We have a wall, charger and a power bank, and if youre here for the giveaway, i am going to be uh having uh, basically one winner for each of these and sponsored by this company. Theyll be sending it to you directly, make sure you watch the whole video for the rest of the rules, so you dont miss out. If you just leave a comment and go away, you wont be winning so just watch the whole video. So you know what the rules are, but lets talk about these things first, so i posted this. Oh basically, power supply wall charger on my community page. It was like 1850 after the discount. Now that discount is expired now, unfortunately, uh theres a different discount there. Now, however, there might be a better discount if you look at the coupon code down in the video description for this, there might be also one for the the powerbank as well. I think um. The bank has always been 30 of the 10 coupon hasnt changed this whole time, so that still might be the same, but there might be a coupon code for this one as well. That might be a little bit better. So yeah prices fluctuate. You know a lot of these vendors. They play games on amazon, with different pricing and coupon codes, etc so see what kind of coupon code they have on the actual product page and then compare it to the coupon code thats in the product or the video description.

One might be better than the other and again thats going to change over time. So what might be true today might not be true tomorrow, so you know check the video description for the latest coupon codes anyway. So just talking about the wall charger here, pretty simple. This is one of these new gan based power supplies, basically theres a new circuitry in here that makes it smaller and even smaller than this one that i bought not too long ago a few months back. This is a little bit smaller, similar with the folding plug here, just a touch, maybe like five millimeters shorter, but basically about the same dimensions. This square plug and has the three outputs, as you can see here – and i paid about 45 dollars for this one. Um back, then, prices are always going down and yeah ive used. You know, ive used this a lot youve seen this in other videos, because it has usb type c and power delivery and quick charge. You can connect this to a lot of like lipo chargers that use usb c nowadays, and this is no different, so its the same wattage 65 watt total power output across all three of the ports. You have two usbc power delivery and then one usb a quick charge, i believe its 3.0, the standard and the 65 watts total output. So if you mix and match, i believe the output power output will vary depending on the port you use and which ones are using, which combinations ill put up a little picture here from the product page on what the various combinations are, at least for this particular Model and yeah ive used this for charging up lipos.

You can charge up your phones, laptops, yeah, a lot of things i use usb power delivery. Is you know, kind of in now thats the trend very useful and very small and light and portable? With this little, you know fold out plug and yeah. As i said, ive ive used this other one quite a bit and im glad to add another one to my collection, nice and light and portable, and can charge up a ton of stuff well even work with the soldering iron that youre gon na see later on. Um its the new one from secure the one that actually runs off a usbc uh thatll, be in a future video ill talk about that um. You know whenever that comes out, probably in a week or two and theres going to be a giveaway for that. Soldering iron that works with these chargers so make sure you dont miss that video turn your notifications on, but yeah. You know its a good charger. It works. You know its compatible with a lot of stuff, so highly recommend it, and if you can get this for around 20 bucks or so its a great deal, and then we got this uh pretty big power bank, its probably one of these, like um largest of these Sort of um portable power banks, like you, know, not super like not like the larger ones with the the solar power generators, but this is like one of those portable hardware.

You can kind of carry in a bag, and this one does up to 20 watts on usbc power deliveries. A little button here shows you your capacity charges via this micro usb port here, and you have power delivery in here, as well as quick charge 3.0. For these two usb a ports, so you can do combination of in and out across. All of these, i think the power delivery is in and out, but i think the quick charge is out only and the only thing you get in the box is a usbc to usbc, cable and yeah. While this does only do 20 watts output on power delivery, i was able to power up that soldering iron with it and solder stuff, even though it took a bit longer for the soldering iron to heat up, because it is a on a lower uh power output. Itll work with this, and i was able to do some soldering with that. So if you, you know, have um repairs to do in the field, and you have that soldering iron and this power bank will work great its just that takes a little bit longer to heat up. But it seems like it was just fine in terms of soldering up small electronics, that kind of stuff total capacity on this is 20 000 milliamp hours and uh yeah again for the giveaway uh theres going to be a winner for one of each of these. So i dont know which one you guys are most interested in, so the way im going to do.

This is first off theres, going to be an entry form down in the video description, um im going to have to im going to need that to collect two things from you, your email address, so i can get in touch with you and make sure that the Email address matches uh the youtube channel name that youre using to comment, because i want you to comment um, also, though its also going to be on the entry form as well uh, two two places so on the entry form. I want you to comment which one youre interested in most and for in uh. So if i, if i have to pick you um, then ill know which one your your preference is, i guess whoever gets picked first will get their preference in terms of which one they want and then whoever gets picked. Second gets the leftover one or whichever ones not thats, left over so ill. Have your preference in the entry form you can enter that there, and also in your comment, leave a comment on the video and please give a thumbs up. Please you know, i i um the more of those i get. The more people see the videos and we can do more of these giveaways um and your comment, let me know which one youre most interested in either the power bank or the wall charger and then im going to use the entry form with your youtube name, to Search for your comment to make sure that you love to comment there, because a lot of people will leave a comment and not leave it not put their information in the entry form.

So if you have one or the other, you have your entry form, but not the comment or not a common and non entry form then yeah. I you dont win so that that basically just qualify disqualifies you and if youre spamming, the comments like just you know, seeing if you can get a lot of people will think oh ill, just put like 10 comments and theyll give me extra chances to win thats. Not how its going to work im going to actually pick it off of a random number generator from the entries that are generated from the entry form so spamming. The comments doesnt really help you but yeah. If you do that, then thats going to scoff you anyway, because i have to go and waste time trying to delete those extra spam comments, so thats pretty much it for the rules and yeah um theres going to be a video on that soldering iron. That i was talking about um theres gon na be a giveaway for that one as well in another video, not this one and those, and that will work with uh these devices.