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  1. There are a number of other differences as well. H plus uses bigger motors and more aggressively pitched props. It uses a brand new esc system that allows the esc's to talk to the motors and increase efficiency.
    The biggest difference is that they've switched to a flight controller that is based on the PX4 stack which allows for more flight modes and even better stability and performance.
    Todo, even though it looks the same, under the skin it is a completely new bird.

  2. I got 1.3K stock with my 480, with mods it went 4K plus, thought that was ok but yes it was the camera that let it down, the data rate and frame rate otherwise I did get some great footage. It's up for sale now as I have gone to DJI although I could still get the new H plus when it comes out here in Australia just because I can, will wait for the reviews, interested in the screen brightness compaired to my Crystalsky and If they have done anything with the battery warning {if it's calculated into the distance in a better way that the 480 gave} Also it seemed that every one was calibrating their ST16's due to poor stick travel in the app, I for one found this to be a real drama that I shouldn't have to worry about. look forward to the H plus and the reviews. people winge about the size of the controler but I found it to be quite profesional looking and easy to use. Aparently it uses the Christopher Anderson Pixhawk controler, I hope that's not an omen to what hapened to Solo.

  3. If you get a chance to review one, can you do a dB comparison to the old one, and its closest competitor like a Phantom 4 por favor? Generally speaking, the heavier the drone, the louder it is, but I know that usually bigger props also means a quieter drone compared to smaller props, all else equal, and I'm wondering if six big props could make it really quite for its weight.

  4. Captain Drone you think the Typhoon H Plus is better my DJI Inspire 2?

  5. Dji too many restrictions and updates I just want to arm and fly.

  6. Gracias, man love your video's they help me out alot

  7. Do you know if Typhoon H plus finally get a real time map?

  8. Will carry the Thermal Camera?

  9. Hola capitán abejón, Best buy has the typhoon h on sale for $800. Do you think it's a good deal or worth buying almost 2 years after release? Or should I get another drone in the same price range?

  10. PLEASE help me figure this out!! I’ve been looking at the Mavic Pro Platinum but ran into the Yuneec brand and it intrigued me. The Yuneec USA website is not very informative. I found three Yuneec models at Best Buy and need to your help to decipher what the difference is between them.

    One is :YUNEEC – Typhoon 4K Quadcopter – Negro

    Modelo: YUNQ4KUS $599.99

    Segundo: YUNEEC – Typhoon H Hexacopter – Negro

    Modelo: TYPHOONH. $799.99

    Last one : YUNEEC – Typhoon H Hexacopter Pro with Intel® RealSense™ TechnologyGun Metal Gray

    Modelo: YUNTYHBRUS. $1,199.99

    I keep seeing the “plus” is it the same as the pro?? I’m SO confused!!

  11. Gracias por el video. When I'm ready to upgrade, I'll probably go for the Typhoon H rather than DJI due to the past security concerns (data collection). I live around too many mil bases to take the chance.

  12. Última pregunta, is there a difference between the Typhoon Q500 4K and the Typhoon 4K? They seem to be sold as different drones but I can't find what the difference is.

  13. No bull shit talk 😆i like your hair cut bro please keep up the news for drone fan.

  14. You talk about the E90 cam, but on the website of Yuneec they talk about a C23 camera.

  15. The bottomline is, is it worth the cost over the Typhoon h? The one inch sensor is definitely a plus, but do you really need it? Once that plus is available, I would think the Typhoon h will be at an even more attractive price point, as I’ve seen the Typhoon h for sale recently at a reputable business for $599

  16. Chulo el video! I wish Yuneec God Luck. Maby this H plus is a Fantastic drone?. I will se when It come on marked. When People begin to really fly It. Camera looks Fantastic. 1 Inch sensor 60 frame second 4K Is the New standard now. Evo Autel come With 1 inch sensor and 60 frame pr second on their New drone who looks like a mavic. And Evo have 7 kilometer range. And price will be god on Evo. DJI makes drone With near no problem. Them work great. And all kind of shops sell them. I fly DJI Inspire 1 V2.0. and DJI Mavic Pro. Them work great. Before I had a Yuneec drone 4K film. But after maby 30 tour one of the proppell dont get of. I send It back and get Phantom 4. Firmawere is another question on this H. Will It be moore easy now?. DJI have their drone in near all shops so Its easy to bay one. And price 1800 US Dollar maby some moore Its mutch. Then you can bay many different drone out their on the marked.

  17. Gran video
    Quck question
    Do you know if this new camera will be able to set different aperture and have mechanical shutter just like P4P?

  18. Would you recommend the typhoon h pro instead of an inspire 2?

  19. i wait for the DJI Phantom 5 and then i compare with the Typhoon H plus. If the Phantom 5 will have a 360 degrees gimbal camera then it will be tough for the Typhoon.

  20. What about the C23 that can replace our CGO3+ on our TPH ?

  21. U need WiFi to fly the drone?

  22. Gracias. Me gusta tu canal. Ddi they send out test units yet?

  23. Por desgracia 6 months after releasing the H520 it's still not fixed so I wouldn't rush to buy a H plus

  24. I was thinking about upgrading from my Yuneec Q500 4k (CG03) to this H+. However after watching your video I realize that it would be a tremendous waste of money on my behalf. My range on the Q500 is comparable to this, it shoots 4k, and has similar flight time. The only real benefit is shooting better stills. I would have been sold if Yuneec would step away from the Wifi and give us some decent range like DJI. Having under 1 mile of range is ridiculously for something marketed as professional equipment. Especially with such a sizeable pricetag. I'm better off switching to a DJI drone.

  25. Can I just buy a new camera for my H?

  26. There's just one thing they don't get..



    Just that one thing alone people will bypass it immediately..

    We know you're supposed to fly within line of sight first off no one ever does that in my opinion LOL..

    But will you look at the mavic pro, Fantasma 4, con un 4 mile range even though we're not supposed to go four miles it will blow away the yuneec typhoon h within a mile range easilyAnd of course you have the option of HD

    I tried the MAVIC AIR and the MAVIC PRO at the same time..

    I thought the mavic pro blew away the air that supposedly has a 2.4 range especially in urban areas. Does it matter if it was close or far away..

    There are other reasons why I chose the pro.. but I think I've already mentioned those many times..

    The other thing is companies like autel robotics with the Evo is doing something I think is fantastic that yuneec is the worst at. CONTROLLING YOU THINGS LIKE GEOFENCES..

    Autel robotics is saying the not even going to put a geofence on there leaving it up to you the consumer to follow the rules, it's your ticket it's your problem it's called Freedom. Just like when you drive a car we don't need anyone telling us what to do in forcing us..

    I think that's brilliant on autel robotics part..

    I have the mavic pro and I live just out of the airport 5 millas

    I know they're supposed to be some restrictions but I just get warnings telling me to fly with caution because I'm in a class B airspace or near our class B airspace.. but it never stopped me from flying it just gave me advice and then I use my AIR MAP to find out what I'm violating if I'm violating anything and then I follow the rules I'm a grown up LOL….

    Although my first drone my first GPS drone the yuneec breeze is an excellent beginner selfie camera for under $200.. it only goes about 360 feet away with a geofence but that's okay with me because that's pretty much its range anyways with 5.8 gigahertz if you're just using a phone as the antennas

    So anyways that's my two cents just because of those small reasons I will never touch an expensive product from yuneec

  27. As for the being compliant in other countries.. to me that's not an excuse…. DJI sell stuff in other countries that goes a lot furtherThey just have special software to comply…. What about America? DJI found a walk around to keep everyone happy and all the countries

    Their marketing stinks they just don't get itIt's going to make this sales sink quickly….

    Y $1,700 only one mile range.. using just Wi-Fi technology.. I think that's overpriced?

  28. I'm wondering if the thermal camera will work on this drone. Do you have any idea whether or not it will? I see it on the store now but it doesn't say anything about whether it will or won't

  29. The third antenna is for Intel realsense

  30. Physically limiting a drones range due to legislation if really stupid. Why do I need to stay within line of sight on a private farm with nobody within a 30km radius around me….

  31. can the e90 cam go on the stock t-h?

  32. well im concdring to upgrade my P4P+ to TYPHOON H plus , is that a good idea? and why?

  33. On the forum they told me not to connect the typhoon h pro on to the gui with pc but set your height range on your st16so i wonder were i can find these settings….

  34. Does this drone camera have any telephoto control capability?

  35. So are you saying you have to fly it by wifi and not RC ? Im hazy on the issue

  36. Capitán abejón, Encantan tus videos! Where is the microSD card inserted in the C23 camera? Just bought my Typhoon H Plus, and can’t seem to find the location (jajaja)!

  37. Hey, have you got your hands on the Plus?

  38. Cap'n Drone, I just purchased an H Plus and I see camera mounts that are collapsed (se extendía) and they seem ineffective as such. Can you comment?

  39. you forgot the biggest part, 90% oh Typhoon H480s the antenna on the aircraft are INSIDE so to modify it, you have to drill into your aircraft and install exterior antennas, however on the Typhoon h plus and some Reg Hs like mine we have those 4inch stubs that come down, they look like just Stands for when the legs come down, but really they are EXTERIOR ENTENNAs already built in. so we have 2 antenna outside of the H ( new models with st16+ controller ) making our range just a little better, plus i bought the FPVLR Long range antennas kit so my range is well over 2 millas – 3 miles Although i use mine for only search and rescue so i dont usually go out that far.

  40. Would you comment on the reliability/ durability of the original Typhoon H? I don't need the additional image features of the H+ as i don't shoot professionally. My real interest is in the retractable legs & 360 grados de cámara. Your thoughts please?…Gracias

  41. can you use the camera from the pro on the typhoon h?

  42. Can you put the new camera on from the typhoon h plus on the first typhoon H drone

  43. I love no BS reviews like this! Buen trabajo.

  44. Can i mount the C23 of the yuneec typhoon h plus on the yuneec typhoon h520

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