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YouTube GOLD takes all year to prepare for. In the off-season, it is important to go over the equipment and get any issues worked out. You don't want downed equipment on the Gold fields. Downed eqipment means lost gold. I have taken my YouTube GOLD excavator, and upgraded the heck out of it!! This is the version 1.5 from RC4WD, and weighs about 45lbs. The issue I has is the pump always had to be running, it was very loud, and the track motors were very slow. También, I could not find any good videos that could point me in the right direction, as an owner. I hope this video is helpful to those folks who do own this excavator already, but would like to upgrade it themselves.

If you are going to do the PUMP Upgrade from Premacon:

** NEEDED for this UPGRADE! **
Hose elbow M5 for 6mm tube (x2)
Reduktion M5R1/8" (x2)

PUMP and Motor:
Products description
The hydraulic pump unit is Roxxy brushless 12V, planetary gear, controller and pump IPZ1 Jung-HR10.
Pump is attached with Bushes (oil resistant).
Air flow 1200ml per minute.
Pressure up to 45 bar
The newly developed planetary gear this pump unit is very soft sound and power saving.
1/8 female threaded suction
1/8 female thread pressure side (supplied without hose outlet elbow)

Where I got my Brushed Motor and Transmission Upgrade:
Facebook: Søyland Industrier:

The fella that makes the motor transmissionhis name is Oyvind! Tell him RCSparks sent ya 🙂

Just these two upgrades have transformed my machine into a literal beast! I had a few viewers ask me to do a side load with my trailer,, with the excavator.. SO THIS IS FOR YOU!!

The Radio I am using is a Flysky Paladin (PL18) – at the time of this filming it is Flyskys latest Dual Stick radio to hit the market. Touch screen, and nicely weightedthis radio is the right fit for me on this project.

Construction RC is amazing.. and Im stoked to share it here with you.. Gracias!!

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