Me equivoqué, throw it up and hitting the ground dot. They give a five second timer and must be thrown up by the five second cracked one prop before i even got to fly overall, truly amazing indoors. Mi robot de día lluvioso, another leeson, is only fly during the day outside very hard to see and will drift best buy had a sale for 79 worth it totally recommend it. I will be doing a video review in a month or so not ever. Bluetooth controller will work currently doing a trial and error on a few. I have already i post another comment when i get a video uploaded hope to get my quality up there soon, thanks for your great job new sub and get extra props batteries and charger having purchased a dji mavic and not traveling with it, because i feared it Would be damaged dollar dollar dollar? I thought i’d. Try the tello out since it had gotten pretty good reviews and seemed to be potable and cheap enough to take on my world travels without much fear if it got damaged or confiscated.