Yuneec tifón H – Amazing Low Cloud Footage

This video submitted as a part of a contest sponsored by Yuneec Worldwide to spotlight use of the Hurricane H product.

FOTOGRAFÍA DRONE – This video was filmed completely with a Hurricane H on one battery. Clean panning achieved through digital camera 360 cardán. Curved Cable Cam used alongside flight path. No results, ND Filters or coloration correction was used. The digital camera settings have been all set to guide modefilmed in Attractive, WB set at Dawn/Sundown, ISO 100, Shutter Velocity between 600 – 1000.

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  1. great video captain. Bien hecho. I'm very happy with my own H.

  2. poner juntos!! amazing shots, where are you from?

  3. Gran video hombre! I made one too for the competition. If you don't mind go check it out 🙂

  4. Wow, congratulations on getting this wonderful footage! Genial.

  5. how do you like it compared to the Mavic?

  6. Wow Cap, that was so awesome. I posted a somewhat similar video today but this is absolutely stunning footage.
    Which lighting modes did you use to achieve these colors, I'm still trying out all the different modes to see which has best effect in which condition.

  7. Dynamite shot! the color and the mist is pure amazing

  8. … imágenes increíbles… the colours in combination with the misty weather are incrediblevery very nice videolooking forward for morethats why I just subbed ;)…Typhoon H greetings from Germany 😉

  9. Cosas realmente grandes, hombre. Tengo dos preguntas – were you in UHD (30FPS) or 4k (24FPS), and was this the stock CGO3+ lens, or a replacement?

  10. Impresionante material de archivo!!

  11. Hola capitán abejón! I invite you to join FB Group 'The Wizards Of Quads'. It's for all MR Photography/Video ……………'The Wizards Of Quads'…………………………..
    ……………………A Group for AP Cruisers!……………………….
    .People that just want to do AP Video in the woods and mountains, around waterfalls and other scenic areas.
    There are enough Racing Groups on FB and I get dizzy watching them. I Like the one's that are just laid-back, Flyin around, checkin out the scenery!.

  12. was this video shot with the latest firmware update?

  13. gran video! question new to drones and we have the H but the videos are not playing on our tablets so we can try and watch and edit them. What is the best way to watch and possibly edit the videos….tablet,iPad, computer? what programs are easy for beginners? Gracias

  14. Impresionante material de archivo. Where did the music come from?

  15. great videos and i subscribe to your channel can you check to my channel if you like i hope you to subscribe( mantener el gran trabajo)

  16. Shots are pretty repetitive but wow what a rare thing to be able to shoot! Did enjoy it!

  17. Qué bien , I gather you are Canadian where did you shoot this? Greetings from the lone star state of TEXAS!

  18. If you will allow me Capt. 🙂 I need subscribers fast!! Please check out my videos of Newfoundland and subscribe to my channel!

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