I wasnt sure if i wanted to get into fpv um and i wasnt sure if it was gon na make me dizzy. Looking in the goggles and everything. So here are just a couple of parts you can get, make it under 100 bucks and see if youll, even like it so im going to quickly go over some of the parts we got here. Um. This right here is a small uh micro drone. I got off amazon for like ‘, and then this right here is a small fpv. Camera well be opening that up in a minute, and then these goggles, i think these ones are a bit more expensive um. But if you want to do it for under 100, bucks are some really cheap goggles on amazon. These are up there with the really cheap ones um. I just happen to have these from my um tiny, hawk 2 freestyle ready to fly kit so were going to go ahead and unbox the drone and the fbv camera. So lets go ahead and get started. All right lets see we got here all right, so we got the manual propellers and the battery charger and then heres the drone, as you can see, lets just take it out of here. Quick. This thing is tiny. If you see in this in my hand here, this is like a little micro drone um, but it should work for what were doing, and then we have three small batteries here and then, of course, at the bottom.

Here we have the remote and obviously this is a really cheap drone and everything um, but at least youll know if you want to get into fpv or not so now were going to go ahead and open up this little box here and this one has the Camera in it – and if you take a look at that this is the smallest fpv camera ive ever seen in person. So basically, what were gon na do is were gon na get these two wires here and were gon na cut off this connector and were going to wire this up to the drones battery whats great about this is its a three in one. It has an antenna. Camera and transmitter, so basically we just wire it up. Itll turn on get this little tiny, um screen here, which will show you the numbers, and you got a button. You can change through the channels um, but yeah so were going to go ahead and take the cover off the drone and then well be able to mount this on right on top here wire it up and thats. All we got to do so im going to go ahead and start by taking the cover off the drone, all right guys so before we do take the cover off the drone im going to plug it in with the battery, and we can fly it around a Little see how it handles just so, we can compare it to how it handles once we put the fpv camera on for the battery here.

We just slip it into this little cover and plug it in to the little red slot here all right. So the drone is on were gon na, go ahead and turn the remote on Music all right, so right now by default, it is in the slowest mode. You can see its not that quick and if i hit this button right here, um on the left, you hear two beeps and it goes to the next mode. You can see its a bit quicker. If i hit it again, it should be the quickest smell there. We go Music im actually really surprised. The drone is a lot more agile than i thought and if you can see just by the amount that i turn the remote, the drone is really sensitive to the movements which is really nice but yeah its a lot more agile than i thought its. Actually. Quite quick, as you can see there so were gon na go ahead and take the cover off and well see where the positive and negative connections are and then were gon na solder on the fpv camera. All right so were gon na start by unplugging. The drone, because you dont want that plugged in while youre working on it and were gon na, take the battery out set. That aside and to pop the cover off, i dont know if you can see but theres that little stud that sticks out right here. Well, all you got to do is pull on the cover and then it pops over top of that and the other side just slide it off like that.

We got the cover off, and here is this little piece of foam which goes inside all right, so to connect the fpv camera. If you look on the bottom here, we have this little connector. This is where the battery goes in. If you look on the opposite side right above it, the gopro isnt, focusing on it but theres these two little soldering joints here and if you look at them uh the one on the right is positive. The one on the left is negative, so all youre gon na do is youre gon na get this wire here that comes off your camera, youre, going to cut off the connection at the end and then with the two wires youre just going to connect the positive To the positive side and negative to the negative and then after that, we will turn on the goggles and see if we can connect the camera to the goggles Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, all right! So we got the camera soldered on so now, im gon na go ahead and just set the camera right in the middle here and then what im gon na do is im gon na get this rubber band and im gon na go right across the top of The camera and underneath the drum Music, all right, so you can see the fpv camera is on. The drone, is on so im gon na go ahead and see if i can find the channel with the goggles Music all right, so there we go.

I think i found the right channel im gon na go ahead and put the battery into the slot and well try and fly it. One thing thats great about this drone and makes it a lot easier to learn is having these bumpers on. As you can see, im bumping in a bunch of stuff – and it just keeps on going so thats one great thing about it: um its really, i think its good for beginners, especially that you can hit stuff and so far i havent broken anything all right guys. So the drone battery just died so im going to go ahead and unplug it well, swap it out for another one and ill give you a view of what it looks like to the goggles Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so, Music, all right guys! There we go! We finished putting the drone together and um. It works a lot better than i thought. I want you to keep in mind that this drone here was like ‘. So if you want to get it below 100 um theres a drone just like this um, i think it was like 25 or something i was just out of stock at the time um. So i got this one, its a bit more expensive um, but this one worked great, so id recommend this and then the camera was like 16 and then you can get goggles out there for like 55. Even if you get this one, i think youll be around.

Like at 110, or something like that, but overall it worked really good um a couple things im going to end up doing is just putting a bit of hot glue on these connections here. To make sure they stay on. This, i think, would have been like the perfect way to get started in fpv, so, if thats, what youre looking for this is a great way to get started, make sure to like this video, if you guys enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments, if theres any other new videos or different types of videos, you guys want to see, make sure also hit that subscribe button.