He said overall, he is very pleased. Decent quality picture for the price very portable, so far easy to fly, exceed my expectations. Great price awesome and fun experience Music, Estoy, a first time user of any drone. So i wanted a startup drone, make sure you read the instructions carefully or it can get very confusing it’s. A very small drone. I don’t know how big drones are usually, but the body fits, in my small hand, it’s super lightweight, so any movement in the remote turns it really quickly. The remote is bigger than the drone itself and it has a pull down latch to hold your phone it’s. Very sturdy and retracts to squeeze your phone in place the app i haven’t played too much with the app yet so i’m, not sure how to record. I did my recording with the screen record function on the iphone. The app does show you in real time what the drone sees Music that’s, what i’ve recorded, hopefully it’s viewable first flight. I flew the drone from my patio. It takes off very fast and i almost crashed it into the wooden column from my porch lol. I recovered it quickly, but only because i reviewed the controls right before flying. The left is for up down or left right turning rotating and the right is for forward backwards or left right side flying initially it kept driving to the side instead of just floating. But i just had to mess with the controls a bit to stabilize it after that it just floats up slowly.

It really can get confusing. So you have to practice a bit. I flew it around a bit trying to get it to fly back to me, but it really seems so fast. Sometimes so i crashed it into my hammock about a minute in lol. It shut off immediately. The manual says: it’ll shut off the engine when it dips 45 grados, which was confirmed it shut off as soon as it started hanging off the hammock i’m gon na. Try it again when i take my dog to the park, so i don’t have be worried about crashing it into objects. Tldr it’s, a good startup drone, easy enough to fly just need careful, calm hands definitely needs a big field for first time users. Camera quality is pretty okay, super fun to use and play with perfect size and lightweight enough to get around the heavier drone flying restrictions. This was my first drone and, as my go to drone for practicing Music, the remote is adequate and responsive. There is a downloadable app, but i prefer to fly without it. You can take photos video with the remote so long as the app is connected via wi fi to the quad picture and video quality isn’t bad though this drone really shouldn’t be purchased for high quality images and video.