Having some dunkin donuts this morning, im going to do the full pot. I had a little nespresso earlier to get me started, rebeccas gone to work and its time for me to get to work, so i got the baby hawk 2 all set up this morning. Um. It was pretty easy to bind up with the taranis im running d8 on that receiver. Today, finally did an analog version. I know its um its been out for about a week, but you know it took him a while to get that out, because i think, because of the chip shortage, so we had a uh about a year, long chip shortage. Now, since cova and its slowing everything down in china, production wise, so weve had less releases this year than normal. Normally we have so many quads coming out that i have a whole line of quads coming in all the time, but this year its been a little bit slow um, but we still have enough quads to review, for you guys and a lot of different accessories were Gon na get this second pot going here and i have to let the chickens out as well, so we got to walk out, let the chickens out and then were going to jump to flying the baby hawk 2. so stoked they finally did an analog version. I know most of you guys like wanted an analog version to start because not everybody flies dji right, so coffees on now were gon na go out and let our girls out of the cage for the day and well do some flying together, Music, so Music.

So, Music, all right girls come on out you guys: Music, ooh, happy chickens. All right guys lets go, do some flying Music, so Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, all right guys there! It is on the bench in the box and im gon na unbox it now, for you show you whats in the box. You know not a lot in this box, but theres a lot of fun in this box. So you get the quad. You get everything on it to fly it with the exception of obviously a battery and a radio, and it has an xt30 on board its running 4s and it looks like it has a spot up front for a camera. If you want to add some type of dks gopro in here, you could probably do that. I would say it could run a full size gopro, but you might be doing just kind of like slow flow like cinema type of filming um. I dont really see this doing a whole lot of freestyle with a full size gopro, but with that being said, um yeah, you get a lot of fun with this quad and out of the box. This quad is for someone who is maybe getting their second quad past, say something like an emax freestyle. If you know about the freestyle its a smaller version of basically the baby hawk 2 series, it is much smaller little 2s quad.

This one is 4s. It doesnt seem that they have a 6s version of this one, but today im running a 4s 1100 battery and the 4s 1100 seems to hang in there for quite a while. I was able to get like five minutes flight time out of that today. So thats pretty sweet and we have a really really open design in here. So, if you wanted to add anything extra in here, youve got plenty of room. I have today a d8 receiver from emacs on there. It has a singular antenna and really what that receiver is all about. That receiver is basically for um fun flying in proximity, not really like long range, but i mean youre able to get a couple football fields out there just watch it when you dip in behind trees and things this receiver will fail safe, since it only has a Singular antenna behind super thick tree canopy, but the fun factor of this quad, i have to say, is like two thumbs up, because it has plenty of power on the eco series, motors and ive talked about these motors before on my channel um. These are pretty popular motors out there with folks. These are 1404 3700 kv. Motors weve got four bolts on the bottom. We have two bolts on top and were running the avon uh 3.5 inch props from them. These props ive talked about these also on the channel before these are like. I call them skateboard wheels um because theyre about as tough as skateboard wheels theyre some of the toughest props out there, the avon 3.

5 inch props. They have sort of an aggressive taper closer to the hub, but it thins out a lot past the midway point here. So that gives you some extreme power on the high end of the throttle and it sounds really smooth out there when youre at say, half or quarter throttle, so when youre flying around. This really is kind of a quiet quad its not like a uh one of those quads thats gon na you know bring the cairns out of the woodworks and have their minivans circle. You um this one is kind of an anti karen drone, so to speak, but we have plenty of battery strap up here, which i thought the battery strap was a little large for even my 1100 battery um, the 850 battery. You would have plenty of slack here with this. I dont know if they have the wrong strap on this, but i didnt get a second strap in the box. The only other things that i got in the box, aside from the link over to the emacs manual for the baby, hawk 2 for usa, canada and international qr codes there and some information on emacsmodel.com for international united states, emacs usa.com, also selling it on banggood. Two sets of props here and some extra hardware, even some standoffs and some grommets, which is cool and some the little tiny m2 plastic nuts for the flight controller and, of course, your emax stickers. But we have a three millimeter top plate on here.

We have a four millimeter bottom plate um. This is a beasty quad and it kind of reminds me of some of the um designs that ive seen from my bro neal over at catalyst machine works. It reminds me of maybe the the mini droner. I forgot what the name of that quad was its been so long, since i did one of his reviews but great quads, and this one reminds me of um the droner quad. We have a singular antenna coming off the back here for the 5.8 and that runs up to 400 milliwatt. On that little tiny, nano receiver. It almost looks like a nano tx. It looks like some kind of like little miniature receiver, its that small. I mean its about the same size as the d8 receiver thats on board here, youd almost like mistake them for each other, but also we have onboard escs or four in one escs, 25 amp bl heli s four and one escs uh running those 1404 motors, and You know, i have to say uh, yeah run, cam, racer 5 looks pretty good on here, and this is the kind of camera that you want on this fast of a quad. I mean youre approaching speeds of 90 miles an hour with this quad at the high end of the throttle, so um youre getting across the field super fast, but you know it doesnt scream like a five inch, so thats. What i really like about this quad is its its fairly quiet and, by the way, the the vtx on the back its the unifi pro 32 nano thats why this baby cranks up to 400, and i like that they have their own little tpu mount back here.

Its kind of suspended on these back two posts and has fairly short wires down to the flight controller, where it solders onto in the back, and you have smart audio, already set up on that which is pretty nice and im. So happy that im. Seeing an analog version of this quad because you guys asked for it on day one when they released it. What six months ago now the baby hawk 2 hd its beautiful its great but um yeah. Everybody want an analog version because, most of you, the majority people still have analog goggles out there. This one comes in at 2′ on the banggood website, whereas the hd version i mean its pretty spendy youre, looking at 3′ on that one 359 with tbs crossfire. So you can get this one receiver ready for crossfire for some long range type of stuff. I would say medium range, maybe just kind of mild mountain surfing with this um with a five minute flight time im not going to go super far out, but i feel like you could probably strap a 1300 to this quad and maybe get like six to seven Minutes um, just maybe a minute or two more, with a little more milliamp in the battery, and this this strap on here looks like the size of um like a five inch. Quad battery strap its its pretty big, so you could accommodate a 1300 on here. You just have to make sure you have an xd30 and im not totally sure why they didnt route, this xt30 off the back id kind of like to have wouldnt.

You guys rather have this on the back back here coming up, maybe through this back hole um, it seems like this is an older design where they had the top plate of a vtx antenna post coming through there, and no one does that anymore because well, we Realized that hard mounting of vtx antenna is easy to break it off and have problems at the base. So manufacturers quit doing that kind of mounting procedure. So now they have it kind of zip tied back here and it its a lot more durable and crashes. Just going to bend backwards, but i feel like this should be on the back, so we have more room for some type of camera, so um yeah, thats gon na be one thing for you. You could probably extend this cable down the side. If you wanted to add some more wire here, just make sure you have the same type of wire. It looks maybe like 10 gauge wire tpu mounts up front as well for that racer cam and that is the um run. Cam racer s camera. I believe im gon na also put a link down below um for my 1100 battery and uh extra parts for this frame. If you want to build up your own frame, you get this unibody bottom plate. I feel like thats kind of spinny ‘ just for the bottom plate, uh 14.99 for the top plate and then uh youre. Looking at another 10.

99 for some hardware, they also make a camera mount for the front of this, for the go the insta 360 go. I believe also the go to and they also make a micro cam mount. So if you have a dks micro cam, you can also add so three different types of camera mounts on there and they also make some bumpers for the bottom as well. So you can get some tpu bumpers if youre landing on concrete. You definitely dont want to have this frame chipped up because theres no protection on this one, which is kind of interesting, that theres no protection you. You can get also two pairs of props for around ten dollars and again, i feel like the props, like five bucks, for a set of the the three five props, so 35 28 props by the way um again its kind of spendy, but you can get 10 Pairs for, like 25 bucks, so ill put all those links down below and again i got to say like this is one of those quads that would be for someone who is beginner to an intermediate sound flyer, and even someone who is an advanced fly flyer could Have fun with this quad, so this will get you started with some mild acroflying and then have plenty of room to grow. So if you want to start out, go mild to wild its kind of like a zero to hero type of situation, so this quad will do anything that a pro pilot wants it to do.

It is a performance quad, but also it can be a durable trainer because of the extra bracing in here. I would like to see – maybe one brace going across here or this way – maybe it would add a little more weight to the quad, but i think that would have been nice so lets just double check this weight before i let you go in this review and Quad only were looking at 121 grams, so yeah. This is going to be a under 250 gram quad for you guys, even with a 4s 850 youre, going to be somewhere around the 200 gram mark. So it is super light. I think you could even get your insta 360 go to on here or dks camera with a battery um and keep this all under 250 grams. So emacs, you know they hit. They hit the home run with this quad um and i would buy one of these myself and i would fly it so this ones going to be like approved from me on the channel and you guys can check out the links down below. Please subscribe because yeah man were giving away that uh flywood little tiny, uh cinelog its in a race 20., so be sure to check that out and tomorrows review coming up guys by the way, just a little teaser. For tomorrow we got the gap rc cinelog 35. So thats why the cinelog is, on my mind, another epic epic release from gap rc coming up, but if you want a ripper and a cruiser, you can check out the link down below for the emacs baby, hawk analog version.