The antenna range extender is designed for the standard, dji controller absent from this package and is not adjustable to fit the smart controller, Lo contrario, Estoy. Pretty glad about this bundle. Música. I was worried at first buying online, i tried to buy it best, Compro, but best buy elsewhere came quick and everything was there. En cuanto a los aviones no tripulados, es asombroso, i lost it once and was lyco and he, but then it said returning to home so easy to fly. The backpack and storage box are cheap. Knowing what i know now, i would buy the drone without the accessories kit then buy the cases and backpack of better quality. Two would not buy the fly more kit. The smart controller will not fit in the bag. That comes with the kit. I had to purchased a better backpack and storage case. It would have been cheaper in the long run to buy the accessories. I needed slash wanted and not this kit good package for the price i paid everything was there. The factory seal was broken on my bundle, which was nerve wracking issues i had with a range extender, does not work with smart controller, clearly stated on extender box for mavic pro. The backpack is very cheesy and small. Definitely would not amazing the technology packed into the small of a drone. The smart controller is by far the best controller i’ve ever used 100 times better than using a phone or tablet. Now after using the smart controller, i totally understand why it’s called a smart controller.

Is basically a computer that has joysticks on it absolutely amazed by the quality of g products? I totally believe they are putting out the best drone products on the market, as always the mavic 2 pro is so impressive. All the small added features you can use while flying still finding features that blow me away super user friendly. I love this package deal the little kids backpack that comes with the bundle is kind of pointless other than that is an amazing aircraft for fun or filming. Unbelievable range with the smart controller have had it out over five miles 900 pies para arriba, love it can’t get enough flight time in on it really Music. I unfortunately did not not a big deal, but i may have missed out on the opportunity to purchase the dji fresh insurance policy it’s, a bargain, in that you are eligible for up to two drone replacements in a year period at a relatively inexpensive price. You have to purchase the insurance before you register or within 48 hours of doing so they do offer a third way, which involves video, recording yourself, performing specific function, tests send video and they will decide if you qualify stay tuned Music. This is an outstanding and very capable drone, but requires some time to learn about its use and many features.