Sorry, none of my drones have obstacle avoidance.

I consider myself an experienced drone flyer and once you get to where youre a little bit more experienced, it doesnt really matter to you as far as obstacle avoidance, in my opinion, so i dont care about that thats, not a deal breaker for me um. So none of my drones have obstacle avoidance, but i did like i do like follow me. I do like our orbit. I do like some of the active tracking and intelligent flight modes that a lot of the modern drones have and my dji mini does not so uh having bought the dji mini. I like it, its not bad. The other thing i you know dont like about dji – is the controlled flights um. You know you cant fly it wherever you want im, not one to fly in an author in an unauthorized zone anyway, but if and when im near an airport – and i cant take off – and i really want to get that nice footage crispy footage of something i Want to know that i can so will i get rid of my mini? Absolutely not i like it its a great drone, but really im a, i guess id say a value drone buyer. I dont have the twenty twenty one hundred dollars for the mavic 3 or than or the thousand dollars for the mavic 2 um, which is what you pay for dji and they make a great product but um in the budget.

Drone world um thats, where i stay, and i think i get great quality and great bang for my buck, uh. Okay, back to the blackhawk one are a couple things i want to talk about. Number one is a common misconception with drones. Guys listen! You got ta, learn your calibrations okay, now on my ranger um doesnt have as many calibrations as this drone. This drone is a little bit different setup and ill explain. This drone connects via synclius to your uh device to your wireless device, your mobile phone right, you hook it up to the remote. You get a cable with it. The cable connects to your phone, and i dont even know where my cable is right. Now i apologize uh. Well, i have an aftermarket one. So get a cable like this hooks to your controller hooks to your phone, some of the phones, some of the drones, the other drones out there from exo and other manufacturers, like my ranger, and also the cinemaster 2, that i just ordered. They are a wireless setup, but all drones have compass calibration that are needed. Okay, in this particular case since im talking about the blackhawk, you have your compass calibration, your horizontal calibration and you have your imu calibration and then you also have your gimbal calibration. When you get this drone out of your box, you need to do all the calibrations guys thats my advice to you. You hook it up everythings going to say it might say: everythings fine, it might say everythings normal.

Do your calibrations. Do them, anyway, very easy to do the app walks you step by step, how to do it? I highly recommend that you go to an open field, open area away from metal and ill talk about that in a little bit as well, and do your calibrations the thing with calibrations, slow and steady, guys, slow and steady, not jerky, not moving around and also not Near any metal, i made the mistake once of calibrating a drone. While i was sitting on a metal picnic table at a park and i couldnt figure out why it wouldnt, calibrate wouldnt calibrate, then it dawned on me well its sitting on a metal table. I also have a video that i posted on facebook recently and i actually had this drone in my kitchen and i had it on, and i was illustrating how, on my app as i would move close closer to my stove, which is made of metal. Of course, i would get a message on the app saying abnormal compass reading. Please move the drone or please calibrate your compass that is because im near metal. So when you complete your calibrations, do it out in the open where youre gon na fly generally, when youre going to be more than six miles? In my opinion, from the last place you flew, you should do a compass calibration at minimum when you get your blackhawk. If you order one definitely do a compass, a horizontal and an imu, all three of them peace of mind, just get it done.

One thing that i would recommend on the imu calibration um – and this is a tip that i got from chris to qc guy – is do it with the legs open. There are a little theres metal in these in these motors and when youre doing a compass calibration or all these types of calibrations, you want to stay away from metal, so i actually do mine with the drone open and its worked out successfully. For me, my my initial flight and the couple flights that ive had with this thing so far have all been great, really really really stable. This one does tend to pop up and then sink a little bit, thats a known thing with hubs and drones. In my opinion, my other one does it as well, but then it comes back up and its just very, very, very stable in the air. Another piece of advice that ill give you guys is you know slow down your flight controls. The app on this drone on the blackhawk has the ability uh to when youre theres normal mode in their sport mode in normal mode. You can slow down your flight control, so theres your horizontal flight, your vertical flight and you can slow those down with a slider ive got my vertical flight set to about 75 80 and ive got my horizontal, which is forward and backwards and sideways set to also About 75 percent in normal mode, when youre in sport mode youre going to go full blown anyway, its going to do it, but the reason why i say slow down your flight controls is because, as youre flying your drone, if youre a newer drone owner, you hit Your sticks, its going to jerk its going to jerk back and forth, and you want to learn to be able to move your drone very very smoothly and by slowing down your flight controls itll help you do that.

Okay, the other thing is. Sometimes you get your drone and itll start toilet bowling or fish bowling in the air, and sometimes that does occur. I get it. It happens on a lot of drones, uh my dji its happened to that as well. Its happened to my hubsan, its happened to my ranger. When i have that happen guys i land the drone. I do a quick compass calibration pop it back up and it usually solves the issue, but another thing that ive noticed is if youre jerky with your flight control movements, um that is gon na, tend to make the drone do this its gon na confuse again my Opinion, i think it confuses the internal compass and you start to get that. Theres never been a time where i have had that issue going on where i have not been able to resolve it by landing, doing a compass calibration popping it back up and then just controlling my flight, a little better um again my experience, my opinion, you guys, May disagree, but ive never had a situation where ive not been able to get that under control um. The other thing that ill say about this particular drone is: it does not have any sensors on the bottom. Okay at all, so theres, no optical flow, no infrared. No nothing so you know when youre landing this drone. It tends to do some some interesting things and ill talk about that so ill quickly.

Just show you guys on my xeno optical sensors, infrared sensors. This is a drone that i would fly inside if i have to or if i wanted, to um its a little bit easier to land because of those sensors, the blackhawk does not have any sensors. So what will happen is when youre landing it tends to come down and skip around, sometimes and then finally land. So a quick tip for you guys on how to do that on how to deal with that. Okay, number one understand that you dont want to come from way up 50 feet in the air 100 feet in the air or meters or. However, you are my im in in the imperial world, so i use feet and you want to come down. You dont want to come down and just land straight its going to skip around when you do that. My advice when you come down come up, come down to about a foot off the ground and let it hover there for a second and then hit the joystick down, obviously, and let it land in my opinion, it does still skip around a little bit. Ive had that happen um, so my advice to you is two things number one. This button on the controller right here: um take off and land okay use it to take off, use it to land um. You come down about a foot off the ground and then you hit this button and the drone just kind of just floats down straight and just lands um.

It works every time for me so landing now it. You know you got to get a little creative because you do got ta um well ill. Talk about that in a second. When you hit this button, you have to acknowledge the okay on the screen. Youll get a message on the screen and you hit okay telling it. You know youre sure you want to land and then itll land dont. Do that from way 50 feet in the air guys bring your drone down to about one or two feet off the ground. Then hit this button thats, what its designed for and let it land on its own itll work more free. You know a little bit better for you. For me, this is what i like to do. I like to catch land and what i mean by catch land. Is i like to catch my drone in my hand to land it? I dont always have my landing pad with me or my take off pad whatever we call them now and i dont always have a nice place to land. I dont like to land in the grass and mow the grass i dont like to land in rocks and dirt, where things can get up in here and into the battery or into the drone, or into especially the gimbal. When i have the cover off right, youre flying dust is the enemy here, so i dont want all that stuff to get on there, so i will catch land for me works every time.

The easiest thing to do is i bring my drone down to about. Maybe three feet above me when i get ready to land. I hit this landing button. I hit okay on the screen and i put my hand right underneath it and it just comes down and i catch land it and once i hold it for about one. Second, the motors shut off works beautifully as far as performance, very very, very impressed with this drone in the footage, ill, try and stitch together. Some videos that i took today and some pictures from my blackhawk today at the end of this video but performance is great plenty of speed. For me, plenty of you know maneuverability. I love the way this thing yawls around. I did slow down my yaw control as well um im a big fan of slowing down flight controls. Not all drones. Allow you to do that. I was very happy to know that this one would because i want that slow nice cinematic footage when i need to pop it. You know when i need to fly faster, ill pop it in sports mode and ill get from one place to the other when im, when im trying to take footage of something, but for the most part i want to fly slow thats. Just me i dont want to fly fast. I didnt buy these drones or any of my drones to race or to fly fast. I bought them for the footage and the pictures and the slower the better for me.

Havent had any problems thus far and thats been the kicker for me. So a couple of other tips that i want to just talk about, and differences im, not sure how um the hubsan version of this drone does it, but i actually bought nd filters for this drone, so nd filters uh. They go right over the camera. Thats kind of hard to see – i guess, but in this package i got an nd four, an eight a 16 and a 32 and whats cool about the ones i got from exo is that it comes with this little in this in this little container right, it Took this took this little cap off the container and theres like this little mounting uh mounting tool. I guess right so my nd filter kind of suctions on there and then i put it right into the camera, its a perfect fit right in the camera. You see their shape just like the camera lens, and then you use the other end to kind of just push it in place, and the difference is, i think, on some of the other filters available out there. You have to put some sticky stuff on your camera and then the filter on there. This these filters already have like a little sticky stuff built into them and its not actually sticky its like a. I dont know its like a silicone and as long as you dont get dust on it, you can reuse them, so i use this little tool to pop it on there and then push it in place and then, when i want to take it off, this is Like a little suction cup and they pop right off so very, very convenient um kudos to exo again i dont know if uh hubsan does it the same way but kudos to exo for having that design and doing it that way, thats pretty cool um, another quick Tip that i want to give you guys about uh.

Well, any really just drone related is youll notice. I have some labels on my drone right. Ive got my my faa registration number on there, because this is a drone that does weigh over 250. So you have to register it and then, on the other side, ive got a if reward or excuse me if phone call and its got my phone number on there, uh reward so a tip for you, guys. Okay, i went on amazon and ill. Actually, look this up real quick for you guys ill tell you guys what exactly its called, because i just ordered some more of these. So if you go on amazon, uh lets see ill. Tell you what guys what the seller is. The seller is drone id services and what they do is they will send you a couple different things and its only about 13, which was, i thought, was really really cool. First thing: they send you and you buy this all together. Is they send you an id card right? So if youre faa registered theyll, send you a nice plastic credit card, looking id card and itll have your name, your information, your certificate number, your expiration date. All that you fill out. You know once you register your drone in addition to that, you get these labels and you can get them in clear black and white. You know all different colors, but you get you get one uh if you want to put it on it says: if reward, if found uh go to drone zone and put in a reward, but more interesting thing.

Is you get one that has your faa registration number on it and then you get one that has if found. Please call, and obviously you know its got your uh. I know its hard to see your phone number, so you get um two stickers of each one. So two stickers, with your phone number two stickers with your faa id and uh. Two that say, if found go to uh reward. I didnt i didnt choose to put that on, but this is kind of cool to have and then you can either get them in the big version right, like my blackhawk has i got the bigger sticker on there right or if you want like on my minion. I also put this on my on my xeno drone, my hub syndrome. You can get a small one, a little tiny one. So the difference you can see um is quite significant right: the small label. You know its kind of hard to see versus the big label. Um so its up to you just a quick tip on that. If you want to go ahead and um buy labels for your drone 13 on amazon, you put them on there, you get a nice little id card and its pretty cool um. The other thing that they also offer, which i think was pretty cool, is they also you can elect for like a dollar more to get battery labels. So you notice, i got you know battery one battery two, you can get up to three battery labels or four battery labels and its like another 95 cents.

So in closing uh, since this is about the blackhawk and im sorry, i had a kind of run on here went a little long um. I love this thing, its a great drone um buy from exo and the reason why i say that is because their support is great um. I belong to their facebook community. I post videos as much as i can and i go on there and i help users that might be having problems with calibrations um. If you need any help with calibration, find me on facebook uh in the exo owners group im happy to help theres a large community of people there that are always giving advice. I post a couple videos on there about some advice that i like to give for any drone owner regarding calibration and you know how to fly and slowing down flight controls and that kind of thing um. But again the difference is to me um. Who are you going to call if you have a problem with uh with uh the hubsan version of this drone? You go on their exo chat and theyre. Great theyve always been great to me, and i know a number of other folks that have gotten help as well. Nothings perfect right now, its a busy time of the year for any company, especially exo, and you have to consider that the drone interest in the last couple years has grown tremendously. More and more people are buying drones, um, so its a fun hobby that we have as as consumers and as the interest has grown so have you know the the the sales and, and you know, warehouses being busy so right now, um.

I have a battery on the way to me for my cinemaster 2. I have my actual cinemaster 2 thats on the way to me. I i really dont expect to get it before christmas um because i know theyre very busy. Hopefully i do. I know theres. Quite a bit of time left there but ill keep my fingers crossed, but im you know, im a pretty patient person. I have my mavic mini. I have my black hawk. Now i have my xeno, so i bought a cinemaster 2 just because uh i wanted another cool drone from exo and i want to do a review on that one as well, so im a pretty patient person uh. So you know if youre out there and youve ordered a drone from exo and it hasnt come just be a little patient theyre trying their best. They, you know theyre theyre, a company that is uh theyre, probably their sales, as has probably exceeded or their demand. I should say has probably exceeded what they can: output in a day right now and good problem to have as a company – and i know, thats frustrating for some consumers, but give them an opportunity. And if you have any issues, any problems reach out to them, because they do 100 percent. Try to make things right. I know a number of situations where theyve done that for myself, as well as for other consumers, so again give them a chance and uh.

You wont be disappointed as far as in closing for me: um blackhawk, great great great drone love it um, im gon na post, some footage and some pictures that i took today because todays really uh the first day uh in the last week since ive owned it. That i really got to fly it a little bit uh for an extended period of time, couple batteries worth um every other day ive, you know, ive done short flights here and there around the neighborhood. Today i was able to. I went to a pier. It was way too windy at the pier im one of those people that does not fly um in wind. This thing can handle some wind um, but um. You know i uh im a very safe person when it comes to drone flying and when youre gon na fly off a pier. I was gon na fly out over the water. I need to do that on a calm day, just so that i dont have any um. You know any situations to deal with where i get caught in a crosswind or something um protecting my investment. If you will but um today, i got to fly at a park. Uh wasnt as windy and uh footage isnt great ill include it here. Uh its. I live in upstate new york theres a little bit of snow on the ground and you know trees are dead. So its not very uh its not very fall like anymore because were just getting into the dead of winter, but ill include that.

So you guys can see some of that footage in those pictures – and you know really uh just in closing again shout out to exo great great great drone love it um. It flies really well and suits my needs. All the intelligent flight modes are really cool on it, um. So if youre on the fence, um pull the trigger um its great uh, you know cant really say too much about it: thats negative uh that wouldnt. That would be any different from any other drone. You know theyre theyre, theyre gon na do weird things sometimes, so you really got to be careful about your calibrations. You got to be careful about where you fly and you got to really learn to control your drone, slow down your flight controls. If you can and work on steady smooth movements when youre jerky with it thats when youre going to run into problems – and you know what i almost forgot – one thing – one thing that i and i apologize guys that i really wanted to cover um for this drone. As well as my ranger does this as well, and i would anticipate theres other drones out there if youre going to fly this thing in manual mode, if youre going to fly any drone in manual mode and youre going to take off manually as opposed to using The auto takeoff im going to give you guys a tip thats very, very easy to understand, but a lot of people make this mistake when you put this thing in manual.

Typically, you turn your joysticks inward and your motors will start spinning. This is how most drones work and then, obviously, to start flying you hit, you hit your left joystick in the up and the drone will rise. But what happens is you know if youre a new flyer, you start to hear those motors wind up and you might get a little nervous and what happens is when you fly manual and you hit joystick up and you hear those motors start to get faster and The thing starts: rising a lot of people get nervous and they let off the stick and what happens is your drone? Does this? Your drone will flip this way, sometimes itll flip over sometimes itll flip the other way, but the drone – you know theres propellers in here and theyre oriented. It is separate. You know in different ways to control different movements thats how these things fly. So if youre going to fly manual and not use the auto takeoff when you go up on the left, stick just go up. Dont slow down dont stop halfway through because your drone will do this or itll skip around and if it turns over, it might damage propellers and scratch up your drone, your nice, you know new drone and you might get angry at that uh. You know i had that happen to me before and what i learned was if youre gon na fly manually up on the stick full blast, let it rise once youre about three feet in the air.

You can let off on it and it should hover otherwise use the auto takeoff thats. What its designed to do when you dont do that and you get nervous and you let off the stick. The drone is going to turn sideways and it might flip over on. You damage the drone or or damage your your ego. If you will so full on the stick, let it rise and let off on it now. One thing that ill say at least about the blackhawk, be very, very careful. This thing rises fast if you hit, if youre in manual mode, and you hit up to take this thing off, it will take off on you very, very quickly so um, you know be careful with that. Try the auto, take off a couple times: slow down your flight controls, get it to a point where youre, comfortable and uh. You know just practice practice your movements, you take off your land practice, catch landing. If you want, if thats your thing and youll have a lot of fun with this thing, um appreciate you guys watching ill post this on the exo page on facebook as well, and obviously, if you guys have any questions, feel free to comment on that. If you havent joined the exo owners page on facebook, you should its a great community of people that are posting footage and are posting videos, its managed by a really cool admin. He jumps in and comments and he flies drones as well.

He posts some footage as well and then theres also a member of um of exo of you know the actual exo company that goes in there and comments and him – and i have talked a few times and uh its great its a its a great uh place. A resource for information, a great resource to share and post videos, and i hope to really see you guys there im sorry that this was a long, winded video but theres, not a lot of information out there on the blackhawk and not a lot of tips. So i wanted to provide my my findings on it and ill continue to do that. I i plan on doing another video on the cinemaster 2 when it arrives and uh you know other than that happy flying guys thanks for watching and uh.