82 return in 6 months In April, this companys share were trading around Rs 8 And today its around Rs 40. Yes, Im talking about Rattan India Enterprises. What is going to happen ahead to the share? Can we make money from here, Or should we avoid it? We will know everything in this video And, along with that, we will do whole Ratan India groups operation So that you can easily take decisions. That should you invest here or not So myself, Mukul Agarwal, And I welcome you all on your YouTube channel. All the new ones subscribe to my channel hit the bell, icon And dont ever miss the show at 830 pm, Where we give some tricks so that you, our family, can earn money For stock markets. Any breaking news Join us at twitter and telegram. All the news will be first delivered to you, INTRO MUSIC. So will start this video with Rattan India group, Because indebt is a part of Rattan India enterprises. So if we see overall Ratan India group is business group Which is working on many sectors, Its headquarter is in Delhi. The groups founder is Mr. Rajiv Ratan. Their main focus is on power generation, electric mobility, consumer finance and renewable energy. Whole group asset is 2.7 billion. If we talk about their big planning and achievements, So they have 3235 acres of land On which they are planning to set the power generation project Till now installed 27MW capacity. They have partnered with Coal, India In which they are planning to develop 54 MW, electricity.

They have given their services in railways as well For 70 km railway line, And they have done thermal project development, Currently their top running project, Amravati Thermal Power project and Nasik Thermal power project. These thermal projects will be based on coal For that they have tie up Coal. India Now lets se their unit companies In this group Rattan India power, limited Rattan enterprises, Rattan India, finance, Rattan, India infra are major, But in stock market only two of its units are listed. First is Ratan. India, enterprises and second, is Ratan India power. Today we are going to talk about only one unit and that is Ratan India enterprises. How is its future? We will try to know that so that you understand better okay, so lets begin with Ratan India enterprises, so it is Ratan India Groups, one such company, which is working on future, that is, on electric mobility. Let me tell you here that earlier its name was Ratan. India infrastructure Limited that was changed on 7 april 2021 and now it is Ratan India enterprises, as they have changed their work, so they changed their name as well. So now lets see their work, so they have launched countrys first, electric bike, which is revolt motorcycle, Although in EV segment this company is going to compete with big companies, but they are working on two wheeler segment where there is no such hustle till now.., which will Happen mostly in two wheeler, there are scooty, but they are going to give bike and are working on that so to lead in this segment.

What are their plans? We will try to understand that see this EV business. They are investing 150 crores trying to make power business back on tracks in revolt intellicorp. They planned to increase partnership from 33.3 to 43. As of today, revolt. Two wheeler has 7 market share in Indian market. They are trying to increase their market share in power business. They have 22 stake, which supports the company a lot that is, it eliminate the risks. Now here we will see the growth of electric mobility in India and we will see how this company is trying to involve itself in growth. According to governments, official report Indias economy will be equal to 5 trillion US dollars by 2025, Which is currently around 3.5 trillion dollars In economy. Growth major part, is of electric mobility and IT sector, And this company is trying to increase its reach in these two sectors. For this, they launched two products: Revolt bike which is countrys first, electric bike And second matternet, which is advanced technology drone project. Now we will understand these two products in detail; Revolt bike This year. Only in 2021, this company acquired revolt, intellicrop pvt ltd, And, as I told you before, also that with this, The company announced on 22july 2021 that is had partnered with Dominos To lessen its delivery expense. Dominos took this step, Petrol prices are increasing and with that petrol bikes prize are decreasing So now I will show this to you through a chart That the demand of petrol bikes is continuously decreasing.

Here you will see how the sales of these bikes have decreased. In 2020 and 2021 In 2019, the sale of two wheeler was record breaking And in 2019 financial year 2.12crore units vehicles were sold, Then in 2020 it decreased and in 2021 it decreased even more And in 2022, its even more less EV. Adoption is a major reason which has made a big impact. Reason is drive is cheap, For example. If you want to go to a distance of 100 km with petrol bike, Then the petrol will cost approx. Rs 250, But with electric bike you can you to 100 km with Rs 10 of electricity. So this is a huge difference Now. The second big reason for this industry is government support. Now for buying petrol vehicles, there is 28 GST And in electric vehicles the GST is only 5. According to governments frame to scheme, If you buy any electronic, then you get 48 incentive. Also – And you get many benefits with that – these are all the reasons because of with its easy to adopt EV, I would like to show this is a chart as well, So that you can understand it better, As the chart is in front of you Here worldwide. There is lead of electronic bike. Tesla market cap in EV segment has reached 701 billion dollars, Toyotas 253 Volkswagons 178 Damiers 81, Like that most of the things are in front of you. If we see in India, The electronic bike market place is 2lac crore, But no company has reached this range.

Bajaj, auto, Hero, motor TVS, motor Are in second third and fourth place. Who will come in first position? We will have to see A big space is empty, Although Ratan India enterprises is first company to launch electric bike, But will we see if it take the lead or not, Because the old companies will not back off Now? If we talk about the second product matternet In global leaders, unnamed aerial vehicle, UAV technology, This project is brilliant. Under this project, they are trying to built such an ecosystem Where you can transport via the help of drone. That means, if you have ordered something it will be delivered via drone. If you want to send something You can send via the help of drones. In future, there will be traffic and in that situation done is going to be very helpful. Although the technology is not developed in our country In foreign, it is running very effectively. Matternet has partnered in Dubai, UAE, leader in logistics and Abu Dhabi department of health And has started the work of sending medicines online to medical facilities in the cities there, Which is a very good initiative. It will come in In India also The traffic situation in India, But it will take time Because the government systems these things take time to adapt and to take permissions. Its mission is to make the transport system aerial, But in our country, drone market is very small. This company is working internationally, So first we will see how the international drone market is working And what is its future Ill show you its chart.

Also. I have put lot of efforts, So, as you can see in the chart In 2020, global drone market was approx.. 8 billion US dollar In 2021, its approx. 13 billion US dollars and in coming 15, 20 years around 2040, it will be approx. 1 trillion US dollar, because it is a huge thing in itself. Globally. This market grew a lot then in India. Also, it will definitely come and there a big space is empty and big revenue generation option is also empty, so this is all in future, not of the present apart from Dubai America, Japan, Switzerland, have many projects like that here in this segment, there is huge possibility Of growth, what will happen in future? Nobody knows, but now the company is on track, so you can say that the growth will come from the ideas, its working on and the method. If you look upon their financial condition so here you will find that net income 2018 is loss 2019 loss, but in 2020 the loss was very less and in 2021 there is no loss and there, if you see their holdings, then promoter holding is 74.8. That is, promoter is holding the stock. You can see in the financial data that 74 is with promoter. That means growth is expected. That is why he has not left, Because mostly promoter hold only when they trust the work and they think there will be growth. So this was Ratan India Groups detailed case study.

I hope every point is cleared. You have made friends with the company. If I added even 1 value in your life, Then do like comment and share And to open trading and DEMAT account. .Link is in description.. Do open it Ill feel, happy And Ill feel that my family is supporting me And share this video so that people can learn such unique things.