Eight, there is a lot to unpack, so be sure that youre subscribed and you have notifications on because theres gon na be plenty of season. Eight content coming your way um. As you can see, im rocking one of the battle pass skins carnage is in the battle pass and theres, also some mythic venom and carnage, abilities or symbiotes that you can find um. You can grab people and use them to redeploy. So there are some crash sites and theres, actually some decent mobility on these crash sites near the crash sites. Theres little mini kevin, the cubes when you consume them, you turn into a little shadow creature except you. Dont have like a double jump and the movements a little bit more clunky, but once you get into these wind tunnels by the way uh its basically like the wind tunnels from season nine, i do think its a little bit faster and you can like go up And redeploy of course, right now: im a uh creature. I can turn this off, though retail row has a bubble around it and actually that bubble, i believe, is the sideways. We should go check that out, because i saw that on a different part of the map. So im, assuming its just a random spawn, so lets talk about some weapons that have been unvaulted because the crafting has changed significantly shotguns can you you now have the option to change charge, shotguns pumps and uh someones laying on me sorry buddy.

You fought the wrong guy. What can i say? Oh look, harpoons are back uh, they also added a new fish. Some sort of shadow fish, maybe well pull a shadow fish right here. Real quick lets see lets see fishing man, fishing is uh there. It is shadow flopper, take a bite to heal into a ghostly form im assuming its the same effect as the cube shadow image. So, like i was talking about, the crafting system has changed. You can now make charge shotguns out of pumps levers as well. You also have the option to make a hunting rifle a semi, auto sniper a normal sniper. You can still do the rapid fire, but theres some extra stuff. You can also theres also crafting resources to allow you to create sideways weapons. Uh retail is closing. I do want to take a look at okay. This launch pad is almost useless, actually wow. That is unfortunate, okay, so this is a bubble. Im gon na pop this right now and use it okay. This is definitely just like not the shadow bomb. This is definitely the cubes that were on the ground uh, but im gon na head into storm real, quick and see whats on the inside of this. It looks like in here, oh by the way theres like this new gold vending initiative, donation board. Okay theres a lot of these guys, hello and it looks like theres a leg. Is that, like a big, legendary quest or chess sideways rifle? Well, definitely take that i dont know if killing these guys does anything looks like they drop, loot and theres.

Like a cool chest, what does this do is just? Is it its a bouncer all right? It lets you redeploy after the balance as well. All right well have to visit that area later, but im assuming its just basically uh all right, heres. The thing turret donation board, if we fund enough gold, they will unvault the turret. We have. We as players have the ability to unvault items, but we have to donate gold to the board and im. Assuming the items are going to uh cycle out uh from week to week. They will cycle and be different. Interesting concept definitely do not spend your gold on bringing back the turret thats a waste of gold uh. This is the sideways rifle. Apparently, this does more damage when its hot and i think, when you shoot it to get it to overheat. I dont know how good this thing actually is. I do got to try this thing out. I cant all right. This thing shoots weird and its not very accurate. That is a slurp bazooka. Apparently this just shoots faster and does more damage once its overheated, but then it and then it charges it. So we got some map changes. We got a cool looking battle pass. In my opinion, most of the skins are cool. The the unicorn is kind of weird carnage is cool, the tier one, skin is cool um and a few of the other ones are decent. The dinosaurs are back okay, so this does 45 damage.

It does 45 damage once it overheats, it does 30 initially, but once it overheats, it starts doing 45 damage thats pretty significant, but the problem is, you have to get it to overheat. Uh looks like we have another shadow fish over here: im just gon na pop. It for the heels – and just like more, i mean you move pretty fast with this its pretty significantly fast. This guys trying to shoot this shark all right shark hit him as well. Sharks, almost dead dude. He doesnt even hear us bro. We pieced him up yeah. The shadow thing is pretty sneaky man and this gun, maybe in blue version its not that strong, maybe in higher tier version, itll, be stronger good thing. The gold rapid fire is still in play, though good amount of like weapon options, though with all the crafting, and then we have the sideways theres. Also like mythic sideways minigun sloan uh burst, there is a shockwave launcher, a normal shockwave launcher. Nerfed version of the kit shockwave launcher im, looking forward to seeing how that is actually used. It does have a smaller like ammo cap, and i think it reloads slower and shoots lower, but still should be pretty good. Llamas are still in, as you can see, theres alarm over there uh aks have been vaulted. Thank god. It looks like theres. Actually, some more kick on the rapid fire. Could they have nerfed it? I think they might have nerfed the rapid theres.

Also in the game. I havent seen it yet, but there was a there, was a new trap: theres like an armored wall that you can apply onto your walls to fortify it apparently does damage to players. What all right so were going to clear out this. Oh, this guy just cleared it out. He he somehow like destroyed. All of them. Are these guys teaming man whats up with the teaming going on bro? Everyone wants umbrellas this bad. Why the teaming! This is the second time ive been teamed on since hopping on hey buddy dude, the semi automatic sniper rifle is not it. I just got ta. Let you guys know that if you, if you guys forgot this thing, is not it fyi, you dont long. You no longer have to interact with the reboot card, you have to run through it and it will pick it up for you thats cool. I like that other guys. I appreciate all the support lately, especially on our merch launch, on our apparel launch with metal umbrella. You guys have shown so much support for metal umbrella. If you guys uh want to check out metal umbrella, we still have some sizes available and some pieces available for you guys go to metalumbrella.com. While you still can a lot of it is selling out, but theres still some good pieces available appreciate all the support you guys have been showing okay, what the hell is that what the hell is that rift i got ta find out whoa whoa whoa! Oh, it creates a little mini and i cant build while im in here.

By the way it creates a little mini version of this im going to stay near the edge, though, how many i mean do i need to just destroy the center? Oh, my god. The storm is closing: oh lord thats not worth it thats, not worth it. I wonder if the loot from that is like worth pursuing or not, maybe with a squad, you can take it out pretty quickly and get get a bunch of loot and then upgrade the so you said i can upgrade okay. This stuff is closed right. So im gon na grab something real quick. I can use these to upgrade like that mini gun im gon na go in. I know im gon na take a lot of damage here, but its for the contents worth it. So like this mini gun i go to crafting. I can use 20 to get it purple im, assuming its going to cost more to get to gold yeah. I need 25 to get the gold, which is not too much more im, assuming i can go up to mythic, but maybe not i dont know problem. Is this this? This minigun is not that great, not putting pressure yeah eat that buddy that oh suppress, you can make suppressed assault rifles. Now i have enough to go to gold now lets see. If we can go to mythic as well, we can go to mythic, but we need 50.. Mythic is usually just better than legendary thats, like the only major major difference.

I i dont have mats oh brother, yeah, buddy, so yeah buddy i can play without mats.