You Need This Drone! MJX BUGS 3 MINI – INFORME & DEMO

Para el valor, that is one slick drone to personal. Motores sin escobillas, 300 meter flight distance & 10 batería de minuto. You should purchase the Bugs Three Mini right here. Do not forget the coupon!

Authentic MJX B3mini:
código de cupón: A9340 ($27 de)

Segunda RC:
https://goo.gl/Qy52This fall
código de cupón: A3748 (get any order 10% off with this coupon code)

Videocámara Panasonic 4K: https://Amzn.to/2vgpK4h
Gorillapod pequeño: https://Amzn.to/2IXmMDu
BOYA Lapel Mic: https://amzn.to/2ITHl3C
Fatshark HD3: https://amzn.to/2HukqPk
Runcam 3: https://amzn.to/2HBmuTv
Blade Inductrix: https://amzn.to/2JPOkw2

29 Comentarios
  1. cool drone and nice video !!

  2. 0:13 the kid proud show off movement

  3. I'd probably considering investing in one, if the name wasn't BUGS lol! Es broma, may be something I get soon, just for the heck of it.thanks for the review Captain

  4. That thing looks amazing!! Gracias por el video. Saludos.

  5. That entire Bugs series is just plain incredible!!!

  6. Maybe I'm overlooking something, but i can't find a seller for extra/replacement batteries for this drone. Ten minutes of flight time is okay, but if i were to buy this thing, I'd want to head out with at least two additional batteries.

  7. No FPV video feed! No way I could even consider continuing watching this! …I stopped the video when you mentioned that there was no camera…👎

  8. The Runcam 2 is an excellent camera for the price. At least it went out of range and had snow to soften the crash.

  9. The MJX Bugs series has done a great job of finding that niche between hobby grade and toy grade drones. My original Bugs3 has taken a beaten and been abused and it still flys like the day I first got it. Looking forward to more great drones from this company.

  10. Hi CAPT. I just subbed ya, I broke mine in arco. Jajaja

  11. Sweet little brother to my Bugs 3 (-w- 5.8Ghz Camera Module).Mount a VTX 03 and a dedicated 500mah 1S to power it, and it will be a great FPV learning quad. My Bugs 3 seems much more stable tho and it's Acro only, but that's really why I got the 3, to learn FPV without breaking the bank. Big thumbs up to your great review and baby brother!

  12. Cpt just bumped in into your channel. Cool REVIEW & DEMO. Saludos.

  13. Hola, whats the size of these props?

  14. When I mjx going to make spare batteries and chargers available?? That's the only reason I wouldn't recommend this one yet.

  15. The batteries are available now on eBay 😊

  16. can i use my sony action cam please?

  17. Por lo tanto- it's FAA compliant then huh? no hay registro? I'm soldgonna add to collection
    Do you think the Bugs 6 Radio controller will fly this 3 Mini?

  18. Gotta love the Bugs line up…..my original B3, still rocks after a year of Canadian winter and summer. Yo uso un 2700 mAh 30c battery, and get almost 27 minutes of normal flight….ninguna cámara, or legs…..I even figured out manual flipsmakes it awesome, and impressive to spectators. I want the mini bugs now, for indoor carnage!

  19. Keeps my dog healthy with all the chasing ,and jumping! Keeps me healthy by chasing the dog when he finally does get it! Es broma…..I'd never hurt my Bud by flying too closelybut he does his best to jump it out of the sky! Errores 3 original…..ordered the mini, but not here yet…..can't wait to scare the barn critters! Jajaja……mice, cats, etcetera…. don't yell at meit's old and empty. Maybe a Sasquatch and family….not sure what the noises areit's weird.

  20. thanks for a working discount code! your link plus coupon code got me this quad for 99.00cad (approx 76.00usd) THANK-YOU!!! Less than any other site out there and i checked at least 10!!!

  21. Hola,I'm loving the reviews can you get a camera version of the bugs 3 Mini.

  22. you're the best. love this bugs3 mini

  23. My very first drone was a MJX 101. Got that because I had an MJX 4ch helicopter that was pretty reliable. I have been itching to try out FPV flight with goggles. I had the
    ERRORES 8 PRO on my Amazon wishlist for awhile. Couple reasons I haven't bought it yet was 2 razones…the wife, and the size of the BUGS 8. Ideally I was looking for something
    smaller like my spark. Never heard of this mini till your video. Por lo tanto, Ordenó a uno! I didn't go with the MJX goggles set though and decided on trying the FB – 009 gafas. Price point isn't
    too bad so my wife shouldn't be too upset. ( gonna try the better to ask for forgiveness than permission thing ) Anyway now it's just the waiting game ! Can't wait to try this little drone!
    Gracias por el video!

  24. I love how Bugs 3 Mini flies (I have only used angle mode and low rate). Its handling reminds me of Holy Stone Bolt Bee. It's much more powerful than Bolt Bee, Aunque. I was flying Bugs 3 Mini in strong winds recently, and I found it had plenty of power to overcome gusts that would blow most of my drones away, and that was not even in the high rate. The battery takes quite a while to charge, but the reward is a nice long flight time! Has anyone tried this indoors? I was pleasantly surprised how manageable Bugs 3 Mini is indoors, provided I keep the speed down.

  25. Really Nice flying ther looks ok drone mate DON 😨😨😨😨😨👍👍👍

  26. Just had fun with my mini Bugs tonight. Perfect for smaller residential, forested areas.

  27. it is awesome, when you jump that sucker it is a whole other kind of awesome. Just got mine to run on a t12 and my level ( four month noob) this is enough quad to keep me occupied for a while. Would strongly recommend for people who have mastered the basics with a toy quad or as a first drone for people with an experienced friend to help them along.

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