So its pretty warm today guys summers finally hitting australia and uh its around 31 32 degrees today so well see how we go. This is claimed to have a 25 minute flight time. I remember the ex 5 from eachine. The original ex5 that did ive did fly. It out here and we did get around 23 minutes of flight time now. This one has the exact same battery, but i think this one will do exactly the same sort of fly time. So if i dont go to the full uh flight time of this one its because its pretty warm out here all right but well see what happens. Weve got a little bit of wind here. As you can see, the treetops are moving around um, so well see how it performs. This is around a 260 gram drone, like i showed in my unboxing overview. It came in at around 258 grams uh. They do claim 263, but that was with the gimbal guard. On i did actually weigh it with the gimbal guard and it was 263 so lets get this bird up in the air so turn on. The transmitter first hold the button down for a few seconds. Okay, let it initialize now in the meantime, while thats uh binding together, i want to go into uh my wi fi. So just quickly do that got airplane mode on go to wi, fi connection. It comes up as eis, wi fi ex5 pro on the listing.

Okay, now that second beep was um, it should have gained satellites so uh getting to the app connecting aircraft. So what im going to do is the screen recording, so we get that happening. Okay, get out of that all right now, it says: enter device going to press that okay, so were in the app now, and we can see the wi fi feed now saying immediately as you get into the app you want to do the uh gyro calibration. So click confirm it tells you to do a calibration okay, so im going to press the button here, weve got some flashing lights. Okay, so turn the drone around, as you can see just turn it around a few times now this way. Okay, second, confirmation beep. All right well were ready to go okay, so lets uh, bring it over here ill. Take it for a flight, see how it goes now. This does have an sd card, so uh, im, gon na be recording off that im. Gon na start a recording. Now: okay, okay, so weve got the motors fired up, lets. Take it up: Music, okay, so its just settling in there its a bit windy guys, you see, those trees are blowing now quite a bit. Lets bring it around just see how stable the pho pictures are. Gimbal roller, the gimbal test now were, in rate one im, pretty sure rate two rate three, so this does have three speed rates.

Its getting blown around a bit up there so lets just take it for a bit of a test, run check out the fpv footage hard to see on this iphone its not the brightest of screens, but im out there saying 64 meters on this vs gps app And pretty solid fpv around 100 meters so lets turn it around were going to see whats happening out here. Just hold the your stick down pretty slow im catching capturing some good footage on the sd card, its dropping out a little bit on the wi fi. So just long press, the uh home return, see if it comes back. Oh a quick press, so long press, doesnt work, you just got to quick press it and shes coming back its getting blown around with that wind guys, its only a small drone. You do have to license this drone, though, as it is just a little bit over about eight grams over the 250 gram white. The footage looks pretty stable on the wi fi pv, but well have to have a look on the actual recorded video see how close it lands. I dont really want it to land in the grass so ill, let it get pretty close to the ground and then ill ill just get out of that all right, guys, all right, so im gon na uh make sure i got a recording there. Is it out of that gps mode? Oh, no! No! No! I dont! I want to get out of it.

Okay, so just want to stop that recording, okay! So stop the recording all right. So lets start another recording Music hold the button down. I believe its left for the gimbal tilt yeah bring that down a bit. I got out of the app guys, no, its not gon na be one of those ones. Is it that keeps booting you out of the app hope not try enter it again. It seems pretty stable, im gon na cancel that prompt, because ive already uh ive already calibrated it. The compass so lets try get another recording here, hold it down, all right were going to start another recording so lets see if we can do a droning shot here. Up and out there we go there, we go okay lets bring it forward, bring that gimbal up now the camera looks a lot more stable than the original e sheen thats for sure, like i said, you know what you can see on the app. Sometimes it just drop a few frames. Uh definitely have to see on the recorded footage im glad it came out with an sd card this time. So basically in this video, i just want to see how the camera is on this one more so than you know. The features like orbit and so forth its a bit too windy to do that. I think i might try follow me, but well see what happens so just take it in the other direction.

Take it up a bit, make sure im clear of those trees and it seems, like ive, got a pretty solid connection there, 131 meters away, i might bump that up in the rate too, bring it around back towards us. Ive lost wi, fi fpv by the way its frozen put in rate three. Let it fight that wind, okay, but even though ive lost wifi fpv should still have decent video on the sd card and its pretty quick, pretty quick on that uh. Third right. So, while im up there, i might stop that recording guys and well take some photos. It takes a little while to uh register on the app youve got to give it about five seconds before it actually shows you that it stopped so quick press take some photos. It looks like the battery life is at halfway already, so i dont think that will even have time to do any of the other features. To be honest, with you ill bring that gimbal a little bit down. I should have taken a nice photo of the swan river. Take one in that direction on the app as you can see its loading each image in percentage until its complete Music. Okay, all right lets bring it back out this way, a bit um im gon na bring it a little bit down. Okay, im gon na start, another recording weve got wi fi footage back so im going to bring that gimbal up all right.

There we go now im just going to do a a left roll okay, so we can see the coast see how the gimbal performs so im performing a left roll im actually in third right, its a bit too quick. Okay, all right lets try that again so were going to perform a ill, go a bit closer to the uh shore. All right so well go about there and uh. Just do a ill go right! Your actually theres some people over there. So, as you can see, im not yawing right, sorry, rolling right ill, just see how gimbal performs i mean the horizon looks pretty decent. There is a bit of a tilt not much seen more expensive. Drones have like nearly a 45 degree tilt at times, so its keeping the horizon pretty good im just gon na give it a bit of a yaw. So it goes out that way a bit. This camera is performing rather well, and this gimbal performing really good for a budget price gps drone. Now it does say 4k at 30 frames on the box and on the arm of the drone. Uh well have to see about that ill, bring up the file and the frames per second details on the screen at some point. During this video but uh yeah, we had some good wi fi up to 132 meters there and its still showing me wi fi. So not bad wi fi for that distance. All i was doing is uh rolling to the right lets.

Bring it back just give us some movements here, the app there is a slight delay, but its not that bad ive had much worse and weve got battery life. Is low now so, like i said, i didnt think id have time to perform like follow me modes and so forth. Im not really interested in that. I might leave that for another video uh shes come back pretty much on its own now, okay, guys now the flight time seems a little bit shorter than the eachine ex5. I think, due to the fact that its powering a gimbal, now its powering a dvr to record your videos and um that sort of thing, ah so lets have a look here. Lets bring it down its rather slow to come down with the manual stick input. This may be first level of lvc, but, as you can see, i just brought the stick right down its pretty much. You know where it took off from lets. Have a look at closer look at the ex5 pro Music, pretty stable little quad, considering those fighting some wind here – Music, Applause, Music. Okay, i want to get a thumbnail there. We go bring it down a bit, get a closer look at it: Music, its pretty stable im, not moving so not too bad, not too bad at all. Hey guys well im gon na finish that recording because i dont want to lose that before the drone lands itself.

Okay, this okay, so i might land it guys its getting pretty low now Music, so lets just see if that is a just see. If that is a uh geo fence, just keep it low more than likely hes a geo fence yeah, it is guys i cant go any further, see that so can i fly just around this vicinity? Maybe about 30 meters away ill might take a couple of photos. A bit lower in altitude here just quickly so weve got some more photos to add in the video before it lands see whats going on here. Just take that photo. Okay took that photo taking a while to load them up yeah. I took another one, so you know the fight. Time is not too bad on this one. As you can see, we still can fly, even though it is beeping at me, um its not showing like a percentage on this app. Most apps show like a percentage 7.2 volt or whatever. Here we go its doing it itself. It raised itself then guys that wasnt me, so it does want to come home now and uh. Well, just let it do its thing. So, overall i mean seems like a much better upgrade version of the uh original thats for sure, because weve got a stabilized gimbal, at least on this one, its supposed to have eis as well coming down little fella, okay, so its going to land just a bit Short of the landing pad so just get it out of the sand there all right guys so yeah.

Overall i mean from what i could see on the app it looked like. It was um taking some pretty decent uh stabilized footage. There wi fi fpv distance wasnt too bad. I didnt really push it to its limit. I dont think um. I did get about 130 meters that way and about 130 odd meters. That way down this way. I still had connection when i was doing that. Uh roll right, while i was facing the uh the city there, so i definitely do a range test on this one guys so stick around for that. They do claim 650 meters worth of range on this particular quadcopter. This time around not like 1200 of the original eachine version of the ex5, but uh yeah im pretty happy with the uh the way the gimbal works. As you can see, it works perfectly and i was pretty impressed with the horizon there wasnt much to it on the horizon. When i had it facing the uh, the swan river there so well see what the footage is like on the sd card. Okay on the dvr um, they do claim 4k here 30 frames per second, but well see if thats any truth to that or not um at the worst. I think it would probably be 1080p like most of these budget rc drones. You know uh 1080p at maybe 30 frames but well see. I could be wrong guys. Maybe it does have 4k but uh ill.

Definitely let you guys know ill bring up the files and put a screenshot as im flying this drone in this video. So thanks very much for watching guys if youre interested in the ex5 pro ball. Please go have a look at the link in the description below. There is a coupon code as well, and this is currently on flash sale. You can get in one battery option up to a three battery option which i do have and uh yeah yeah. It definitely looks like its got its place in the market. You know for beginner pilots. You know that dont want to splash too much money on their first gps drone, especially if it does take really good footage, so well be definitely checking that out when i get home so anyway, guys thanks very much for tuning in to my review on the ex5 Pro this was my maiden flight, so first flight of this one and it seemed to fly pretty good, just like the original ex5, if youre new to the channel be sure to click that subscribe button and the notification bell.