Tier viii is out, the trailers have been released, drones are in the games, lights are in the game, the nitrogen wells, the new nuclear stuff, pasta, high, drawn colliders it’s insane. So if you’re excited for this video remember to leave a like, but let’s check things out. So tier vii and tier eight are the main big deals here. Tier vii has been completely reworked. Bauxite refinement is completely changed now: there’s packaged aluminum solution, aluminum casing, there’s, the blender, oh boy, logistics mark v, look in the same hazmat suit and aeronautical engineering, super computers, batteries which fuel the new drones. So if you guys haven’t seen the trailer drones have been added into the game, they only have nine slots of inventory, which makes sense they’re small, but for like those nitpicky things like uranium and stuff, like that whoa blood that is going to be super duper handy Of course, since there’s a new tier viii, we need new space. Elevator parts like the assembly director system, which looks super funky, then there’s a few more as well main thing: let’s check out tier 8., so nuclear power has been moved to tier viii, for whatever reason totally fine. I guess because it’s more complex now, since you have the plutonium stuff, there’s, a magnetic field generator another space, elevator part and the rest of these things are pretty much the same, except for the process in making them advanced. Aluminum production has a new resource, wells and extractors, so that can get you nitrogen gas, extra water, more crude oil, the good spice there’s, also the fluid tanks for the gas.

You can pack up the gas, of course, heat sinks and the cooling system. So this is a brand new part. It looks like it uses nitrogen gas in the heatsink and a few other things and then there’s the fused modular frame. This was teased in the christmas update. Oh vaude, though this is one of the things i’m most excited for the hover pack, so this uses power from your grid. So if you’re buying a power, pole it’ll suck the energy out of it and you can fly around slowly, mid air and just use it like a jet pack, so it’s way way way easier to build with oh dude. That is one of the first things we want to unlock, leaning edge production, though that’s. Oh, oh, the mark iii. Miners are now in here tier viii, along with the turbo motors, which makes sense those are hyper complex and then the thermal propulsion rocket another space elevator part, presumably using the turbo motors, interesting change having that so late in the game now very, very interesting. Ah but then the last huge thing, the particle enrichment, so you can use nuclear waste now to make a new material, non fissile uranium that turns into plutonium, pellets to encased plutonium cells and then the fuel rod. So you can have nuclear waste turn into fuel. Of course, though, that’s going to make your nuclear waste into plutonium waste, so you know it’s like spooky there, big spooky there’s, also the particle accelerator now.

So this is a huge, crazy machine uses electromagnetic fields. It makes the nuclear pasta, which is a space elevator part, interesting and uses power. A thousand megawatts on average is extremely dense, degenerate matter formed with with extreme pressure, forces, protons and electron together into neutrons. That is absolutely wild, um, well that’s. What the particle accelerator is for, and then you have to, of course, have the cube to hold it. So you make the cubes here that goes into that and makes the pasta, nitric, acid, yep that’s for making the plutonium pellets and all that jazz. And we are good to go. I think that is everything first thing i really want to check out, though, is this hover pack dude? That sounds like so much fun, but we need those cooling systems and to get cooling systems. We need this unlocked, so let’s select the milestone. We have to make the aluminum casing, which just takes aluminum ingots, so very, very simple and a few other things we’re familiar with let’s go and do that really quick by the way, you’re, probably wondering where the heck. We are, this is a creative world that i’ve built preparing for this update, so we can check out everything immediately. So i have everything ready to go here. Oh and another cool note, the inventory stack sizes have been changed so now they go into 200 instead of 100 and the main thing is: oh, my gosh, the concrete, oh dude, dude dude dude it stacks into 500s.

So this is just amazing. Of course. Not everything has been changed, though some things remain with their normal stack sizes, but the things you need like a ton of are all changed so anyway, i’m, just gon na fill up my inventory with pretty much everything we need here. We’Re gon na get all the unlocks, get things produced and start checking out the new items, and first up here we need those casings, so that is in just a constructor. Color cartridges got a huge change. They look a million times better as well. There that’s nice. We want this whoa. The interface is all changed too that’s super nice, because when the power was out, you couldn’t see a lot of the numbers. I assume that’s somewhere else now so that’s cool you can copy and paste settings, which is amazing and you make a ton of these per minute. Nice, oh and as we’re building here apparently there’s. Some other changes. You, oh yeah, you can press e to switch between different power, poles. Now, ah, look at that. So you can have the mark ones to use all the jazz very, very cool. Does that work with belts as well dude! Imagine if it did! Why would it not? This is one of the greatest changes to the game, actually ever that, like i’m freaking out dude dude, the sas factory devs have really pushed things to the limit here anyway, let’s get stuff for a bin, get our casings and unlock some of the new advanced aluminum Production milestone reached the object.

Scanner can now find underground. Yes, we can find the resource wells now. So oh it’s turning night, i forgot. We have no perma day mod, it’s, that’s different, but main thing: nitrogen gas. Where does that be hello? Hello, hello? Oh. Finally, 2. 000 meters away, of course, so there’s not a lot of this stuff in the world, crazy, crazy, crazy! It looks like we need rubber, oh that’s, actually quite cheap wire, rubber, encased beams and motors for the actual well, and it takes 150 megawatts and the extractors need some steel beams and plastic. Okay. Well, that’s, really cool! You know what, while we’re looking at things we’ve. Actually unlocked quite a bit already: power storage is now a thing, can store uh 100 megawatts it’s, actually very low, but hey better to have it than to not, and then is there anything else that we’ve missed there are little lights actually, oh, ah i found them They’Re in the awesome shop, of course, so there’s indoor lighting. Now it takes a bunch of courts. Of course we want the street lighting too flood lights and then the light control panel. Oh the on off switch for everything. Easy! Is there anything else in here? That’S new, all this fun stuff employee of the month, yes dude it’s me, employee of the planet. Cop sorry give oh, we got five mugs easily done Laughter gorgeous sip delicious, remember. To leave a like let’s build a couple. Street lights shows the direction of them very nice power pole right there.

We have the light control panel too, so i guess we get rid of that. We can have lights on their whole little grid, so that can go to there and how does this work? Oh, you better believe we want red, yeah, yeah intensity of the red. Can we just connect from one pole to another? So say we have another one here. We must be able to connect right yep. They all connect, so they’re all on one grid. Here turn it down turn it up. Ah dude update 4 may just be my favorite update so far, but anyway, let’s get back to the resource wells. We’Ve made it to the first well with nitrogen gas. So let’s build one of these bad boys and see how it works. We checked these out already in the trailers, so it’s not a super surprise. Yeah it’s, a big boy and it needs its little buddies around to hang out with can’t attract need to play. Oh, so we activate that first, oh, it has like a little animation and stuff too. All that dude dude little details like that man they’re the best all right and that activates them beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and 120 nitrogen gas per minute. Can we overclock this? Of course we can meaning we can get pretty much 2 000 nitrogen from here all right, bud and there’s. What is that? Seven different extractor locations that’s a lot. We do not need that much right now, though, we’re just getting started with things, so the gas is secured and we are ready to produce things so we’re trying to make that coolant thing right and guess what it needs to be made in the blender.

So this is the new machine that combines liquids and solids it’s like the bigger refinery except it’s different, which is lovely, and it can produce both a solid and a liquid, or i guess gas check that out baby um with that beautiful cubes red i do enjoy That so let’s see here we can make the cooling system, which again is the water, the nitrogen gas rubber and the heatsinks, of course, fused modular frames, which are more aluminum, casings, more nitrogen and a heavy modular frame, and we make the battery in here. So this is gon na, be the fuel for the drones later on so that’s extremely important, and it takes sulfuric acid again more. Is that really oh it’s, a lumina solution? Wait a second wait, a second okay, so this is nitrogen gas and the other is illumina. Okay, it looks very, very, very, very, very similar okay we’ll, get to that later on right now, we’ll start making these 75 megawatts per machine as well interesting, but what’s gon na be even more cool is the hoverback brother. So we finally got the cooling things. We got everything else, let’s get it come on, come on hello, let’s get it it’s, not making me click there. We go hover pack unlocked milestone reached. The hover pack enables aerial overview of all powered factories, as well as easy transport across multi level buildings by wirelessly connecting to the power grid, let’s go. How do you make it more cooling systems easily done all right, and now we can start hovering around everywhere.

Dude whoa, it looks so cool and then we just tougher and yeah. We just started stealing power from our grid, so we can just go everywhere. Oh, but like there’s, a battery limit to it, so you can’t fly up all the time. You got to be a little careful, but dude it’s, pretty much as easy as you’d. Think it’d be just careful about flying up. You get less power and yeah. We can see everything that’s going on yeah i’m, making those cooling things i decided to go and grab some of these frames to make and we’re making some batteries as well. You can quickly go over over everything. Interesting, though, you have to be pretty close to the power poles, so this is really just for inside your factory, which makes sense. Oh that’s neat with the blenders you can see on the top. What they’re making neat i like that? Okay, anyway, uh so yeah we’re, making these fused modular frames. They just take this stuff, we kind of messed around with it. We’Ll have a bunch of those pretty quick and then the batteries i decided to automate these two since we’re gon na need a billion. They take the acid solution and the casings very interestingly, though they produce water as well, once all is said and done so you have to kind of get rid of the water once you get the batteries made. So i love that kind of stuff when you have like a byproduct, but for now my solution is to flush and let’s check out the next new thing, so nuclear power that’s a huge deal particle enrichment.

This is probably something we’ll get to last, since we need a billion modular frames and the cooling systems, but maybe we check out nuclear power now we’ll just quickly run through the recipe, and then we can check out the drones. Oh buddy, i can’t wait to check out the drones so nuclear power, a launch let’s, see what we got now so nuclear power all different, all new, all crazy and it obviously uses the blender now so we’re just going to go through the recipes we’re not going To actually go through much more but yeah, the encased cells take the acid, like usual the concrete and uranium, so it removed the pellets. So you used to make like pellets out of this that’s fine combines it all into one machine and what do we do with the cells? I assume we go into here: uranium fuel rods, yep same dealio cells, beams electromagnetics, gotcha gotcha. Where is the plutonium, though, because yeah nuclear is relatively simple now and oh yeah it’s in particle enrichment, oh but that’s, going to take forever, so we’ll look into the plutonium last. I suppose yeah and let’s get to the drones drone time, it’s drone time how the heck do you make a drone? We make the drone platform, which is massive. Oh my gosh, we will put you down over here. Brother has. The inputs has the outputs, uh ones for fuel there, and the other is obviously for the items.

You want a drone on there to do things. Oh, it needs a portable miner, that’s cute. This is finally a use in the end game for them. So let’s make a portable miner of all things. Now we got our drone, so does each platform only have room for one drone? Yes, that’s. What it looks like. Oh look, it’s it’s our evolved portable miner now is so cute jet engines on the back. We got this whole like cool control area. I love it whoa. Oh, the range, of course, maximum transparent this port whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa distant status, batteries, okay, this is obviously a lot more complicated than i thought. So i moved the drone port over by the battery production because we obviously need those batteries to charge these bad boys. Now i just put the drone back in there awesome. Of course we have to have another one of these in order to transport things, so we’ll have you over there and i guess we will connect it to some power he’s easily done. Can we name this of course test one subscribe and the other will be it test two leave a like, and now we just select a destination go to there and you come back status, hmm status check mark, oh, but we’re going lift off. We can ride this. Oh, my gosh there’s air travel for us in the game too let’s go let’s, go dude screw this for transporting items.

This is for transporting us. Oh my god. Oh that’s, fast, it’s, a fast boy. You know what this would be great with. This would be great with that nitrogen we’re getting from way over there that’d be handy, but yeah. That was a nice little test. I love how it has a little eye, but we should set up a bigger test. Now we have a drone port way over here, which is you know not actually that far but we’ll try this out now. So can we control everything from here? Absolutely i want to go to there and it’s connected now, so port name yeah. Then this status, hmm. Now will the drone come over here like did we take the drone from the other porch, probably not eh? We probably need like a new drone for here, because i’m wondering if you could have multiple drones go to like one port, because these guys are kind of expensive. You know what i’m saying like they take up a lot of power: 100 megawatts each and the batteries, but we’ll throw the batteries in there. Let’S see what’s up yeah, we good to go, looks like we’re good to go, so we can get multiple items then into one port. I presume oh yeah bud oh yeah, but dude i’m just excited to be flying around the map. With these guys, i wonder how fast they are. It seemed pretty fast on our small scale test now that we’re going like a bit of a distance it’s, probably like crazy, we good oh yeah, yeah what it is so fast, oh dude! This is oh, what the no we’re, fine we’re, fine, thank you blade runners, so maybe not the safest thing to be riding on top of makes sense not like you get like a seat belt, but they’re fast, that’s, good.

All right now, it’s landing still takes five batteries per trip. It would seem. Maybe the distance is irrelevant. Maybe where are they all going wait? Where did the other one go? Wait what what? What there’s? Only one? No there’s another one there it’s in a holding pattern over this. Oh that’s, the coolest little thing dude we’re gon na have like a drone swarm hovering above the logistics pad here. That’S gon na be awesome. Man, so leave leave brother get out. Let the other guy land, please it’s time i’m freaking out hardly can breathe, need an inhaler for this okay. There we go, though, so now the other one’s out of the way. This guy is gon na figure things out, land unload and we are good to go incoming yeah, of course, very straightforward. All right, easy, easy and the other guy is just already flown millions of kilometers away perfect and the pod is just returning in 10 seconds here. So now we can get into the next tech and wait a second wait, a second before the next tech. Where is the zip line thing? They had a teaser for it, and everything and i’ve checked everywhere. I assumed we had just unlocked it in here already like in an earlier tier but it’s. Nowhere to be found. We already know the last tech to be unlocked is just that other thing doesn’t seem to be in here either. Oh it’s probably unlocked through the mam.

Okay yep, so i got some keterium and now we can see that the zipline is just in the mam here. So i started research on that and the power switch is in here too, but let’s mess around with the zip line. Now, how do you? How do you use this? Oh you just look at the thing and you click and you have to hold it down yep. This is extremely easy to use. It looks a little clunky right now, but trust me guys. All you do. Is you hold the button and you’re grooving it’s very slow, obviously, because we’re just going vertically, can you go up? Oh you can go up a and, of course you can go down. I wonder if this uses power, though we’ll have you go to there? Can we grab on to this? Oh, we absolutely can so the stairs are completely irrelevant in the game. Now you just have one of these going up to wherever you want and you’re zipping, then i wonder how fast we can go going downhill all right. It doesn’t seem like we’re going all that much faster honestly and you don’t really get a good jump off of it, either still way more convenient than slide, jumping literally everywhere and specifically going uphills. This is the best way faster than running actually maybe feels like i’m. On a tram, oh and it gets slower if you go more on an incline: okay, maybe not, but it’s cool, and if it’s free on power like dude, why not it’s free real estate as they say? Okay? Finally, though, let’s get these things in here and let’s check out particle enrichment boom milestone reached the particle accelerator, enables previously impossible processes such as recycling nuclear waste and converting it into plutonium, as well as the generation of exotic matter.

A new project part enables progress to the next phase. Okay exotic matter: oh they call it like nuclear pasta, but whatever they want to call it awesome, so let’s see what’s going on. Then we have a lot of new things, specifically the crazy particle accelerator. Look at how many things this needs dude: oh my gosh and 250 to 1 500 megawatts, okay, so that’s what it is saying on the nuclear pasta thing yeah that’s chonky, but we got the stuff for it. So let’s clean up the drone stations and let’s see what’s going on. It looks like a freaking roller coaster dude, but okay, wow it’s, huge man. What is that dude? This is looking spicy spicy af all right, so we can make the plutonium pellets here now takes 50 nuclear waste. Ah, who cares? Okay? You get rid of it, then non fissile uranium. How do you make that whoa more nuclear waste? Okay, you need a ton of nuclear waste here, so that takes a nuclear waste, looks like uh, some nitric, acid, sulfuric, acid silica, and then that makes this stuff and some water and then just more nuclear waste to make the plutonium pellets. That is a lot to set up absolutely wild and then the pasta, yeah pasta. You need the pressure conversion cube, which is expensive. Then you charge them up, throw them in here and you get some pasta. What about the copper powder? Oh that’s, just the ingots! In a constructor into a powder that is very straightforward: okay, not bad, not bad! Let’S make another one of these bad boys and just check out some recipes: nitric, acid, very simple, the gas, some water and iron plate uh.

We already checked this out again, it’s. Just all this crazy stuff to make the non fissile uranium and water and then probably in the manufacture. We have some things to make. Yes, we make this the plutonium fuel rod, which takes pretty much oh gosh it’s, just like an advanced nuclear fuel rod, the plutonium cells, steel beams, the electromagnetic control rod and the heat sink man. These uh plutonium fuel rods better, be like extremely good like this is extremely pricey setup. Here then, the little pellet things, whatever they’re called they’re in an assembler yeah. These guys yeah pellets, concrete encased things: okay, well that’s, honestly, pretty straightforward, it’s, just extremely expensive, it’s like a whole new nuclear setup for plutonium. I guess you get rid of like nuclear waste, but then you end up with plutonium. Waste yeah i don’t know brother. I don’t know, i think what we’re going to do, though, is i want to make some pasta, because you know everybody always loves spaghetti, but come on. Pasta is pretty good too. We just need a couple of these fused modular frames. All right. We should have oh yeah, we got like 30 of them here. Awesome then yeah. I want to try and see this thing. Running. Dude, it’s, gon na be a light show, especially at night. Oh buddy let’s see it in action. We got some cubes. We got some powder it’s gon na take half a moment here and we are good to go all righty it’s.

Spinning up. There goes one loop, whoa cool, oh yeah, and the rest is booting up too. So this thing uses like 250 to 1500 megawatts. So it has like phases: yeah, it goes through the first loop, then the next loop gets activated starts colliding particles or accelerating them. Whatever it’s doing i don’t know the science is beyond me and finally, the big loop that’s awesome so bright and shiny. I wonder if we jump through this, would we die? Probably probably not? Maybe i don’t want to find out. No, no now it’s, just starting to work. Oh now, stuff is going on in there it’s combining the particle. Probably with the cube thing, surprised. The power grid. Didn’T go down as well that did that get us cute. Oh my gosh it’s still going. How long does it take? Oh, my gosh in the power two minutes to make one spicy piece of pasta. Oh my gosh, but we did it. We’Ve made the pasta. That is the coolest looking item in the game. By far that is so strange. It has like a field around it too wow it’s like a portable neutron star. Luckily, we could keep it stable in this thing, because oh buddy, that path to start to unravel we’d have a problem. But with that, though, i think we have checked out most things in update 4. there’s, a couple nitpicky things that i didn’t mention, but we’ll go through them on our let’s play videos when i start uploading them again this week.

So look forward to that and again, if you guys enjoyed remember to leave a like, it helps me out a ton and i hope, you’re as excited as i am for this new update.