This is something that i was surprised to see because its been feel feels at least like its been quite a while, since i saw an event or some kind of form of live event, because i, the last one wasnt like the garistas one. It was. It feels like its been quite a few months so its very refreshing to see some kind of new combat site in evil online and this whole week ive been really really busy at work. So i just now that this coming towards the weekend, ive actually just felt. Oh yeah, finally, we can go and do some new sites together. So when it comes to these new rogue drone sites, i did actually do half a site before downtime down time caused me to not be able to complete it. So were going to be then doing now my quote: unquote, second site and something i realized, then in the site is that it doesnt really matter what damage type you do the npcs that you find there theyve got like zero percent resistances. Also, i looked in the agency and you can see some details here, so it says that youre limited to only uh tech, one destroyers and tech, one and faction cruise uh frigates, so youve got some limitations here. So im going here with the dragoon tech. One destroyer. I was thinking of going with a worm, but the worm is a little bit more expensive than this, and i like the dragoon, because it is able to have two cap batteries pretty easily like with its slot layout and having quite a good amount of tank right.

Here this is very similar to the dragoon fit that i made for t1 alpha clones in electric abyss, its not exactly the same, its slightly different, i think, but its basically a light missile dragoon with some drones here and then got the autocannon some complementary dps to Fill up these two slots right here, weve got the two cam batteries and these, i think, are very essential because in these sites we actually do encounter quite a lot of muting npcs theres, a lot of neuters right there, so its very important to be kind of Stable and also to have some more sort of neutralizing resistance, so thats enhanced by having some cat batteries. Now we can see theres one of these outposts here im not going to run this one here, because im worried that, like gankers or someone might try to do something here, but you know what actually lets just do it anyway. Yeah, you know, lets not be a coward lets go straight in so the i tried this fit before and what i did was. I had a uh reactive arm, hardness of the drone damage amplifier, but now im going to try it with two draw damage. Amplifiers. I think it might be good um, the full stacking really well. I have got ascalepian implants in so thats why i have a very high armor hp per second uh repair rate, but it seems like the resistances, particularly dont matter too much.

I found a slight bias towards em and thermal, but i found that, depending on the mpc compositions, there could be different types of like incoming damage types. So sometimes we would have a lot of explosive and kinetics. Sometimes there will be a lot of em and thermals. I think that it depends a little bit and it might be reactive arm. Hardness might be good because they can, like you know, depending on the npc waves, adapts to the better types of like npcs that you find on the grid. Unless you know, weve got catalyst over here, and i just hope i dont get ganked hell be unfortunate to get ganked so thats. Why well just go here? Theres, an acceleration gate. It seems im going to attack these npcs right here with our missiles. The good thing about these missiles is that um its that they have long range so were able to hit all the time. Weve also got these like little water cans right here that can do some damage as well. Look theres a lot of level destroyers here. Its quite fun to see uh its also, not so fun to see, because i hope that they dont all be ganked me or the the ganking destroys its not like ive got completely like really bling stuff. I mean in fact just take two stuff weve got going on right here, but still its just uh. I feel a bit paranoid when youre in jet, and you see different people who tend to gank you all the time i see this guy attic dash is right here he likes to gank abyss people so its not like its completely risk free over here.

So were gon na put these hornets into dps3. We have lots of different groups right here, and the thing is im using the oh. We got some of these um. The acceleration gears opened uh in these sights. Ive noticed that you do have quite a bit of drone anchor. The thing is, the drone angle is not too crazy, like in terms of absolute dps, so thats. Why im going with these hornets? Because they got a lot of shields and they do more damage than the warrior twos so and they could like the particular damage type doesnt matter, because if we look here, they have a zero percent resistance. So just as long as we have the most amount of dps, it should be all right so lets see now. Are there any kinds of like uh bosses here, im, not sure what the boss is called because ive never actually encountered it before well see here? If we can go towards them, we could use our autocannons move a bit towards it, its better, probably to go outside of the uh. The Music, like warping points just minimize the proximity. We are to these npcs right here, theres a lot of destroyers. It destroys all over the place i feel like these autocannons are slightly wasted and it might be good to go with some other kind of weapon system. That is a little bit more longer range because im not im. It feels like im, quite rarely in range of these autocannons right here, so theyre just wasting a slot.

I could maybe put something else. Like i dont know, a for instance of nosferatu is for extra neutral resistance and get more capacity. If we nosferatu some npcs, i dont even know if it will work on these npcs, but we could also put like maybe some kind of long range revenue like a beam laser. The problem is, i wanted to put beam lasers or some kind of like maybe artillery cannon or something, but the problem was is that they dont have enough fitting space. Theyve got pretty hefty fitting requirements, but it might be worth to put a like a artillery. Can ill see him well see later well see if its able to fit, because just the fitting thing was the most problem i had because he got a bit tight in the fitting right here. Wheres our range with the light missiles 32 kilometers weve got some decent range. The dragoon is also pretty strong with the dual reps and the esclepian implants. We do repair quite a bit, even though our resistances are not crazy. Okay, not got the crazy resists, but oh, there is theres. A pc lets go with this one. This is the npc right here, the boss. Oh wait: we got it yeah, we got it. Okay lets get it come on, come on, get it get it get it before. Someone else gets it come on thats the boss right here, bloop 10 million okay, some decent amount of flutes right there.

Look at this guy, hes, locking me up this thrash over here. He wants to gank me or something yo. What do you think youre going to do right here? I think hes going to gank me. I can imagine it would happen that people gank each other. I mean weve got not like a crazy buff about 4.6 k. I think if you got a weak enough ship, a thrasher could one shot you with artillery cannons. So that could be a possibility. But i want to see here, if its possible, that we can like refit some longer range uh projectile weapons, because it would be nice to be able to hit out a little bit further uh. You saw that, like the autocannons were not always in range. It was good when we came close to that cruiser, but otherwise it was not that great theres, some decent amounts of dps 300 dps and the thing is uh. What we can do is we can like go further out in space and we can look for some that may be not as populated. Then there will be a better representation of how good this fit does in the sides right here so well go for artillery yeah. I mean look at the power grid, theres, so much power where these things use. Hmm, okay, we could use artillery cannons right here. If we go 250 millimeter weve got punk like we put a mono propellant after burner and then a the compact cat battery.

Here you can do like this lets see what the range is, if we go with this say: go with the rubber fleet emp, which ive got here its slightly less dps, but it could be good because we have the good range like look at that range right. There so lets do that: well, go for the 250 millimeter ones, because theyre a little bit more fitting friendly two of these 250 millimeter. Two of these guys, a one mn mono propellant that uses a bit less car battery than the tech two actually, and then we go with a pb acid cat battery. A small compact pb go fit this right here there we go okay, great! We can then put the overseer personal effects. We can just put these into our cargo bay right here. Equip some of this ammunition and great great great great. I mean i dont think well need this reactive, armor hardener so well put the rest of the stuff in here. Okay now one thing i was also thinking is that maybe we could in fact do like this. We could put like a tractor beam tractor beam to pull our wreck in ah its a bit problematic with the fitting right here, but it could be nice to be able to like just pull in a in a wreck. You know: is there a fitting difference between take two and take one yeah, its quite a big difference of fitting, so we cant, but due to cpu bit, i mean its all right, its not that bad all right lets undock right here.

Oh, we can claim some rewards as well. You can undock and look for some more sites a little bit less in less populated areas of space. So we can just go. Maybe, to saw about a mobile island is actually a quite quiet system, relatively low activity there compared to the other systems adjacent to gita, because its like theres, not a lot of like big stuff going on there, theres, sometimes stuff going on there, but its like, usually Theres not a lot of people in here, i notice i dont think theres, particularly big trade routes than going through muful island. As you can see here, my dragoon is using the cannon skin the black and silver one. I love this skin again. Anyone from ccp watching this please release can it skins for all of my ships. I think it looks really good. I would appreciate it a lot if we got it because they do technically exist on all ships in the game, its just that they dont have the code that allows you to use them, because you couldnt find mpcs that i could like can interbase the like. The same model of some that dont exist like as a playership you can use like as a skin, so its not like they dont exist. You cant have them its just that we dont have access to them in, like a new eden store or something like that. So if we can get cannon skins for all ships, thatll be very much appreciated, theyre, also in this rogue drone event, in fact, some kind of like data sites you could find in these cosmic signatures.

If we go here in the agency and the event, we can see somewhere here, researching the rogue drones, you can see theres like all these rewards that we can get from these points, but then theres also these kind of um, like these data sites. I think yeah drug drone researcher sites, you need a data analyzer and a core probe scanner for the task ahead, so will have to do some scanning if we want and thats possibly something we could do. In fact, with the dragoon i mean we could potentially just remove one of these and put like a core probe. Maybe a corporal launcher something like that, its not enough cpu, though it could be assisted as well a bit expensive, but well go ahead and do this site right here. This is a bit focused on combat. I mean if we wanted to do them. Wed obviously have to have a relic and a lot of data analyzers as well uh. He would have to refit or carry one nerf our ship by quite a bit. Well, we see some destroyers here. Wouldnt. Surprise me if theyre running this site as well, but it seemed like we were doing pretty well, we managed to secure that loop before quite easily. I was impressed. I thought we were not being able to get that loot because i feel like npc or like people who got ships that are blaster base would be better destroying their mpc, because you know just like do damage straight away.

Maybe not blasters but like turret based weaponry is what i mean because my missiles they take time to hit my drones. They take time to travel towards the npc and do damage uh stuff like, for example, a railgun cormorant. It wouldnt surprise me if they do pretty well or railgun something else, maybe some kind of beam laser coercer. Maybe i think that the tank might have some issues there, but i think they still go pretty good. Ive got some algos over here, and this is now a good range actually for autocannon range. You see that theyre in range here and weve got a hit there with our uh artillery cannon, see it actually managed to hit. So that was pretty good. We can use our armor pairs on here pop this guy, maybe go here and we can split up our drones. A little bit see here the drones they all take a bit of damage, but theyre shield based so theyre recharged, so weve got all these different sets. So what you can do is just like swap the sets as soon as one of them takes a lot of damage thats, why? What three? You can just quickly like group them and just return one group and then deploy the other one. Its very simple! Well, move towards this acceleration gate here because it seems like we need to move towards this. There we go, and i think theres like different types of spawn, so you can have like certain waves that spawn here after a time because we saw before there were different waves that were spawning in i dont know if you saw before, but at least in the First, try i did before downtime.

There were different waves, they were spawning in. You can reload here. It seems like this acceleration. It needs to be activated by destroying the npcs look at my ship now, the algorithms i can imagine they were pretty good for this, because oh theyre doing some remote rep style. Look at that thats, actually quite smart, using the utility eyes to be able to go for remote, reps thats, actually very smart. Actually, because, especially if you get muted out, you can then just use that to then sort of counteract that you can still get rips. Even if youre getting muted out so, i think thats very smart. What those guys are doing over there were doing it more like a solo style, but the algos, i think, would be very good. Because could you say something like railguns, for example, and you could use drones as well like the dragoon and you would be able to do a lot of damage actually, but you wont maybe be able to tank as much as that. Dragoon because i think the algos has only three low slots you can see here and there, oh of course, so here look how many slots out yeah three low slots, so itll be a little bit difficult to fit dps and tank youll then either have to go. Like like, were going right now, but without any dps modules or like less dps modules, so youve got a bit of a kind of like a plus and minuses there.

I think that the algos in some ways could be good, because i think it has better drawn capabilities than the dragoon, if i remember correctly, or at least has some good abilities with the the blasters and like hybrid ammo types as well. I can do a lot of damages as well. Yeah theres, a lot of, though these guys theyre gon na probably out compete me because i wouldnt be surprised if theyre in a fleet, hopefully we will will out damage them, but i dont think we will. I mean theyve got navy acolytes and that kind of stuff here so its not like theyre complete noobs. They know what theyre doing well see if we can out compete them. Maybe we can always like people complain to me that oh ace face. Why do you go and steal other peoples? Sites thing is look, other people are gon na steal stuff from me, and i also just think in general, like just competing with other players is actually like a part of the fun as well like you, you sort of have to compete with each other gives a Bit more suspense and youre competing with other players at the same time, youre not going to like potentially lose your whole ship like in a pvp fight. So i think it gives a bit of a thrill in that regard, and i mean if you really want to avoid other players. You can always do that. You can just go to like a really unpopulated region of space and not encounter any uh players at all.

So its not like im, taking away im being cruel and taking away the only livelihood of these players, i think it just adds a bit more suspense. I mean its not uncommon that i get out competed so its not like im, just like thrashing all the people. All the time as i wouldnt be surprised here, if i get out completed as well, i think itll be just a fun thing to see. If i could out compete these two algos over here, okay, there we go there, but the acceleration gate is done or opened. No lets recall the drones and jump here come on drone. Please get back there, we go yeah artillery cannon didnt need to keep shooting, but it kept shooting. Sorry, okay, so weve got these npcs over here i we havent been taking too much damage. It seems like full aggro, we were taking damage, but it wasnt like were taking full aggro because we had those other people there as well. Here. I think that this still is not like the best representation of the tank, but i think we are tanking all right. Its not too bad well go for the destroyers first, because im assuming the destroyers will do the most amount of damage, just because you know theyre, bigger ships and that kind of stuff so well, maybe put the drones on separate targets so that they dont know like Waste all the dps potential from the shots were gon na.

Do oh look at how much damage our drones? Do they really thrash these guys, like it just almost one shot, so it felt like when they get close. You see that, like they almost destroy these guys straight away, it might even be worth to go with warriors because the warriors, the minmatar based light drones. They have actually like better speed and, i think, even better tracking than the hornets. So it could be good because then they will travel to between targets quicker, because you can see here that our drones are just more or less like one shotting, not one shutting but like insta killing these guys, its not like theyre having to spend a lot of Time destroying the individual targets thats a little bit of the stuff in the t6 abyss. I noticed that you can in some ways speed up your clear time with having very fast drones, because they can travel between targets quite like quickly, even though, if they would do less dps, you might be able to still get stuff done quite quickly. If you go with very fast drones, so well go here. Lock all these guys up shoot the split up these npcs a little bit. Okay, we go for this one. They got that one yeah there we go look there, because these drones really are ravaging these guys. Like not like even a any competition right here from these drones, i mean that they have any chance.

They just go down so quickly, but again its also because weve got these algos over here it would have been a completely different story if we were completely solo. I mean i wouldnt be surprised if these algos do the same amount of dps as us, i mean they essentially were three times stronger than it would actually be. So its like, i mean, were doing this fast, but it can obviously be wise. Oh there we go got the nbc over here and put the drones on him and well then shoot everything here. I me overheat this a little bit and lets go and wreck this guy. Okay, the dps is, is going down quickly. Hopefully it will be enough to pop him. Oh, we managed to actually out compete these guys, oh thats, good. I think it also had to be because i felt like i reacted a bit quicker. I think the other people came a little bit too late to grabbing this, so i dont think it was like that that i did so much dps. I think it was that they were a little bit slower, reacting as well. I just locked up straight away and went for it um. I think that as well, the light missiles and artillery cannons helped as well, because theyve got a good amount of alpha so well. Instead, just boom do a lot of damage straight away, so were already going to get like a few seconds ahead.

If that makes any sense like we will essentially to be doing like i know this reload time here is: where is the reload time its a few seconds, at least well, maybe get? I know five or six seconds of damage instantly done straight away same thing with the missile like ill just boom. Do that damage straight away so well be already a little bit ahead of the other players. All right lets wrap up our dragoon right here, and i think this is a really good site to do for new players. Now i can imagine if you are a new player, whos got less skills. It would be a very good idea to do to use this fit, but maybe even go full tank. So you remove these two drawer damage amplifiers and put maybe like something like a reactive harbor arm hardener, perhaps, and even like a multi spectrum, energized uh uh, like membrane armor hardener. If we go here put like reactive so like this, and then we put maybe a multi spectrum, multi spectrum energized membrane like this – this, i think, would be better for new players because youll be a lot tankier and it will be a lot more relaxing again. I have this high grade as filipino implants, so its making this super easy for me thats. Why im able to do like this full like damage fit ive got right like with the two drone damage amplifiers. I definitely think if youre more of a new player, youd want to put some more uh, like the tank modules right here, so youll be able to tank a little bit better.

You can maybe even skip these artillery cannons here, but maybe some better, like cap modules, to take two cat batteries, for example as well, but it was pretty decent. Its considering what were using our fit is worth 20 something million, isk and weve got. How much is this 27 million worth of overseer effects just like that, and i think this might be worth something as well. This astro pin pointing booster. We cant find this on contracts anywhere so im guessing that youre not able to really um like sell this. Some items you cant sell from time to time, also for you guys who have come this far into the video were going to be having a giveaway for giving away uh three of these raven scope. Syndication skins right here. These are the skins that you can get for the raven uh that are given out by eve partners such as myself leave a comment down below saying your in game name, so you can be in the giveaway. So best of luck to you guys out there all right so lets go and run another site to see. If we can find some, we can use the agency to see if we can get or claim the reward yeah. We need to do that because we can use the agency with the combat anomalies here. We can sometimes see them go and look here now theres, nothing here, but in gta. Maybe now because with the here this agency, you can see the adjacent system.

So one jump away: you can see what kind of side sign here. So sometimes you could see if theres one if youve got a lot of systems that are right next to you with combat sites, because i did actually find one. The one i found before downtime through using the agency i saw that there was a site in uh. I think it was perimeter and there it was the system right next to jetta. So i was able to see that always there. I just went there straight away and did what did it partially? As i said before, so i have been looking for these road drone sites for about 20 minutes. Now i found another one in lidocaine: ive been just going around like a headless chicken in my dragoon, its not so satisfying going around, not finding them. I feel like the idea is just that i was lucky or is that im unlucky now and all it just is that they are very low spawning rate of these sites, its hard for me to exactly say because its the first day im doing these sites lets Just see if we can get this done before other people take them, we seem to be pretty like we seem to be pretty potent destroying these npcs, so i hope we can out compete. Other people, but well see i mean uh. I think perhaps worms could out compete us it wouldnt. Surprise me, then we got also the other types of destroyers, maybe theres, some that focus more on dps.

I still think that were quite tank focused here with two arbor repairs and then, when theres, like a lot of other people, doing these its a lot easier to go in with like a high dps destroyer or a frigate and do a lot of dps very fast. So far it seems like the competition has been going pretty well weve been able to out compete, people pretty easily. Oh theres already been done, so this will be either a competition or a bit of a waste of time. Here lets hopefully well get towards the acceleration gate before we get out here all right, so we just get here and the overseer is already destroyed by this worm. So well look for some more sights. Hopefully it seems like worms. Dont have much trouble doing these guys. Theres one over here lets go sorry cool. I mean what does this guy think hes gon na do? Why is he locking me up im pretty sure i blast his face far to go up against him. Hes got pretty good active tank with these armor pairs. Ah, this sight here is also done. It just disappeared in front of my eyes seems like this is becoming a bit of a buzz, kill right here. All right, we found a system called aikoro. Its got a rogue drone, outgrowth colony, lets see if we can actually do another one now, because ive been going around for another 20 minutes and i feel like a complete scrub.

Lord, i would have wished that we would have had a bit my highest spawn rate of these sites. It could just be that i am in like an area thats relatively close to jeter. I mean, if we add the waypoint here, were not that far away from details, so i can imagine a lot of people are doing these thats. Probably, why were not finding that many because, like imagine if i were to go to somewhere, like i dont know, um hi say because amar haisek is pretty special, because its got like a very big region of high set compared to other empires. Amar haisek is actually really really big, so i think that would be a good place to go if we would want to find lots of these kind of things, its quite fun that were sitting on some certain amount of loot right here i mean 27 million – is Decent then weve got all these pinpointing boosters. I wonder if you could sell, you can buy them. I dont know if you can sell them, because it just seems strange. You cant, sell them, but weve got pretty easily some overseer personal effects. I wonder if you get a 23rd one and i wouldnt be surprised if you can get the 23rd one in the uh, with the special like low sec ones, because theres also these kind of sites in lowsec, where you can get even more risk. I mean thats. Always the way it is with these kind of sites theres those variants in lowsec, they give you more risk, so i can imagine you would be able to get those special 20 thirds here overseer personal effects, theyre really good, because they just they have so much risk.

I think 100 million something like that worth all right. Weve got kikimura right here. Its gon na be an interesting competition. I mean i wouldnt be surprised if he beats us in the competition, because kikimore is a very strong, very strong leader. A lot of dps apply very well. You see that acceleration. We need to go there quickly, quick, quick, quick! Go there come on come on. Oh the kikimoris gon na beat us theres already a catalyst over here. So i can imagine the catalyst is in the next room, just shoot a bit here on these npcs and destroy them, so we can go to the next room because oh theres the catalyst over there. Okay, i see that hes, not a crazy like gank or anything. Now, hes 45 per all right, so its okay, i think we might be able to out compete a kikimora but im, not super confident kikimoras can pretty easily output like 200 to 300 dps and if he had put a dps fit, i wouldnt be surprised if he Had more dps, then he also had to factoring the spool up thing as well, then, on top of that, the kiki more as they do damage straight away. Unlike us, which takes a bit of time, you know with the light missiles the drones take a bit of time to travel. The kikimori does damage straightaway. Now i wonder if this like what people could do is they would gank people, because i wouldnt be surprised if a lot of people are using very expensive ships running these, like that, kikimura could may as well be very blinged out, so i wouldnt be surprised if People like go here with catalyst and just gank people.

It would not surprise me a lot. I can imagine the z kill. If we look there theres going to be a lot of people who have been destroyed by gankers get ghosts. Lets move to the side. A little bit deploy our drones. These sides need to be very chill, but theres. Just a lot of people here again cannot find these by ourselves because were quite close to cheat if weve gone and say like yeah the amount higher. Second, we would probably find a lot more abandoned sites here to get a better estimation of how good the tank is, but so far it doesnt seem to be that bad, like were attacking really well with these two arm repairs right here, weve got also an auxiliary Uh nano pump, which helps as well with the rig, see that may be all spawning. Now we return an orbit so theyre closer to us zoom out a bit, so we can see if theres any like cruiser thats going to come on. The grid lets see lets see were all these destroyed by the other npcs or the other people lets see how its gone by him star scream its the guy in the kicking motor. Oh, he dont have to destroy all these guys compared to us who just destroyed a few rex. Oh im, pretty certain hes gon na out, compete us this guy, well, see you we might be able to ill compete him. Who knows thats kind of the interesting thing, with these kind of competitions that you can sort of see? If or will you who will win? Will i win? Will they win? Oh lets see a worm too.

Now i think the more people there are, the more likely. I think it is that we are going to win the competition, because there will be less time for the boss to survive and itll be less time for the uh kikimore to pull up. Oh that catalyst is locking me up, be a bit careful. Gank youve got 5.0 security status, so i dont think he will well see here and if hes ganking ill be okay, there is there. We go attack this guy approach, this thing with the afterburner a little bit of damage straight away with our oh. That thing went down, did we get it? Oh, we got it lets see. If someone steals it, i mean i wouldnt be surprised. If these guys steal it, there seems to be people locking me up and all this kind of stuff well see if we get ganked right here, boop 37 million go here and we can even lock this guy up just in case just in case thats, all right. Well, we managed to out compete them. I think that its because there were other people there, there were other people there and i think thats. Why were able to out compete him? Because i think if it was only me and the kikimura, the kikimo would have pretty easily won because thing is like the kikimura gets the advantage. The longer the npc is alive because then itll have more time to spool up since that npc died so quickly, because we had so many people there, it just blapped damaged just destroyed, and you know true guardianships theyre not usually that powerful.

Initially, it takes a lot of time, so thats very advantageous to us when weve got these light missiles and artillery cans just pop do a lot of damage straight away. So i think that contributed a lot to us, winning that competition, that there are other people right there. So im glad i did seems like this dragoon right here is pretty important, but again ive got pretty good skills. I mean if someone had worse skills, then obviously itll be a different thing, but im happy that the dragoon worked well seeing it doing it in the kind of skin makes me always happy, because i really like the appearance of this right here. So there we go. The new rogue drone sites, the rogue drone event, hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did, please leave a like and subscribe ill catch.