SQUARE FOLDABLE MINI DRONESMRC S1 – Informe & Versión parcial de programa

Usted debe comprar este drone aquí:
código de cupón: A9331 ($6.99 de)

Segunda RC:
código de cupón: A3748 (obtener 10% de cualquier orden con este codigo promocional)

14 Comentarios
  1. Not bad little drone at all . Nice review and demo also flying .

  2. thanks a lot for sharing this interesting device 👍😉

  3. looks really cool i orded the JD-20 drone you had on here im in Alabama it took like a month to get here but i got it yesterday i love it it is fun it is NO DJI but it is fun i may get on of these thanks Marc Nichols Birmingham Alabama

  4. Are extra batteries available? Where a d how much?

  5. Tiempo de vuelo? is it good enough? İ need 5-6 min 🙂

  6. Hola, I need to know if you have a wifi camera and if you sell separately from the drone, I need a camera. Could you pass me the site for camera purchases and cell support?

  7. Nice recovery in the beginning!!!

  8. It is nice and I want to buy it. Please let me know from where to buy it

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