Is that it's all carbon fiber. It has no gears in here it's a brushless motor in the front 250 Vatio, motor sin escobillas, all internal, so that makes it all waterproof and I'm able to ride it in the rain or on dry conditions, and I have no inflatable tires on here as well. So I don't have to worry about popping a tire I can pretty much ride over grass concrete anything I want to ride over and not worry about. Popping tires with my other scooter that I have the zom em3 65. I popped a tire and had to wait a couple months to get another inner tube for it, and it was not easy to fix. It was actually really extremely hard to get the tire back on the room, but with this one I don't have to worry about it, because the tires are solid and it's a lot lighter than the m3 65. So let's go ahead and go out on the streets and give this one a demo. Bien, here we go we're gon na go out and test out this s3 carbon fiber scooter. I just wanted to show you a shot of this Fork. Real quick and the batteries are all inside there, it's 6600 milliamp batteries. It has electromagnetic braking and electronic throttle on the right hand, side there. You can see that step brake on the back and it has a little sort of a little LED tail light. That'S.

Like motion activated, sometimes when I move it around it lights up even with the scooters off, but this scooter rides more like a more like a skateboard, I want to say it's. You can feel the road on this one, but it does have two little shocks in the very front. I think without those, so it would probably ride a lot harder on the road, but it does feel a lot like a skateboard compared to my m3 65 Scooter. It has inflatable tires, but this one's funyou just have to pay a lot more attention when you're riding this one I'm just playing around with a little curb there, but you do have to pay attention when you're riding on the road I'm, not sure I would Ride this at night it does have a really nice super bright, LED on the front, probably even brighter than some of the the lights on bikes. But you do have to pay attention because these handlebars will swivel all the way around so now, I'm, just stopping by a great place for Coffee Extract. Oh I'm gon na go in here and it's nice because it's such a small scooter that you can pretty much walk in any businesses and no one really cares. It'S, not like walking your bike inside somewhere and I'm down to about half a battery right there. Just cruising uphill to get to this place, maybe I'll switch gears. allí. 1 2 3 tiene 3 engranajes de.

I was in gear 1 when I first started, and that was really disappointing to me because it went super slow on gear 1, and I thought, oh man this. This is not fun, but when I got up to gear 3, then I was really able to move out, y éste, Yo diría que, goes uphill better than my m3 65, which is kind of interesting, because I guess, since this one's lighter the power to weight Ratio is a little better, maybe and I'm able to go right uphill. Now here I let my friend that's over 200 pounds ride ds3 and he was able to go right here: he's, going downhill and he's gon na turn around and he's going to come back uphill, and this is just a very gradual incline, but he was still able To get on this one and move out, I think if he was full throttle on a flat surface, he would be able to go grab a slice of pizza or weird even get to work if he was nearby and he was being a little bit light on The throttle he wasn't super aggressive with it, so he was kind of being careful a little bit but a nice riding scooter and since it is super light, it's 14 pounds so it's about half the weight of my other scooter, my m3 65 and on the sidewalks Right here I wanted to ride down this street right here, para ustedes chicos, because it's kind of narrow, through here and there's, a lot of tourists and people walking around.

So I was able to actually be able to cruise on the sidewalk and just kind of go around people. They don't even really notice that I'm there, which was kind of neat I'm, just cruising up here and maneuvering around more people, tons of people in this section right through here people hanging out, but like a bike, I probably wouldn't ride a bike on the sidewalk through Here because you just wouldn't, be able to stop as quick, you just take one foot off and you're stopped, but I guess I guess the overall range on this is about seven miles. This guy was doing some really nice artwork here, it's a good day for painting little graffiti, but it really is a cool looking scooter and I think the most beneficial part of the scooter is that if the motor dies, the batteries die at 21.5. You'Re gon na be able to kick this one and it really does move easily since it's so light. You can ride it like a regular scooter. You won't have any problem with that. The m3 65 is a lot more sluggish. So you really wouldn't want to lose your battery out on the other scooter, but this one has a lot of pros and cons versus you know the other scooter that I haveand I think the biggest con is that are the biggest Prois that you can Push this one and it's a lot lighter. So if you wanted to take this one in your work, charge it up in about four hours and you would be able to get home with this one, so not bad for the price I think they're under you can get it under 400 with the coupon deal.

But thanks for checking this one out, this one was a lot of fun.