The Lume Cube Air Contest Winner is

Saying the Lume Dice Air Contest Winner. A BIG Thanks to everybody who participated. Go to the Lume Dice website for extra data on merchandise: https://lumecube.com/

Need an OSMO POCKET? Free Transport, No taxes & No Obligation whenever you order from right here: https://click on.dji.com/AHar29XdiI1PDgEs4Pha5A?PM = hipervínculo&as=0001

31 Comentarios
  1. Congrats Zach and thanks to you Steve at Captain Drone and Trevor at Lume cube for a great contest giveaway.
    Lefty G

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Zach Dawson.💐

  3. Have fun with the cube Zach!

  4. Congrats Zach.
    And a happy new year to everybody

  5. I liked your contest, and even more, I really liked how you announced it this way. That was a unique and refreshing touch. Most of the time we have no idea who (if anyone) won a given drawing, so big time kudos to the Captain! Class act, como siempre.

  6. Congrsts Zach!!! Use it well !!!

  7. Gracias… And congrats to the winner….

  8. Plzplzplz can u gift me a sponsored drone u have or any thing plz becouse I can't get a good one in good price in India hope u understand

  9. Congratulations Zachthanks for the free giveaway Captain 🙂

  10. What about the audiothat was probably not from the Osmowas it?

  11. I don't think the random picker worked Rite! JK

  12. Congrats Zach😀 enjoyed that,well done Captain 😁

  13. Congratulations Zack. Happy New Year everyone!🎉🎉🎉🎉

  14. After playing this video over and over again…. I come to the conclusion that this random method you used is a BIG fail…. it didn't pick MY name 😳😳😳

  15. Zach’s answer didn’t include the warm colors though

  16. Hey, great work you are doing here? POR CIERTO, what lens do you use on your 80D? I have many Canon-L lenses myself, but none of them cost more than $2500. In your video, you said your lens costs 8 times as much as the osmo pocket, which would be $2800. My most expensive is the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L USM ii, but even that isnt $2800. I was just wondering what lens you are using. Gracias!

  17. Congrats winner Zach, enjoy your Lume Cube and Happy New Year 2019 everybody! 🎄🌟

  18. Review xiomi fimi a 3 por favor…thx😀😀

  19. I couldn't help myself that little Red Ah Selfie Drone I think it may be called, it was punchy and on sale!!!Thanks for the word!!
    Nice Deal!!

  20. The difference between the two streams is illuminating. Happy New Year Cap't!!

  21. Hola Señor. Have you tried to fly a mavic with the Lume Cube Air on? I have been told that the magnets will confuse the drone, which I’m sad to hear. These lights are so much lighter than the old so should allow more flying time. 🤞🏻crossed that you have and that you can debug this

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