Yes, i did get out get out. Do it again, look. This is where that drone gets lost in the look at you flying like a mad man, all right, you’ve already flown this that’s enough trevor let’s bring it in how strong it is, but he always does that really don’t you dare. I do do draw flying with you yeah, but everything goes to the time. All right can i do some talking now. No, yes, i think so. G’Day you absolute legends stu from uav futures here with my little assistant and today we’re going to be having some fun. Okay, we’re gon na be going through. This one is for you beginners out there have you ever wanted to get into fpv, but you want to get one entire kit that covers everything that’s. What we’re gon na be looking at today. It is from eachine. I think it is the novice three or something it’s gon na be linked down below, but the exciting part about this one. Not only do we have the grumpiest oldest man in fpv, coming along on this ride, we’re gon na be checking out in this kit. You get a pretty decent drone, actually a pretty decent radio and some pretty decent goggles all for a relatively competitive price. I would say you get four s: batteries, battery checker charger everything you need to get up and get flying. So if you’re after a one stop shop, where you can just put things together, go flying stay tuned because this videos are for you, let’s go through some of the techs and the specs go through the boring stuff on the bench.

The bit of the overview, the good stuff, yeah, okay, so first things. First, you are going to get this little drone right here. I should turn on the roof. Cam. Actually i mean too excited we go. It is working, so you get this little drone right here. Can i use this, please skip for pointing or do you need it? I need it okay! Well, you get this little drone right here, and this is kind of going after. It reminds me the flywheel chaser a little bit if you want some really really long flight times, it’s how about you’re getting about 10 minute flight times when flying this thing around it’s. Very compact: it takes a forest package. Okay, okay, daddy’s gon na do a little bit of talking all right and then i’ll give you some time to say something. Does that sound good? Okay? Okay, all right! Let me talk about this drawing and then you can have a say: okay, but i’ll tap it like this when it’s my turn: okay, okay, anyway! So you’ve got this little drone right here, it’s rocking a 4s battery. Now it says it’s 1100 milliamp hours we’re going to cut that open, because there is no way that this thing is 1100 milliamp hours. That is a flat out lie, i think a fib. I would say that doesn’t seem right, but it’s got gps on here. It’S got a nice uh antenna on the back sticking out.

Hang on i’m, almost done. Uh we’ve got a tiny little camera at the front. Of course, we’ve got our four in one uh esc flight controller board right there. It is very, very light. If we stick it on the scales – and i got ta say it performs pretty well so trevor had a good time with the drone as well. Let’S see how heavy it is it’s coming in at 126 grams and with a battery it is 220 grams. So, if you’re worried about weight limits, if you need to be under 250 grams, this is going to be a right up your alley. So the drone itself, i really really like uh speaking of the radio. This is the radio master tx12 and it’s a great little beginner radio feels great in the hand heaps of switches uh. You could probably use this radio for a lot of times to come, so you’re not going to need to upgrade in the future. If you get this and also the goggles the uh, these look like a version of the uh d8 800 dms, which are a telescopic pair of goggles. You can extend the vision. One i’m almost done. One thing that i felt with these was uh. For me, it was just a little bit hard for me to focus on these goggles. This is probably the weak point of it of the entire kit, the goggles weren’t, my favorite. This is not my favorite a pair of goggles, but the drone itself.

I really like the radio. The tx12 is a great beginner radio, um and also we’ve got some little batteries and, like i mentioned you get a charger here as well. This is also a battery checker. So not only can you charge your packs, you can also be out in the field. You can check them now. What we’re going to do is go out to the field flight around, have some fun and the beauty about this one. We didn’t know anything about this kit. I just took this kid out to the field yeah you’re, weighing that chopstick, we went out to the field uh and we just took it out of the pack and out of the box and that’s how we flew it. And then we came back we’re backing in the studio and that’s, where i investigated it and checked it out all that sort of stuff, so let’s get out of the field, fly it around and have some fun and then towards the end of the video. If you come back towards the end, we’re going to cut this open and find out, if i can see any markings on here, if this is an 1100 million pack or if it’s just a bit of a fib, so anything you’d like to add mr assistant before We go out and fly drones around. What would you like to say hi? We only go today if you come back to my sister, but i always go to school yeah.

You do go to swimming lessons. Okay, anything you’d like to say about the drones yeah, but all right can you just say subscribe. Maybe you should tell them subscribe subscribe. Anything i say, but that okay, can you do a three two one and clap your hands? Three two one radio out here in the field of dreams: it is a glorious day down here in southern australia. Anyway, i digress what we’re looking at it is this eachine, a bad boy right here, we’ve got gt behind the camera and we’re gon na. Do things a little bit different now at the time of this recording you’ve, seen what it’s like on the bench we’ve gone through the text in the specs you’ve seen the price, the overview? What comes in here? What trevor and i haven’t seen is. We have literally just opened this up. I spent about five minutes yesterday, gluing in the antennas, so they’re not going to go anywhere and then we’re going to see what trevor thinks about this whole kit. We’Ll have a look at it and then we’re going to fly. It around and see how it goes so. Let’S do that i’m going to take this camera trevor let’s swap over get his impressions, so we can open it up together. Now this turned up and i’ve only really charged the batteries and done the glue. I haven’t done anything else, so what do you think on this drone? I don’t even know the name of this drone yet or the price and we’ll talk about that towards the end of this review.

So it just says eachine something the stick is over. It can’t read it so this thing is so light. This is our blind test. Okay it’s even got a gps isn’t. It unbelievable. I think they’re, four inch props. What are the motors on here? 1404S 2750 kv. Are they a four inch slip? Kinda? Sorry, trevor i’m. Just gon na steal it: it is 40 25’s. It is very, very light and look it’s even got a nice buzzer here the case you lose it all right, yep. I can’t believe how light that is. Okay. So in this kit we get the drone which runs on a forest i’ll put that to the side everything’s in look at this we’ve got an antenna, oh that’s, really nice. Well, it is an eachine kit, yeah yeah, four s batteries. Now that said now what size reckon this is because, when i looked at these to charge these, i thought man that don’t seem right, don’t, look at it, you just read it he’s cheating. What do you mean what size? What how big do you think his pack is what’s? What mah is that oh you’re, looking at it it’s 1100 yeah? I suppose it is they’re pretty thick nah mate that’s, like a i reckon, that’s 600 at max. I reckon if i pulled this battery apart. There’S. No hang on anyone yeah it’s, 11 00 yeah. That seems right. I think that’s a that seems like a lie: that’s not 1100 mah come on.

They wouldn’t, like it yeah notice, a battery being wrongly stamped, come on all right, so we’ve got these. You can throw them on the ground. What are those really? I put that in in case i couldn’t find an antenna. Well, you still haven’t found one yep, yep and uh even get a oh that’s, pretty good, get rid of those boring parts. All right, we’ve got the goggles goggles. Actually i’ve tried these before they’re, not bad, considering it’s in a little kit and look at this what a great little radio to get in a kit yeah. I think i think i agree with you there. I concur. We’Ve got a radio master radio in there. So how much is this kit? Well, i don’t know that’s what we’re going to talk about. Let’S fly it around we’ll do a summary. Then i only get a charger and a battery checker, so that’ll check your batteries and charge. What a great idea look now: that’s everything everything something decent. Everything comes in one kit: what we’re going to do? We’Re gon na fly this around show you some dvr get trev’s impressions as well, and then we’ll sum it up. We’Ll have a look at the price and see what we think so let’s do it do some flights in three two one radio so we’re? Finally, here we got five satellites. It took a little while we’re gon na do a voiceover while i’m flying. I really like the feel of this radio, nice and small in my hands, like i’m used to anyway.

Jokes aside, i did put an sd card in here, but it’s not wanting to record. As far as i can tell on these 800 dms i’ve extended it all the way out and uh it’s, not terrible it’s, not my favorite. But again i don’t know how much this kit is going to be worth. One thing: i’ve noticed when i’ve armed it oh yeah, the motors are spinning let’s, give it a whirl we’re recording on trevor’s onways. I believe it says: rescue n a that might be because there’s, not enough satellites, that’s, a good sign, that’s fine. Yes, it is airborne Music. All right. The rates do feel a little bit sloppy let’s, give it a little bit of a punch out and see what happens: okay, nah, not the most power, but i don’t think that’s what it’s made for. I actually do think that this thing is made for cruising around. The gps is working, it does tell me which way uh my drone is and which way to get back home let’s go for a little bit of a spin, a little bit of breakup out here as well. Trevor’S making me nervous walking around behind me, but hey, look if you’re just getting into this uh. It is a beginner radio, i should say, but it doesn’t feel bad at all, there’s a lot of junk on the screen that i don’t like on the osd. You know it turns so much of that stuff off.

I turn off 90 of it, but just cruising around here on the property uh it it feels pretty decent. I would probably turn the rates up. It feels very sedate and definitely like a beginner’s sort of drone. Uh but hey look i’m, actually not getting any air eye strain uh. The radio feels decent. The drone feels pretty good let’s go for a bit of a range test, not something i want to do in all this long grass out here we are getting a oh. Where am i got a heap of break up behind that tree? It was a fair way away. All right, we’re gon na go out we’re going towards that big tree in the distance trev. I don’t know if you can see that uh way over there near the house, i’m gon na do 100 houses here, which okay, i think from where i’m standing. I think that that way out to like a dam or something yeah yeah there is yeah. There is some gum trees around here and that sort of stuff. Oh, it gives me speed per hour, that’s cool. I only just noticed that i would leave that on the right hand, side, and it tells me my altitude as well. Oh, i went behind the bad tree, get some height. Okay, don’t go out there wait! Do i have antennas on my goggles, i better i’m sure i do get out we’re supposed to put the entire dare on there i’m coming in to have a squish.

At my face, yeah, we better put some antennas on those goggles. Are you joking? Let me have a look here really. I can see him mate. Oh those things, sticking up, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I can see him in the fpv. All right, let’s see how fast we can get this all right. We’Re going to cruise out here. It says: it’s, going 60 k’s let’s see let’s, see 70k yeah. It definitely doesn’t have tons of poke, but i don’t think that’s what it’s made for still getting those gpa. I wonder if you can get a gps lock, while it’s flying around, probably not once it’s moving it’s, probably stuck on those. So it says: gps rescue is not available. I guess don’t crash. It then yeah. The one thing that i would probably say is that even though it’s got gps on here and it might be made for some long range i’d want a little bit more. You probably have to turn the video power up or something like that. Maybe we’ll do that when we come in it’s time for your flight and i might see if i can uh rectify the sd card issue or try and put a different sd card in here. But let’s do a little bit of acro radio. I got to say for a cheap radio. If it is cheap, it feels good uh. What is it the radiomaster t12 or something yep yep there we go so that’s in a beginner kit that comes with a battery.

I mean i’m getting some crazy flight times as well, uh very, very efficient. So if you just want a casual cruiser it’s not going to be a racer it’s, not really made for acro, i don’t think you’re going to be doing some crazy power loops and stuff. Look, you can still do a few flips and rolls, but all in all, i would say this package and we don’t know the price. This package is fun. It’S easy to get into it does have gps rescue. I think if you waited long enough for all the satellites to come in uh, it just works out of the box i like to put it was a little bit of glue on there and we were. We were done so all in all. I really enjoy this squad if the price is right. We’Re gon na have to have a google after this, so we’ll see how we go and how long can this gon na fly for trev Music, oh we’re, only on 15.2, Music? Well, volts impressive! You know what what we’re going to do, we’re going to stop recording here on my gopro and we’ll cut back when we actually, when we’re coming in for a landing i’ll tell you how it is. What do you reckon trev, because we don’t want people to suffer through this all right, so it’s cut back in three two one. I have been flying this thing for days it’s only on four.

It feels like days 14.7 volts and we’ve gone at nine minutes 30 and i think we started at 1 30 anyway. So i believe it’s about an eight minute flight time and we’ve only used 500 mah, so we’re going to bring it in ow. Oh sure sure we’re going to bring this in and then i’m going to check it on the battery checker. So hopefully i remember that’s the arm switch. There we go uh. Does it say my flight time total arm time was 10 minutes max speed 87 kilometers per hour let’s see max current was 15 amps. Well, do i have any marks on my face or anything like that or it looks okay. Like did my marks? Look? Okay! Not my face, i can’t see anybody yeah. They were, they were surprisingly, not terrible. Um man, i’m i’m kind of impressed, like the let’s check, the battery voltage let’s see how much it actually drains. So we have this here. I will stop your dvr trip and i’ve got to say this battery whoa feel how hot this is. Trev feel that also come out of my fridge. It is ice cold, so that’s it anyway. It is so even get a battery checker with it, which is what i like in this kit. 15.1 volts three points: it’s still over storage charge, so we’re about halfway through that pack that’s some insane flight times uh. What we’re gon na do we’re gon na head over to gt, see what he thinks as well: i’ll, try and fix up the dvr and the goggles and uh we’ll go from there find out what he thinks and then we will get the price and give you Our final verdict buddy trevor now i think i fixed the dvr – is your dvr flashing in there yeah uh, somewhere yeah the red light’s flashing, yeah, okay, you know, i think, have you got any satellites might take a while to come in.

Where are they Music um? On the left – oh yeah, six, i got oh well mate. Yours was about a hundred times quicker than mine yeah. Now how the goggles on your face, they’re, pretty comfortable but uh. I don’t know whether i can fly with him. Yet i can see it, but we’ll see what happens. Okay, yeah now, i think that’s the arm switch, yes, that one yep yep all the way away there you go. Oh, look at that you’re off to the races my friend and he’s, away into a troll that’s close to a tree. Okay, just cruise around here, please till you get used to it. Then you can get it. I haven’t even done the bench review with this. Where are you i don’t know? Oh it’s gone black, i can’t see shut up travis. Oh there, it is got it Music, oh yeah. I can see you out there. Just just take it easy say actually do what you want. Do what you want. Have you got these twisted all the way down? Yeah you do yeah, they look the the goggles aren’t they’re, okay they’re comfortable, but if you wear glasses they’re, probably not for you yep, i would concur um, whereas uh. I can’t probably need to go out another inch for me to be definitely suited for those younger eyes, yeah. Okay, i can fly with them. Okay, but i wouldn’t be able to do any proximity with them.

Okay, or what about the radio? Tell me about the little radio the radio feels alright. I i like something that feels just a little bit bigger, but look i reckon it’s great for what it is. It’S, it’s, responsive, um, hey, look water uh. Maybe you should stay away from the water yeah. Look at the fires, what it is i’ll do a bit of a punch out. Actually, okay, it wasn’t much look it’s a nice little cruiser if you’re just getting into it depending how much it is yes, uh. It flies really good. I just surprisingly, quite good. All right so we’ve got an okay radio. Here the goggles you said were a bit not for you, but maybe for some other people, because i i did have to have them on the maximum extension. Maybe if you had younger eyes but yeah, i say they were a little bit too tricky to focus on for me, um they weren’t uncomfortable though, and what about the drone itself? That flies great anything you don’t like uh? No, i Music look for someone that’s new Music, anyone that’s into it like. If you just want to cruise it’s, probably going to be okay, it really does cruise nice, but what about those flight times? What did you think about if you want to get out and just veg out uh take this down to a i know, a beach or something like that you get cruise up and down the beach look at the waves and get lost in this.

You know just just get lost in it. You better fly for this long, it’s a bit of fun. Instead of racing around and uh, you know getting two minute packs or three minute packs yeah. I think this is like a 10 minute plus mate yeah yeah. Oh, is that my sd? No, that was your radio, so you must have gone a little bit too far to get a um telemetry warning: okay, that’s what that was Music. You know what, because this takes so long, what i’m going to do i’m going to let trevor fly around because we’re not going to be watching 20 minutes of your flight and then we’ll come back in and uh for 20 minutes. Oh yeah that’s it that’s! It put me to sleep mate, all right, we’ll do that and then we’ll cut back to when trevor’s finished, flying trevor’s just disarmed over there a bit too fuzzy on your goggles on your eyes. Let me go get the drone, then i’ll come back. You can pose yourself: trevor’s landed over here, Music. All right, trevor’s made me uh re plug it in because he wanted to test it with his enways. You might have to wait for the satellites yeah much better picture of these, but look if you’ve got good eyes. Those other goggles are okay, but for me to fly how i want to fly this thing and you know tell you what it’s really like. I really need to see where i’m going yep, how many satellites you got: Music.

Okay, all right! Trev! Your satellites are back. Take two you’ve stacked it. I don’t even know how the props are oh you’re flying around. Oh look, though, now i can fly this thing hey. This is not bad you’re, punching it a bit more! Oh yeah! I can fly it now. I can see where i’m going – okay, okay, i like this – how much well we’re going to talk about that when you bring it in the actual price, because i have googled it now on my phone, while you’ve been flying all right, what’s, the drone, like hey it’s, Fun there i can see where i’m going yeah. This is pretty cool Music and you stacked it yeah. I look like i hit the tree hit me uh, but uh. Oh, yes, hey! This is a great little toy. I wonder if i’m recording the dvr still yep it’s it’s. Actually this is a lot of fun. Now, oh, you didn’t even mean to do that. Get out, get out. Look at you flying like a mad man. All right, you’ve, already flown this that’s enough trevor let’s bring it in how strong it is straight into that tree dale. This is all right: okay, Music, all right, bring it in for a landing y’all conjure we’ve, been it what’s. Your battery voltage it’s still on 14.9, see trevor’s landing skills. All right, i’ll let’s see how casual yeah do you want me to disarm for you that’s? All i can do.

I mean you’re gon na freak me out right, we’re gon na land, this right coming for a landing, no we’re not far out. I can’t see hang on Music that’s, it nice and steady we’re, getting a bit it’s getting a little bit gusty. I don’t even know where you are now mate. Coming in twitter left, oh yep, yep, yep, disarm, disarm, disarm, disarm, jay, whoops sketchy all right all right! Let me get it i’ll! Stop this dvr Music! Oh, i hear that excuse after excuse me, Music. Now you unplug that here’s the tip, if you’re flying with trevor and you’re picking up his drone, make sure you unplug it all right trevor final thoughts, man what’s going on with this wind. Where did this come from uh? This is the eachine novice. You didn’t really like the goggles, they weren’t for you. I didn’t they weren’t for me either, but i didn’t i didn’t pro. I probably could find them more suitable to me than you as much as i hate box goggles. They were actually comfortable, so you know i’ll give them a good uh rating for that, because they were comfortable. I couldn’t see out of them, but uh that’s, only because i’m, an old fart but the um all right, the the radio, the radio i like it. For someone that’s starting up it’s small for me that’s. Actually, when i went to this arm, i did hit the throttle that’s what that little blip was um, but great little radio, yep all right and the drone itself yeah the drone yeah look uh.

I really liked it i’d give this a 10. okay. It went really well when i could see it was a little bit. It was. Your flying was a lot better with your normal buggers yep, and what about the whole package? Everything we’ve got battery charger batteries, drone radio, goggles everything you need to get up, get flying at a place like this and have some fun with that drone. What do you reckon? Oh it’s, 300 bucks all right that’s? How much you think the price is now uh. Trevor’S going to be he’s going to be a bit unhappy here, i say: i’ve already seen the price. The price is 420 us dollars: 420 meat, pies 420 bucks – 420 bucks yeah. So if you want to get into the hobby here’s a decent drone with a decent radio with some decent goggles 420 us us Music uh. Well, i don’t like it as much now: okay, uh honestly, i yeah, i don’t, think it’s worth the money, all right, so value for money, for you, trev it’d be worth maybe 400 bucks aussie, which is uh, probably 300 yeah it’s about 500 aussies yeah. No a bit much, i think, it’s – probably 100 too much, but look otherwise good kit. If you got the bucks Music to uh to splurge on that sort of thing, yeah, okay, but i don’t think it’s worth that much do you reckon you could get and build the same kit, though for cheaper you come pretty close.

I don’t know how much these things are pretty expensive, but you know you can get a real let’s have a look. How much is a tx jumper, a tx12 tx 12. radio master let’s, see that is 143 aussie dollars? Well, there you go. That makes it the drone awful expensive. The goggles are probably a hundred bucks yeah yeah. Thank you. Thank you great little kid it’s worth 300 bucks, that’s all again trevor says yeah. He wants to pay 300 it’s. 4. 20.. Let’S sum this up. The wind is going to blow us away thanks, trev 10 out of 10 for the drone for the price, the price really sucks, but uh other than that great package. Okay, another thing that we can do it’s got all the locks that in my brain, that i got another one still nothing all right. I got ta talk now right here, so there it is there’s my review of this a eachine little kit right here. Everything that comes together you need to get out and get flying the drone, the goggles, the radio, the batteries. The charger. Excuse me uh, all the sort of stuff that you need. The one thing that probably lets it down for me is the goggles they’re, not my favorite, but again it is a beginner kit, where you’re getting everything that you need for a little bit more you’re, probably uh, looking at upgrading to something like sky zones. But i really like the radio.

You got two socks on that’s right. I really like the drone, the radio, i think, it’s a pretty decent little kit and it flew uh. It flew pretty well as well. So hopefully you like that. Definitely, what do we need to do subscribe for more fpv, related content and drop your comments down below, but before we go we’re going to cut this battery open and we’re going to see if we can see any markings on here and find out what it actually Is now i don’t recommend doing this i’m only taking off the outer shell? Yes, we only do that for ticks, yeah yeah. We only do it so for our videos, very good, all right let’s see! Oh, is it printed on here to our um down the left and our videos great job gee? Nothing can go to there, but make sure it if there’s anything there that you left you can come back yep. You can come back to the video all right. Let’S see all right what we’re gon na need to google. This number g a eight zero, two, five five zero again. If you missed something and come back to our video, if you send me a say, if you need a game to play with, you only need the game too me and i will deliver it and mommy and me will print it out all right. I can’t see anything uh googling it.