We are beginning the next chapter of fortnite. This is going to be everything new from it, so im going to show all the new locations, the entire new map, the whole weapons. Everything like that. I dont, really know what this is. I guess its a cutscene but ill probably skip to the battle pass. Remember just like in all my new videos on the new seasons ill have time stamps integrated into the video. Oh okay uh. I dont know why im walking so dang slow yeah. What is going on is this dwayne, the rock johnson. Finally, though, we are inside the game were gon na. Take a look at the battle. Pass. First claim give me that okay, i dont care. This is the loading lobby. This is obviously the new map. Well, go to the battle pass im going to go through this really quickly, because i want to get to the map all the other big changes like mainly gameplay stuff, but well, look at this really quickly. So starting off, we have what is her name shanta. Is that supposed to be like santa but shanta yeah? That was a bad joke. We got some sprays. We have a glider pickaxe free v bucks. What is this ronin, so theres, two legendary outfits. You get right at the start of the battle pass: nice ronins revenge! Very cool page one is nice, then i assume were gon na. Have some styles. What do we got? Lunar change? Emote? Oh, oh okay! Then we have a katana.

I feel like theres. Five million of these pickaxes is this supposed to be a new ar. This is like an ak, but its wait. It kind of looks like the old heavy assault rifle, but its not is it. I dont know ronin azur. Why do i have the banana skin on bro? What am i doing? I mean the battle pass is really not that different from past chapters, which i guess is good. It still has the fortnite feel its not like. They completely changed the game. Thats gon na be what were gon na see on the map stuff, like that, what huh? No, i dont wan na why? Why is it trying to make me buy stuff? Your boy is broke. You guys all have to use code, jarion, glider, thats, actually kind of cool, more v bucks, and i kind of like how i dont know why im double clicking, but you can actually just buy whichever one you want past. You know you have to get 25 rewards, but its still kind of cool. You can choose what you want haven. She has a mask uh. She has a backwards hat wait. Is she like the first character that its a skin and then you can just customize what she has on her head whats, this guys name gumbo. They always have these troll skins that are kind of fire. Like look at gumbo, we got some music chewers choice. I forgot i actually did not have music on balloon.

What is this? Is a glider thats, the greatest glider in the history of fortnite bro. I dont want to buy it. I just want to look at the skin harlow ronin cape. What is that sound v? Bucks v bucks theres a spike bat, a glider, oh and then we got spider man. Oh my lordy, lord, this loading screen, which was when you load up. Then we have an emote, some more music. We got harlow racing suit and at the end, of course, its the spider man symbiote web hammer. Then we have an emote v bucks. Okay, pretty cool battle, pass nothing crazy, but lets get into the actual gameplay stuff, because that is what matters alright. So the servers are really messed up right now, but you know me: your boy found a weigh in where im in my own custom lobby, but as you can see, this is the map i dont even know where i am on it. Im not gon na lie. Oh wait im over im over here. Here we are, i guess, well, go to each different poi really quickly. This one, i believe, is called the sanctuary. Dont ask how i know your boys. Just a genius like that lets see. Is it going to name itself lets lets actually just land here really quickly, uh, okay, it has not named itself, but i have an smg new smg, its called the stinger. What the crouching feels weird, what i dont know why crouching feels a lot slower, um im breaking this okay interesting.

We still have those ammo crates. I hear a chest: the graphics look kind of different and its really loud over. Here we have an mk7 assault, rifle bro. What what the i dont even know, what im shooting, but what theres a red dot sight and you cant really spam crouch this guy does not die bro. Are you gon na die anytime soon? Wait? Why cant i build! I cannot build im, not trolling, im pressing my build keybinds. Oh wait! There we go, i can build a cone, i can only hold it. I can only build a code. I just killed a scientist and the scientist dropped uh a pistol. He dropped an ar bro thats. Why i couldnt crouch, because you just slide Laughter im, just sliding all over the place. Why are there so many bots? Oh, what is she shooting at me? Oh another mk7, okay, we got some minis thats good thats, not a chest. I dont know what im we got: knobs boxes still in the game, slide bro. What is this? Oh, its a door? Okay, im. Actually striker pump shotgun. So this is the new pump. Why cant i build a wall im so confused. I cant build a wall or ramp. Oh wait. I think i figured it out there we go. I dont know why my keybinds were messed up, but you guys might have to check that yourself. We have another mk7 assault rifle. I can finally build, though oh, why do my bills look like that? What the theyre, like kind of like bubble, wrap but theyre? Not am i going crazy? Oh, this is sick.

Oh my. The game feels so clean. Oh, oh, what are my settings right now? Textures low wait meshes im on high meshes. Maybe this is just performance mode, oh my god, its sick, and it still has not said the name of where i am by the way thats a little weird uh. Is it just not gon na its just not gon na name itself, um im still on question mark, but this place is called the sanctuary. I know for a fact i mean i pretty much know all the names. I can even just show a picture right now of the entire map, like all the names together, so its not like were not gon na know the names but its a little weird. It doesnt show them. We got another ai 7th century, um, auto shotgun cool, its kind of like attack. Oh you cant build in a lot of these spots, oh, but its just way slower. I like this. The fact that theres, a red dot thats so cool wait is that an attachment or no uh interesting. Then we have dwayne the rock johnson up there. Giant statue well open one more chest at the sanctuary and then well go to another spot and its a pistol. I think i found most of the the weapons – i guess right i mean maybe theres a shotgun or ar that doesnt have this reticle. This is a sanctuary, though heres. What it looks like.

Let me crank a little bit. We can get a nice overview, its basically right by the statue, and it includes most of this area – wow theres a lot of little houses, theres a lot of solo, looting routes, theres. Also these weird, like doors and vents over at the sanctuary. I like it, though: the biome is sick and theres music, so im gon na respawn and well go to a new spot. Next up on the list boys we have the daily bugle right from spiderman. That is what this is. Its probably not gon na say the name again because i dont know its either glitched or the servers are messed up. I dont rank it now, but we have zip lines. Okay, oh no! Oh thats, sick im, like spider man bro. This building is huge, open, a chest. Let me slide in here. You cant, really crouch spam anymore. Thats kind of it feels bad but thats how life goes another ar oh, what is this called the hunter bolt action sniper bro that sound is badass whats in here. Another chest with a purple tack, get me out of here im stuck in the elevator. Oh, i thought i was about to fall to my death. Is there a basement? Nope? Oh theres the bottom floor, though, and thats where i am theres a lot of chests in here. I guess its just one big office building. Let me shoot up this gun shoots, really fast, hipfire.

What the heck wait, ranger assault rifle. I did get a different ar. I was about to say shotgun, oh, so its got no scope which i like, because this one has a scope. The mk 7 has a scope. The ranger does not give another shock, i mean sniper. Why am i calling everything a shotgun? I think im literally losing my mind, guzzle juice, what guzzle juice? What does it do? Huh trying to guzzle some juices, what the heck yeah this building is giant holy crap? Oh, my gosh uh, any more shotguns, any more snipers anymore. Anything it seems like the heels, are the same: theres still chug flashes, auto shotguns theres the pump. I wonder how much damage the pumps do too thats the bad part about the game. Kind of being bugged, like the servers, are really bad right now, so you cant get into an actual game, which is a feels bad, but i mean theres, probably like five million trillion people trying to get on fortnite by the way. Reboot vans are still here. Cool cars are still here, too cool. What is this mk7? We already saw 50 of those well go into this building. Look around. Oh, these actually give good wood last chest at the daily bugle ill. Take that and theres still bed kits bro theres, so much loot, slurp, canisters, theres everything and theres fishing and theres chess in the water wait: okay, swimmings the same. I want to test one last thing: before we go to a new spot.

We like fortnite, where the heck am i so im across the map im over here now we saw this. We didnt really see sunny steps, but thats not named its basically sunny steps, though you can see that you guys remember that from chapter one, its right behind the daily bugle um, now im on the complete other side of the map and were going to go to This spot, which kind of looks like weeping woods. Let me check the name real, quick, so cap cuddle looks exactly like weaving woods. I guess this is why its called camp cuddle theres, a pink lodge uh well go over here really quickly. This is just weeping woods. This is the same building, but its not because sweeping its called weeping. What am i even saying this video is just me talking out of my ass, because i dont know what to talk about im like flabbergasted, i dont know this game is so good. This update is sick, um well open one more chest: ooh gold, auto shotgun, is there fall damage. I dont know if i have the setting on because i want to test the juices. Oh there are guzzle juice uh. It gave me hp another zip line im. So confused does it just give me hp, oh and the game feels so nice by the way wait. This is literally weeping. What is this? This is the weeping building bro really do people like weeping that much slide.

Oh wait. Oh thats, so cool you can like kind of cancel it wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Dont, leave me dont, leave me im just sliding! Oh, my god, theres a gas station over here. Wait. Let me break this. Does anything cool happen? I saw like a tree break and it looked cool oh never mind, maybe that maybe thats only specific trees, but this is camp cuddle, its basically weeping with new pink buildings. Oh and theres, an npc. I guess well interact with the npc, because we have not seen any npcs so far or well. We have but we havent been able to interact with them. Marksman. Sixth shooter, okay, well, thats camp cuddle, pretty cool theres random buildings, all around it dude. This is so sick and the builds feel so good lets go over here. We have like five left, maybe seven, six um. This is just a random antenna. Theres some chess theres, like a restaurant, its all in the snow which is sick. This is the only poi over here, but you can see theres like the big solar, not solar, wind turbines. That kind of looks like from the sanctuary and then we have greasy grove uh. They did change it. The buildings are different, thats cool and i can confidently say: weve seen every weapon so far, theres like no new weapons. If theres a new weapon, then we might be screwed because no ive seen everything theres guzzle. Oh wait: med mist! What is this got? Ta? Take some fall damage for the med mist.

You guys know the layout of weeping, though, what its instant wait, no, its, not wait. What the first time it healed for so much what the values are not consistent, but this is greasy. I dont need to show the full thing. You guys know: greasy grove we have the gas station wait. Was there a gas station? I dont think there was thats new. Was there a gas station? Someone let me know down below. Am i losing my mind? I swear there was not a gas station but theres the basketball court. I guess its kind of like they changed the late, the layout a little bit like where the houses are compared to the dura burger. Oh no, its a taco place, um cool, though a lot of the same chests like this one, thats a very nostalgic chest and yeah. No, there was never a gas station. Okay, i know now dont worry, but that is greasy grove i think were finally halfway through all the new locations you guys can see, though, the mountains are pretty big on this side of the map. Right now, im on the north east west side, east im on the northwest side of the map im trying to prank you guys im, not that dumb. Where am i but thats a gas station? This is log jam, lumber yard. I think the name of it is. I mean it says lockjam and its way, bigger than the last logjam um theres a lot of wood man.

Do i like wood and um um. Nobody heard anything. I dont know what im saying anymore: im literally losing my mind: theres red dot, sights in fortnite bro theyre sliding theyre sliding what what i guess this is just a big lumber yard, though its so much wood, oh theres, metal, too thats nice theres, this wood. What the, why is it giving me metal? Oh no, that gave me like 500 wood wheres his chest: oh its above thats, pretty cool its just. Like the other log jam. Let me drive around a little bit: yeah, its just bigger log jam, lumber yard um, but theres some cabins behind it, thats cool theres, like so much loot on this map i feel like, or at least in the pois i dont want to say for everywhere. Let me pop a mini: does this look different nope theres these buildings theres this one? Oh my gosh and then theres cabins? And if you look behind too on the map like theres little spots, theres a spot up there theres a little gas station that you could go to a spot here, even over on the other side of the lake dang pretty sick. This is log jam, lumber yard. Just a bigger log jam that was from last season, but its definitely different and i do think its a cool spot because its in the snow were gon na take a truck to the next spot were driving its over in this direction.

Oh, by the way, there are still animals yes im in a what is this even called im in a battle lab private match? Oh theres, some water, the river looks like its going pretty fast. What the heck! Oh, we just drove. Oh, this is what they brought it back. They brought back shifty shafts boys no way its like the same. Its like the same, are you kidding me right now? Is there gon na be a chest over here, my god? Oh, my god, its the same grown ass man, i cant its so cool its the same and theres gon na be a chest over here. The season one nostalgia shift these shafts boys – oh my god. I guess they added some stuff, like some extra chess and the sort chest over here, wait wasnt! This like wait was that there i dont think that was there or was this over here, wait, maybe it isnt the exact same or is it oh wow im losing my mind, im pretty sure that was over here i dont, i dont, know wow. The building feels incredible, though holy crap guys. This season is not slide. Jump um, slide, jump theres a chest in one of these no theres not never mind. Oh theres, no houses wait where the houses wait, where the houses go. Shifty uh remember theres used to be two houses; they cant be doing this to me still pretty cool, though i would have liked the two houses.

But oh look at this. The bush even has the christmas lights. This is like season, one nostalgia and yes were driving to the next spot. Im a driver im, a trucker wait. Where am i going? Oh shifty is so cool, though its back. Oh, this is like my favorite spot ever im about to land there and duo fncs. Now, chapter 3 is truly incredible, so thats the daily bugle over there. This is just a road um ive, not gotten a tent yet which is kind of annoying. Maybe i should drive to one. Apparently you can get tents and then you can store weapons for the next game, so maybe its not in the battle lab, maybe its only in the battle royale. But there are tents where you could literally store weapons um. What is this so were at the next location? I might have to look it up very quickly because i dont know all of them off the top of my head. This in the north side of the map, is sleepy. Sound sleepy sound, interesting, its like a motel theres, literally a motel and then theres noms, theres, joels uh gas station theres sticks. Wait. I want to look at the motel, though this is so cool theres like no windows. What what are these doors bro? What the heck! This is sick um. Why is it theres two sides of it? Oh so theres, just water in the middle, oh well, rest in peace.

This car wait, i cant get out. I cant get out of the car. Let me out okay, let me out how do i get out? Oh, my god, that was scary, red dot, sight, nice slide, cool, open chest, sick and yeah weve seen every weapon, okay, thats good the weapon. The loophole is not that big, but thats good, because you dont want that big of a loophole when theres. So many map changes and gameplay changes. Oh my god, the builds are so nice me tarping, oh, never mind i just i just suck some butt cheeks! Well. Go down, these are just little houses on the other side of sleepy sound. They got noms boxes. I the one thing i dont like, though, is you cant, really crouch spam? That was like i used to crouch spam so much, but i mean ill get used to knockout spamming its just the way it is um theres like no chests in these houses, maybe theres one. Two three: we got guzzle juice, theres, that building thats cool, um, yeah and theres, just a bunch of houses. This is sleepy sound, oh theres, the boat and theres a shark. Still, i wonder if the boat, the boat might not move? Oh, no, it definitely does move. Never mind its not even on the map so theres this boat, the solo spot, which was from last chapter, it was really cool. It moves around the map, each game and its got god.

Loot wait. Should i go to it. I guess i should right. You know what lets go to it really quickly lets slide over. I dont know the name of it, though im going to call it the the god boat, uh theres some floor, loot, thats cool. I wonder, i think all of these spots are gon na like not have snow after the winter ends. Oh, what was so good about this spot didnt. I say that god loot, but as a tons of shield. Okay, where i thought they were like theres, a god chat. Oh there is so there are io crates and you get a sniper from it. That is thats, not why im trying to land there. This is the god boat, though oh theres, two io crates yeah. This spot is busted purple, striker pump 200 full piece: oh thats, sick, oh its, so cool wait, whoops! Well, that is the god boat that moves around every game as well as oh wait, whats the name of this again, uh sleepy, sound okay. So we have like three more spots: im gon na drive to them as well, but well see you in the next one and when i said a drive i met with a boat. You guys can see im going upstream um there might be new fish. I wonder! Theres, probably like i dont, even know, spider man fish or something crazy like that, i might have to actually fish lets fish really quickly for science, uh, okay, cant pick that up were gon na fish really quickly come on.

Give me something juicy: oh theres got ta, be like guzzle fish. Okay, i got a shotgun right. Theres got ta, be guzzle fish because theres, no, like bandies, theres, guzzle juice and theres this spray, so theres got to be some sort of gross. Can i get a damn sidearm pistol? Okay, but can i get a fish im, not fishing, to freaking pass the time? Okay, you know what im done. Theres, probably new fish, but they just dont want to give me them. Um over. There is a little building, but its not a name to why? Oh, let me let me go, buy it real, quick, oh wait, never mind its just a bunch of bushes, its just a bunch of bushes dont. Get me out of here were right next to the next doi, which is crossy coney crossroads nice. This is coney crossroads boys um. What is it its a gas station, its a building its a few buildings? Oh its like a little town, thats, thats kind of cool. I like that, i knocked out a lot softies. I have not been here before right im at coney crossroads yeah. I am. This is coney crossroads, its very similar to where was it? Was it? No, i dont know it was similar to something i think it might be, maybe similar to greasy. It reminds me of greasy – or maybe i dont know, but it reminds me of one of the last pys we looked at.

How many more do we have left? We have over here we got four left boys, four of the dupio eyes left and then weve pretty much seen everything outside like the tent, but i dont know if thats in the battle lab, i guess maybe ill show it on the screen in the actual tents. You can store away stuff for future games, its very cool theres reeve, advance everywhere. Thats sick, like this gas station, has enough loot for one person or actually two, maybe because theres this building, but now were into this other sort of like biome, which is reminds me a lot of chapter one, its the desert biome. This is called dun. Dun rocky reels, so this is rocky reels, its kind of like risky, but theres rocks and desert its way, bigger, thats cool. I actually like this – maybe ill land here, because i used to land at risky and i liked risky decent loot bunch of cars. You can go into the actual movie thing screen now um, okay, now im driving over here, we got like three more spots: lets crank them out real fast as we drive through this whole desert biome wow. This has a lot of loot theres, not as many named pois, as you would think. I think theres only 12 or 13 in total, but theres just so many small spots like right there, where you definitely have enough loot for one person, potentially two and speaking of loot, oh wow.

What is this spot called? This is chonkers speedway and the bottom side. South side of the map we got shocker speedway, its literally a raceway yeah theres buildings at the center. I assume theres a bunch of cars. Oh my god get me in here. You got all these whiplashes full on fuel. Oh, this is sick, wow, joggers, speedway and its right next to another poi. If you just speed right over, this is going to be crazy. This kind of looks like wait. What is this called lets see if i can get the name condo canyon, so this is condo canyon, its just a bunch of condominiums condos are basically apartments by the way. Yeah. Look at that little apartment theres like a hotel wow. This is pure nostalgia: canyon, plaza, condo canyon. Do we have any other spots left? We do right, oh one more and its also. Next to this, this is gon na, be a hot drop because theres, so many poise. Next to it. Oh, what the like you could just take one of these cars at sp at chalkers, speedway sponkers sheet way, and you can just drive all around the map. Like an actual madman. Look at this desert to jungle; poi, oh its, so sick! Oh, my god, final boi boys. This is called the joneses look jonesy jonesy again the joneses, oh theres, an npc. I guess well end the video with this npc. As i slide to him.

Its got. Ta be jonesy right, come on come on, yes, its jonesy whats up bro hes got men missed an auto shotgun. Oh peely wait. Why would i punch peely thats messed up its like a training ground for jonesy in the middle of the jungle? Oh my god. Fortnite! This is insane, the new map is sick, weve, basically seen everything outside the tents and i believe, the victory crown but thats, because the servers are messed up. So i cant get into an actual game, but i mean everything is sick. We saw that theres no new settings, we saw the new builds, we saw. Oh, i got a poop. What the hell im losing my mind, though thats. Basically, the video we saw all the new spots we saw all the new weapons we saw bubble, wrap, builds that look insane i mean. Maybe i should check twitter really quickly to see. If i miss anything lets, go lets, look don don and uh. No people are just complaining because they cant get into game. Okay. Well, you guys are lucky because your boy is in and im making a video for you guys so enjoy the new chapter make sure to use code jerian. I think this chapter is sick. You can literally slide. Oh, let me slide off this build to end.