Currently added now weve got normal skill points and skins. However, we have these new boosters and that is boosting to scanner probe time, so its quite interesting something weve never seen before and basically just helps you scan faster. Now the new sites apparently can be found in high state low second null psych varying different uh payouts. Obviously, highsec being the worst lowsec better and nullsec better. I think this time round. I may be wrong on that, but um at the moment ive been doing some high sec ones and basically just slowly making my way towards well nullsec and lowsec at the moment. So i can try them out currently running a sunnies um. Nothing particularly interesting in regards to the fit just a kind of rocket launcher, some drones and basically quicker line time for when i get into lowsec um im using two of these, so remote repping and shield. Boosting uh fine at the moment, um whether that holds up in lowsec, i dont know, but for highsec these have worked fine. For me, however, the ship of choice at the moment appears to be the worm. Ive seen a lot of people doing these in worms. This event will be running till the 4th of october and there appears to be a good number of sites spawning in highsec. At the moment, um ive done a good number of them. I think ive done five. So far, they theyre pretty straightforward theres about three waves.

In the initial wave, then you go through the um uh dead, space gate and theres, another wave then theres another wave and then the uh the overseer kind of spawns in with that wave. So i think theres five waves in total the drones themselves, give you a little bit of bounty so, but they dont drop anything um in regards to anything its just a um, an empty wreck. Now, initially, though, i tried doing these in an untanged thrasher um, i had three of them uh just lying around and that turned out to be quite disastrous. Um as they died quite miserably um. Then i went back to uh jitter. I fitted out a ship properly and came back to do it. Um and again. The visions themselves appear to be like copy and paste because theres no randomness to it by the looks of it, the the enemies do warp scramble and they do web and they do mute, which is something to be aware of and they go down pretty quickly. Uh. But again they can do quite a lot of burst. Dps so just be aware of it if youre obviously not moving a great deal, but they can hurt and again, if youve not got big means, ive seen a good number of wrecks from sentinels to destroyers um scattered around while looking for these sites. So in this clip we just got to the overseer or the um, the end boss, which is a bit of a cruiser, and they go down relatively okay.

We do a bit of burst dps, so something to be aware of they can hurt and that wasnt a bad little outing for five minutes so off to the next one. So the loot drops apparently are the a the air skins, the cerebral, accelerators, new time, limited air scanning bonuses, which is, i found one of them so far, and some sort of on the blueprint copies of the subverted jvn, hyphen, uc490 drones and plus overseas personal effects, Which could be sold in game for as per the dev blog, so some things to obviously try and find there? Some of them are obviously worth quite a bit of risk. Now i have had mixed results with these so far, although, since i ive not been disappointed, um that the so far has been in line with what id kind of expect from a you know, sometimes the rewards from these things can be a little disappointing, and sometimes They can be really good, and i think this is at the moment i am about in the middle im, not disappointed and im, not ecstatic, i think its a good balance. To be perfectly honest – and this was the best one ive had so far – which is what, in about 30 million um ive had one or two fives, one eight 130 and a couple of tens. So a decent amount of this for the amount of hassle and time involved um actually makes these sites worth doing with potential of obviously bigger rewards, so ive got eight million from this drop and one of the boosters.

This is the first booster in the last five runs of the yeah ive done five runs. This was the first time got a booster theres, no value on it at the moment, because, obviously, its not been on the market long enough, but again decent amount of scan and should be quite good. So, just currently looking for some more sites, we are heading around um minmatar space. At the moment i cant really stop him in the top space because um i have poor standings. So i really shouldnt have come this way, but oh well, um. There are a decent amount of visa sites sporting. As i said earlier, um competition is quite high. I was suspect on the um last clip that i showed you due to the fact that id cleared out the vast majority of the site. Somebody would come in pop. The cruiser and basically i had to then steal out with the the wreck, which made me suspect so something to be aware of. If you are in high sec, it does come with its own problems that you may have to uh fight people off your wreck or your loot in the end, um, obviously thats, for you to risk and decide whether its worth it. Now again, these are going to become pretty repetitive pretty quickly, but for the time being, it is something different and again its a half decent amount of risk. I think, on average, at the moment, um time wise for actually running the sites, im, probably coming out between what 12 and 18 million is per run, um, but obviously finding them takes time, and at the moment, as we can see, i havent come across any two Or three jumps now i did make the mistake when i first went to this, but i tried to get in in a hawk and it is t1 and t1 frigates and destroyers only and you can use faction frigates and destroyers, but it has to be t1.

So um initially i ever didnt read it properly or it didnt specify properly. But i turned up in a hawk i found out, but i couldnt get in and had to go back and reship so thats, something to be aware of that so say yeah. It has to be a t1 ship, it could be take two fitted uh, but it has to be a t1 version or a faction, so yeah im, looking forward to seeing what the lowsec ones will have uh whether thatll be much different um in regards to payouts Um fingers crossed obviously uh im, not probably gon na, do many in zero zero because there is well again, i probably will end up going to zero zero just to try them out, because, obviously zero zero could be a lot safer from lowsec looks like it can Be a bit problematic at times so yeah who knows, but i do have to have mimita space here because i say i cant stop at the moment um, because the faction police are hunting me down. I really should work on the sisters. Uh, the epic arcs to get my standings back up, but this is what happens when you join the uh, the amman militia for faction warfare and shoot the minmatar mercilessly um your infection standings take a hit and it can cause problems and what i do find for. Australian as well and it could be, but i just dont – know that there is a setting for it.

But as far as im aware of theres no way, you know how you can set your uh, your autopilot, to avoid certain systems or to stay in lowsec or highsec or wherever. I would like one where you could basically avoid um entities that youre hostile with so, for instance, mimitas space, obviously im hostile with, but i cant tell where this is what what area is hostile. So you obviously put in the map, without literally clicking every single one to find out which systems which, how am i meant to know whether you know i have bad standings and are going to get attacked. I could be um autopiloting turn up in a a system where, obviously the minitar dont like me, and i get shot at theres no way. As far as im aware, please correct me if im wrong id love to know um of basically being able to avoid faction warfare, uh or faction police. So it would be really handy to be able to have that setting where, obviously you know, i dont just afk into a oblivion because potato you know ones even flying a freighter now obviously ill be a bit careful more careful, but the point still stands. Itd be nice to have the option to basically, you know, cut out parts of space where, obviously i dont have a high enough standing to be in there, but anyway thats my little rant um, so yeah its a decent, decent, ish event.

Again, if you do it for long enough, its going to get pretty boring pretty quickly, i imagine um whether thats a is remarkably different in low second zero, zero. I highly doubt it. But again, oh you see heres my first one uh its taking quite a while to get to. I found a lot more in the forge uh than we have done here in hempta, but either way. I think on that note, have fun good luck.