I'Ve got a lot of new stuff has arrived. Roncam have sent me this. This is a a dual charger for the batteries that they're increasingly using in their camera. So if you've got one of the run, cam cameras with a removable removable battery, you no longer have to mess around charging the battery in the camera. You can actually get some spare batteries and charge them separately, that's a brilliant idea, because i get really annoyed when i go out and i've got a camera and the battery goes flat and then i've got a. The camera is out of action, while i'm recharging, the battery or i've, got to swap batteries in and out of the camera just to charge them. This is quite a good idea. I don't know what it's worth going to have a look on the runcam website. You'Ll find it i will be reviewing it, it runs from usb. It has usbc and micro usb input, but the cable is usb micro. They don't give you the usbc, cable, Umm, yeah i'll be looking at that review. Coming up now. Also more interesting, perhaps for most is this shark bite? Sí, i know i've got shark bite. I'Ve got the the shark bite. I'Ve got two shark bites now there's a difference. This is the single board shark bite, transmisor de vídeo, the smaller one which a lot of people are putting on craft as small as 85 mils little tiny, whoops and things, and i can't get it out of the box.

So it'll never get reviewed now, never mind but i'm. Very keen to have a look at this now nick burns has looked at this. A few other people have looked at this. I think this is going to be one of the strengths of the shark bite system. The fact that you can put it on tiny, tiny little craft, where even the dj or the sorry, the cadex vista, will end up being too heavy. So we'll. Look at that it's going to find a connect, an antenna with a ufl connector, because i'm going to pull one off one of my cadets as i don't have those lying around so that's great that's coming up you'll be seeing that pretty shortly and then another thing That happened, you remember, the jumper made the little um jumper t8 and 12s or something well look. Ver, it looks like anything. Jumper can do, radiomaster think they can do better and so far well, they've been pretty good at that. So this is the radiomaster t12x and the specs this is hd. Hopefully you can read that if you want to pause and read all the specs they're there it's not surprising, and i was thinking um. What else can we? Sabes? Transmitters we've got so many of them now. We'Ve got jumper and we've got radio masks. We'Ve got radio, king and they're all so much the same, and when i got this and i opened it up and i had a look inside, i was gon na say it.

Realmente. I finally thought hey. This is something that i can use something that may be useful to me now. I'M gon na do the full review on this very shortly stay tuned for that and i'll tell you why. I think this is quite a really good product and it has actually. This may become another one of my most used products if it works as advertised i'll. Te diré por qué, but recently in a video stream, i got asked a question. It was a really good question. Someone who's bought a jumper, says well or a radio master, but i bought a one of these open, tx multi protocol things that said what's the best receiver to use. What should i be buying for a receiver, and i had to stop and think for a while. Now you can buy free sky, Claro, but you don't know what you're going to get i mean. Is it acc st acc st2? Is it x? Es? What is it d16? Is it d8 free skies seem to be changing protocols and things there's, no guarantees that this free sky product is going to work with that freesky product anymore and freesky, with the new access system did really don't care, what they say, but they did try and lock. Other vendors out of compatibility with their transmitters until the market screamed loudly at them, but i know that jumper have made some receivers i'm going to be reviewing those shortly.

They seem to be pretty damn good. I'Ve had no problems with them whatsoever, pero, como dije, anything jumper can do. Radiomaster does better, they reckon and so ready muster, have dropped this bag of receivers on me and there's a whole different raft of receivers here all using the freesky d8 or d16 protocol, which is good because these will work with my old radios and they'll work. With my new jumper or my new radio master transmitter so i'm picking, these are going to be very, very popular, because these are the i was looking at buying some new receivers. These are exactly what i want um. I would not buy a new free sky receiver that burnt their bridge in my book that no i mean it was great product when it came in, but they just now, they're not focused on the hobby, they're focused on their profits. Esto es genial. I mean there's. Everything you could want here, we got a little was it's a six channel, pwm receiver and i think it's also got s bus out, it's a full size, 8 channel receiver with sbus out as well as the different channels. We'Ve got what we've got here. This is another six channel receiver with s bus, rssi and a whole lot of other stuff. We'Ve got a four channel. A basic pwm receiver with long antennas, which should be quite good, should be a full range receiver. I would think we've got a 6i, which is an s.

Bus receiver, with smart port, muy pequeño, very light. We'Ve got an r8 c6. I don't know what this is like: yeah that's, a smaller version of that other one. Is it i haven't looked here. This is the r eight eight, and this is the r6c. Oh, this is a six channel and this is an eight channel so that yeah, but your sport for choice. Lo que tenemos aquí: here's a micro here's, a micro receiver. This i don't know what i don't know: what they're calling that one, but it's tiny and they're all full range receivers so there's. Finalmente, we do have choice, because you know these things a pending review. You know these things are likely to work with any uh existing old, cielo libre, radio or any of the new multi protocol radio set. Esto es genial. This is fantastic. This is what has been missing. Is this choice of of really good optional receivers from from not from freesky but using the d8 and the d16 protocols, which i really like i mean they seem to work those protocols work just fine, now frisk. I said there was a bug. There was a bug which could cause crashing, but in my entire use of the fresco system i have only one crash that i couldn't attribute to a known cause, and i don't know what that was. But it may have been that bug, but one in what 10 years i don't know it's a big ask it's, and these are just great fantastic.

Such a variety such a wide range, Excelente, Excelente, Excelente, so i'll be reviewing these with a priority, because i know a lot of people are going to be interested now there are pre release pre production samples, so there may be a few bugs, in which case i Will report them back to radio master and i'm sure they will fix them sort them out, but so far radiomaster seems to be doing a damn good job. They they are the in my book. They are the new fresco. They are the company that is listening to customers and delivering what customers want and that's how you win the hearts of the customers and that's how you stay in business for the long term, so excellent. Gracias, radio master, so look my my plate is full we've. Had uh really bad weather here recently, the only reason i know that today is the first day of summer is because the rain and the wind is warmer, but it's still windy and it's still been raining. So tomorrow is supposed to be a little bit of a break in the weather. I may get an opportunity to get out there and get some of this stuff in the air which is really important and if you're interested in shark bite, Claro, which most people are stay tuned. Because i ran a poll on my ex channel and i asked people they wanted me to look into the technical differences between sharkbite and dji, and there are some very interesting technical differences, there's more than one way to skin a cat there's more than one way to Make digital, fpv and dji has taken one route.

Fat shark has taken another route. Each of those systems has its pros and cons which most people know about by now, but i want to explain why, por ejemplo, fat shark has lower latency and why dji has undoubtedly a better quality image, y así, when you understand that it'll help you make that Purchasing decision, i hope so stay tuned for that. Mientras tanto, gracias por ver, i appreciate your your support and i will now clear the bench get on with the detailed reviews of these products. If you've got questions anything you want to know about any of the products that i've shown you here today, then please ask and i will do my best. Oh i almost forgot. There is one other product that i will be reviewing too, and that is the sky stars: UH, basically it's a stack it's, un 401 esc and flight control. The esc is rated to. Let me just read this um peak current 80 Amperios, 60 amps continuous, so that's, a pretty pretty robust bit of a four on one esc. We'Ll see how that goes. The flight controller also looks very well spec, so this will be a very interesting product to review.