This is the black hawk 2 series, but a mini version of it and the other one is the black hawk 2 pro drone, and so these two different drones are brand. New exo is a brand that ive heard of before, because ive seen press releases, ive done, searches on amazon and ive seen the brands, but this is my first time experiencing the exo brand of drones and now ive spent some time looking through the amazon reviews and Have found that these have pretty decent reviews now i primarily fly dji drones, just because they kind of own the market, and there are times in which those drones fail me and present frustrations, and so i have wanted to look at something else and being that exo Has these two new drones that just dropped literally the day that this video is dropping, so i got these ahead of time, but exo required nothing from me in order to make this video they they didnt, want to see the video ahead of time. They said i could say whatever i wanted and im not being paid to make this video either. So i just wanted to put that out there so were going to start out with the xo mini pro. This drone is going to retail for 650 uh. It is below the weight requirements for uh for uavs. Basically, so you dont need to register it because its too light – and you also dont – need a license to fly it unless you plan to make money flying this drone.

So, of course, any drone, regardless of the weight, if you want to make money utilizing the drone, you need your part 107. I have my part 107, so i am a part, 107 certified, drone pilot and so out flying this drone. My experiences were that this is a very nimble and fast drone for its size. It is very small, uh darn, near pocketable, and this drone comes with a case. So weve got the case for it right here, and this case uh contains extra batteries chargers, your uh, your rc, so your remote control and everything that you would need to connect it to either an ios device or an android device. And then, of course, we have the control right here, very reminiscent of other rc controls that are around this size. So weve got the antennas that pop out on the bottom weve got where you would connect your smartphone. You would attach your smartphone and this drawer pulls out giving you room for a pretty good sized smartphone and its a pretty simple unit here very compact, easy to stow, and so well just go ahead and set that off to the side. So the battery for the drone slips right in the back very simple battery. This drone comes with three batteries and a charger that allows you to charge all three of the batteries at once and so very cool. You could simply push the button on the back to see how much charge is in the drones battery, and i was able to get a good.

I mean i flew this little drone for about 30 minutes on a battery. I wasnt some of it was hovering. I was testing it trying to see how well it would hover and if there was any drift and stuff like that, i was flying it around my yard, flying it around the neighborhood a little bit and then took it out and flew it out in an open Field and i would get like 25 to 30 minutes of flight time out of this drone and thats with a good amount like there was wind outside it was not a dead day uh. So the drone was fighting a little bit and uh. I was impressed im impressed with a drone of this size with a battery uh, as small as this is that i was able to get. You know about 30 minutes of flight time out of the drone. It has obstacle avoidance all the way around it and thats really good, because on smaller drones, sometimes you sacrifice some of those things. It has obstacle avoidance on the back of the drone on the front of the drone and on the bottom of the drone. Um. No obstacle avoidance from the top, but thats not usually an issue, its usually from behind from the front or from the bottom and the times that i i didnt try to run it into anything. But i did try to fly it near things and it did a decent job of detecting and either flying around.

If i had that setting chosen or just flat out stopping and putting the brakes on so it does have a camera like most camera. Drones do and uh its gimbal supported right on the front. This is a one over 1.3 inch cmos image sensor with a max aperture of 1.85 and really its a fixed aperture, so youre uh getting that aperture pretty much all the time, and with that a 4k 30 frames per second uh ability to shoot video, and you Can go down into 2.7 k and get 60 frames per second, those are cool. I mean for me im mostly just going to be shooting in 4k, but what was really neat is that it has a 200 megabytes per second bit rate, which means youre getting a ton of data and the more data you can get in your file. Obviously, the better the better image quality, the more youre going to be able to manipulate that file in a video editor. And so i was impressed at the fact that it had that it does record in the mp4 format and it has both internal recording. And then we can put a micro sd card in it as well, and so its pretty cool that you can record internally and not have to use a micro sd. There is a micro usb port on the back of the drone. You simply plug that into your computer power on the drone, and then you can copy the footage right off of the drone onto your computer, so thats a neat feature that you can have on board or removable storage on this drone, pretty pretty cool now the range Is something that ive had issues with with other drones in the past um that are brands that i might not have heard of before and this drone i did not have any range issues with at all, obviously were supposed to fly line of sight.

We cannot let the drone get far away, and so i flew it as far away as i could see it and being that its a small drone that was kind of hard to measure just how far away it was um. But i mean im talking like a thousand feet away. I can make out the drone as a little speck in the sky and no issues there at all whether i was flying that uh in in the neighborhood, where i could see line of sight. Theres. Obviously, lots of uh interference, cell phones just different stuff, going on or if im out in a field. I felt that thats pretty good. If you could fly the drone as far away as you can see it, even if its just a tiny speck in the air and im still getting great transmission, no dropped images, no, nothing its not freezing up on me. I feel like thats, pretty darn good, and so they did a good job with that, and i know that it would go much further, but um legally line of sight. You have to maintain line of sight uh. You cannot fly your drone unless you have a um. A crew thats monitoring that stuff for you, uh, which i did not so um, it does say uh battery life, should be about a 40 minute flight time. Now, as i said, i was flying this in all sorts of circumstances. I was moving it around.

I mean i was flying fast, i put in a sport mode. I was testing out everything and thats, where i got like a 25 to 30 minute battery life. But if you were flying it around, you know filming taking pictures without doing any crazy movements and, of course it wasnt kind of a windy day like it was today when i filmed youd, probably get much better battery life out of it, probably much closer to the 40 minutes um it does have what theyre calling level 5 wind resistance im, not exactly sure what that means, but it did a good job of managing the windy conditions outside that can be troublesome for a drone when a drone connects and it uses gps to kind Of keep itself triangulated and it uses its sensors to keep itself from moving around, and just you know you having to use the sticks to control it um. This drone did a good job. I would notice that when i first it would take off, it would kind of move around and wobble a little bit, not much, but it would wobble a little bit and then it would lock on, and so i think it takes a couple of seconds for it To kind of find its bearings and then it locks on and it does a fantastic job. I didnt worry about this drifting, even when i was flying it close to myself. I didnt worry about it, drifting into me or anything like that.

I felt pretty secure with the drone and it being able to hold its own when it was up now. This camera, i forgot to mention, also shoots up to 48 megapixel images. It also shoots hdr images, so it cant shoot both at the same time, which most of these types of cameras cannot you can choose between a 48 megapixel image or an hdr image and itll. Also um go into a night mode as well and uh. You can take better pictures at night. You know it takes multiple images and combines them. So a pretty cool drone nonetheless, and its super small for those of you that want something with a little bit more performance, uh, perhaps even a better image quality. Then you would be looking at the black hawk 2 pro, which is going to retail for 7.99 us uh at the time of launch. It has a similar image sensor. Basically the same thing: it does 4k at 30p, the same 2.7 k at 60p and uh. It has that bitrate that goes up to 200 megabits per second or megabytes per second. This drone here has uh a better image processor, in my opinion, uh. The images that came out of this drone seem to be better, and i dont know if theres any difference between the two, because when i looked at the specs everything kind of looked the same. But this drone seemed to produce a better quality image and i dont know necessarily why but uh you know with a bigger drone, you usually get better image quality.

You usually get a um uh, just better overall stability as well, and i feel like i got that out of this blackhawk uh 2 pro so beyond uh. What i mentioned, the other drone has which this drone has. It has a level eight wind resistance, and so the other one had level five wind resistance. This one has level eight. Obviously, a heavier drone is going to be more stable in the air, and this drone definitely was more stable. I felt more secure blasting. This drone around in sport mode flying it faster because it seemed to just hold its own a little bit better in the air, not that the smaller one didnt do a great job. The smaller one was maybe more nimble, but a little bit uh less predictable. Just because its so small and with a little bit of wind outside it, has a little bit harder time with the wind, but the bigger drone obviously is going to do a bit better there. So this drone uh i it seemed to be a little bit faster. Even though they both uh say that 35 mile per hour maximum speed um, but i think the biggest thing for me was the fact that this one seemed to take better images, and i dont know why? Because the specs all kind of look the same. This drone also has internal storage on the side. Here we have an sd card slot micro, sd card slot to add additional storage into the side, very easy to access and then on this side we have that usb micro usb port that we can use to either charge the drone or get footage off of the Drone onto footage and photos off of the drone onto our computer, this drone folds up its got feet that fold up and then the arms fold in and the propellers fold in towards the middle.

So it gets really compact, nice and small and then fits in its bag and the mini drone, so just to compare them side by side. If we fold this one in like so that is the size difference between the two. Both of them have uh the exact same remote. In my opinion, i couldnt really find any difference between these two remotes uh. This is the battery for the mini. This is the battery for the blackhawk 2 pro, so the blackhawk 2 pro much larger battery uh. That is 3 800 milliamps, and this little guy here is 3 000, 3000 milliamps. So not a huge difference, considering the size of the drone, which is pretty cool, but the watt hours, this ones 43.3 watt hours this one 21.6, so theres your difference right there i showed you the bag. I think uh for the small one. This is the mini. The blackhawk mini comes with this bag, and this bag has lots of room for the charger. The extra batteries extra propellers, all the cables, the drone itself and the remote in this bag, and then we also have a bag for the larger drone. The blackhawk 2 pro and that bag not a whole lot larger, is still able to hold all of that stuff too. All the extra cables heres the the cover for the gimbal and then room for the batteries and all that good stuff. It comes with all the cables that you need, whether you are on an ios device or uh, with um like an iphone or, if youre, on an android device that either has usbc or micro usb.

It comes with those cables and so youre good to go. The first thing that i needed to do was connect these and run software updates, like you do on any drone. So when you get these run, the software updates make sure the batteries are nice and charged before you go out and fly. So my overall thoughts on these drones, i think that they are, i mean theyre, really nice theyre, fast uh. I felt secure flying them. I didnt feel like i was gon na, have any issues there. The cameras are not as great as some of the competitors that are out there, but as far as this price point goes, i think that these cameras are pretty fantastic. So, for me this would be a drone that i would suggest to somebody whos just getting started, who didnt want to go and spend twelve hundred fifteen hundred dollars on a drone of an equal size and performance and wanted something that they can go out and get Used to flying drones still having the ability to shoot photos and video as youve been watching. This video ive been showing you examples of photo and video from both of these drones. So you can see that its its not the best quality, but it is very usable and something that you can use to take pictures and shoot video of for fun, and this. This drone is definitely a great stepping point to either a higher end drone from exo or another manufacturers drone.

Should you want to step up at that point, but i think that these drones are really great for the price and a great getting started drone for anybody out there whos looking to make their first drone purchase, so ive got links down in the description below to These products make sure to check them out when you use those links. It helps support the channel here. It doesnt cost you any extra theyre, just affiliate links, and i appreciate you using those.