8 fpv screen on it. We'Ll have the links down in the description so be sure to check out that link if you're interested in this guy anyway, what we're gon na do today is just unbox. This we're going to go through a thorough inspection and setup I'm gon na go ahead and also have the flight test up and we're, also going to come back to the bench and do a final pros and cons after thoughts on this one as well. Así que de todos modos, let's go ahead and take it out of the box here. Bien, so opening up, we have our instruction manual on top. We have the XK alien here sitting in there nicely spit and get everything out of the box and then we'll talk about it. Have these little foam cards on the controller and here's? The controller here looks like this is where you're gon na mount up the screen on top, and we have this little bag here that has a battery and their propellers and let's see what we get underneath looks like underneath. We have a couple of other bags here: I'm gon na, be our fpv stuff let's go ahead and see what we get. We get four propellers extra propellers, so that's great good job xk. A propósito, xk is a company that makes the xk detect gps. Smart quad that really good gps quad, that i've reviewed and made a bunch of videos on. So i think this is a pretty good company, they're doing pretty good with their products.

They make some quality products and they work pretty well compared to other manufacturers. De todos modos, just gon na open up a couple more bags here this back here, we're getting some hardware for the fpv mount up and we also get a micro SD card and a charger. This looks like a charger for our screen, so open that up real, rápida. Just in a second, we get a USB thumb drive with a 4 gigabyte card for our recording, so we can plug into our computer to watch our videos afterwards, and this will be the fpv mount up brackets there's a battery here in a separate bag, looks like These guys have have done a really good process at packaging compared to some others, and everything is really well labeled here it looks like they have their branding on the battery a nice sticker of their own, and they also put on here it's a 1. A 3 Punto: 7 v, 780 mAh on the battery, tan bastante bueno, pretty good battery. It looks like it's nice quality with the jst connector on the end there and we have another bag here. It looks like this. Bag is going to incorporate a screwdriver and also the actual charger that's going to charge the battery itself. So you have our other side of the jst connector here, which is going to charge this battery so that's the charger, and then we have a 5.8 here heard. Antenna looks like this is gon na mount up to be a TV screen which should be in this bag.

We'Ve got some little bit of foam paper packaging here to protect it and so here's. The fpv screen i'm gon na go ahead and mount this antenna up here right away, so i don't lose it so the antenna just screws on top there and you can rotate it any way. You want and then here's the screen here, just gon na open it up see how it looks: Bien, a little bit shiny, so the screen is gon na be shiny, so it looks like there's gon na be some glare. You usually like to see screens like this be kind of a matte flat finish because the reflection really does pick up a lot of glare when you're outside in the Sun. So anyway that's the screen. Here it looks like maybe a five inch or so screen. We have our onoff button here. You can see just by turning it on. We have some static there, because it's not connected it looks like we have our battery monitor there up in the top corner to show us the charge on our battery in here and it's. Gon na be a light bulb battery in there and then so here's how you charge it. Básicamente, the charger comes with this adapter that you just stick in here and then you would plug this into any cell phone or computer to charge. This kind of the same thing that you would do with the battery here just charge into any cell phone wall, adapter or computer to charge the battery as well so there's the screen anyway getting finally getting to the craft here it is so here is the XK Alien X 250 Y yo, like the design, looks like there.

Xk is really kind of kicking it up a notch to really make the aircraft stand out from all the rest of them. We can see here that we have. The propeller is mounted right up and we have these little rubber feet here on the bottom and the camera. Con el 5.8 you heard antenna is mounted to the bottom as well. It looks like it's just mounted it's just kind of snapped in there, and then we have our jst connector here for power, just kind of mount it in there nice and tidy everything, looks like it's high quality. The fit and finish on this thing is really nice. Really impressed with the fit and finish on this just the quality of the work and the craftsmanship is it's. Pretty good kind of reminds me the motors kind of remind me of maybe that you 807 type of motors, where they have that shaft coming all the way down that looks like this, should be pretty durable, then the lighting, if it lights up this whole arm it Should be pretty good too let's go ahead and just plug that in real, quick and see the lighting there we go okay, so we can see the lighting it kind of shines and shines through all the way to this portion. This looks like it's, reflecting all the way through then we have a light on the back as well, and then the front Scott, the EZ Gallow, so it looks like orientation is gon na be really good when we're flying even from the side.

Here we can see the red on the back easy enough and even from the top and the bottom, so really good lighting on this, for for visual night flying and for orientation reference anyway, that's the craft here's, la cámara de – and I just can't get away from how Cool this thing looks definitely a very cool design very original, and there is no other landing gear you have to put on. It looks like these little these little feet here are gon na stick down farther enough below the camera, to just be setting down like that. When you're, when you're ready to fly okay, so let's go ahead and put on the fpv kit and then we'll talk about the controls. Por lo tanto, as far as the fpv kit, this bracket here, you just push this in the back there slides in nice and tight and then this other bracket here, Bien, so the bracket on the screen is kind of like this swivel little built in bracket here and then It actually can go into this other bracket, it slides in and then it's naps in to the bottom of it. Let'S make sure we can there we go so that snapped in so see how we can swivel the screen, and then this portion here just going to go down on here and screw in to the bracket. We just put on the back and it's just gon na screw in with these little thumb screws, and they also give you these little nuts here.

So it looks like the nuts are going to go in this top portion I'm, really having a problem putting them in just with my fingers. So I decided to just kind of screw the nut on here and then use the actual screw as kind of a tool to push these in there we go okay, so you can see that how I just kind of use that as a tool to push those In so I'd recommend doing something like that, or else you're gon na have a really hard time pushing these nuts down in their little slots. I guess it's just the way they're fitting in there is a little bit tight so again, just lightly screwing it on the screw here and then lining up how it should go and then pushing it in. So it snaps like that and then going ahead and backing the screw back out. So those are in like that and now we can go ahead and mount it directly on to the controller bracket easily. So we're just sliding this over and then easily just putting in the thumb screws, and now they can just screw right into the nuts we put on so go ahead and crank crank these down nice and tight finger tight. So this TV screen doesn't slide off of this little mount here. So once you do that you're all set, so there you go you've got your screen mounted up to the controller. We'Ve got our antenna on and we're ready for fpv.

Por lo tanto, as far as the controller goes, opening up the back of the controller we've got one two three four doublea's it takes in the back and the door clicks on nice and tight it's, not gon na slide off, and if you do have trouble, they give you This little setup, video on the fpv screen, like how I just did this little separate pamphlet here, shows how to put that all together. Last thing in the box here is the instruction manual that's, going through all the parts: how to fly the craft and here's. What all the controls do? Bien, so what it's saying here on the controls, Básicamente, es, of course you left your left. Thumbstick is gon na, be your throttle, so this will go higher, lower here's your yaw to make the craft go left and right. You have your pitch and roll so forward back roll left to right, like this and it's saying this top little trigger button. Here is going to be your short press for return to home function and then a long press is going to be for your headless mode. So the return to homeyou basically just click at one time and it will come back to you and then the headless function is when you do hold it. It'Ll go into the mode where you can be basically in any yaw and back will always be back. Left always be left right, laws be right forward, but all you'd be forward.

So no matter which direction the craft is facing, entonces, on the top right trigger it's, saying that these are the photo and video functions. So a short press, one click would be taking a photograph and a long press would be starting and stopping your video then on the right stick here. It looks like we're just clicking in one time and pushing left or right or up and down and that'll do our flips and if we do click and hold this right button here that should turn off and on our lights on the craft and it's. Not really explaining in the instruction manual but looks like these are gon na, be our trims for all of these sticks here as usual. Bien, so putting the SD card into the camera, basically you're, describing the SD card out of your thumb, drive they give you in the box and then it looks like let's see, looks like the wording is gon na, be on top, so you're gon na want to Make it so the wordings on top and then just go ahead and push it in until you hear a click that should be in there ready to record your videos and pictures cool, so new guys let's go ahead and get this thing charged power. This up also get the screen charged in the next video. I will go ahead and have a flight test of this thing so anyway, let's get in the park. Let'S do some some house flight let's do some park flight.

We get some hat cam. Video of this thing going, I will also have some video of how good the pictures and the video of this thing are up on this Green. Put this thing through its paces and then we'll come back and do another video for the pros and cons as well. On the XK 250 alien, I will have the links down in the description down below of what you can click on and where to purchase this. Let me sure to check that out anyway, chicos. I do a lot of videos like this. On reviews, pruebas de vuelo, modifications all kinds of stuff on RC and tech so be sure to check out the channel.