Ganar una OSMO DJI bolsillo con KIT de expansión! Capitán abejón & Sorteo DJI

Simply reply the Four questions under and put up the Four solutions in a remark under this video.
The solutions can all be discovered at this hyperlink: https://click on.dji.com/AFSNyNw27fpRcupJl-YmDw?como = 0014&CH = OSMO % 20POCKET&PM = modificado para requisitos particulares

Under are the Four questions (Aviso: do not copy the solutions of others as a result of some posted solutions are incorrecttake a look at the web site for your self):
Query #1: When recording in 4K with the OSMO POCKET, what’s the highest selectable Frames Per Second?
Query #2: How a lot does the OSMO POCKET weigh?
Query #3: Are you able to movie with the OSMO POCKET beneath water? If Sure, then how?
Query #4: Watch the DJI OSMO POCKET video that seems on the high of the net web page. Title the animal that seems on the lady’s shoulder throughout the Face Monitoring scene.

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31 Comentarios
  1. Q1:60fps with 4k
    Q2:116 gramos
    Q3:resistente al agua

  2. 1. 60FPS
    2.116 gramos
    3.Yes with an waterproof case
    4. a Monkey

  3. 1. 60pfs
    2. 116 gramos
    3. yes with waterproof case
    4. Monkey

    Gracias capitán

  4. -60FPS
    -Yes with the Waterproof Case

  5. 1. 4K – 60FPS
    2. 116 gramos
    3.Sí, with a third-party waterproof housing!
    4. Monkey.
    Not sure what specific breed it is.

  6. Awesome camera! Answers are
    1) 4k @ 60fps
    2) pesos 116 gramos
    3)waterproof to 60 meters with waterproof case
    4) a monkey

  7. 4k 60fps – 116 gramos – Sí- with the waterproof caseMonkeyFor the win….

  8. 1; Max at 4K is 60 fotogramas por segundo
    2; weight/mass of 116 gramos
    3; Able to use under water at depths up to 60m with underwater housing option
    4; a monkey is on the woman’s shoulder

    Awesome giveaway Captain and awesome donation by DJI!

  9. Thanks for another great give away!
    1) 4K – 60FPS
    2) 116g
    3)Sí, with waterproof case
    4) Monkey
    If I do not win it, I think I might buy one!

  10. techmoan did a deep dive into this. might be worth a look.

  11. 1. 60fps @4k
    2. 116 gramos
    3. Sí, with waterproof housing
    4 A monkey

  12. 1. 60FPS
    2. 116g
    3. With waterproof case
    4. A Monkey

  13. Q1- 60FPS
    Q2- 116gms
    Q3- To use underwater you need the Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case
    Q4- Monkey

  14. Hello Captain,
    Would You Reccomend The Snaptain S5C Drone For Begginers?
    -Just Wanted To Tell You That You Are The Person Who Got Me Into Drones 😊

  15. 1= 60fps
    2= 116 grammes
    3 = with the optional waterproof case.
    4 = monkey.

    This would be great for filming my pet dog doing crazy stuff.

  16. Pregunta #1 4K 60fps
    Pregunta #2 116g
    Pregunta #3 Yes As long as you have Osmo Pocket waterproof Case up to 60 metros.
    Pregunta #4 Monkey

  17. 1. 60FPS
    2. 116 gramos
    3. Sí, hasta 60 metres with a waterproof case
    4. A monkey

  18. 60 FPS – 116 – waterproof casemonkey
    thank you and DJI for this giveaway!!!! Wow

  19. 4K 60fps
    116 Gram
    Waterproof case
    A Monkey

    Good Luck to all

  20. Firstly I really enjoy your channel, very informative and I have learned a great deal. Además, I now have confidence in my very limited skills. We have replaced fear with FUN. Answers: 60 fps in 4K, its weight 116 gramos, the Osmo can film underwater with its submersible housing accessory, and the animal is indeed a monkey.

  21. 1. 4k 60fps
    2. 116g
    3. Yes with waterproof case
    4. Monkey
    Cool giveaway
    Love the vids keep um goming

  22. Wow this is awesome! Thanks Capt for giving us the chance to win something like this
    1) 4k films at 60fps
    2) the weight is 116g
    3)you can film under water at a max depth of 60m by purchasing the waterproof case
    4) a monkey

  23. Addicted to DJI… 60FPS, 116g, Sí, with the Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case, A monkey (I think it's a rhesus monkey?)

  24. Here are my answers:

    1. At 4K, the camera can film up to 60 FPS.
    2. The DJI Osmo Pocket weights 116 g
    3. You can film underwater with a waterproof case for up to 60m deep!
    4. The woman has a monkey on her shoulder.

    I hope I win this gadget. It will be very useful for me!

  25. Q1 60fps
    Q2 116 g
    Q3 Yes ( with waterproof case)
    Q4 macaque type of monkey

  26. Hola de nuevo.
    Sí, with a waterproof case

    This will be a Sweet birthday present, fingers cross
    Keep the good work

  27. 1. 60 FPS
    2. 116 Gramos
    3. Sí , with the waterproof case.
    4. Monkey.

  28. Cool give away
    1. 4K 60fps
    2. 116g
    3. Water proof case
    4. Macaque Monkey

    Good luck all

  29. 1,60FPS
    3,yes with the waterproof case
    Good luck everyone 😃

  30. 1. 60 FPS
    2. 116 G
    3. Yes with waterproof case
    4. Monkey!

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