Solo USTED ES Responsable/Responsable cuando Droning – Last Week's Drone Drama (TFR y FTAviator)

As drone operators, all of us have a accountability to fly safely and competently, inside the necessities of airspace regulation and fundamental widespread sense, however final

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  1. What were your thoughts on these two videos/incidents, comment below with your thoughts and be sure to hit SUBSCRIBE! And remember trolls, smash that dislike button because admission of your problem is the first step to recovery

  2. I think you made some very good points!

  3. I saw the posts on here from Billy Kyle and i thought better of him before now. He has lost me as a sub. I have no time for people ( or anyone like him ) that obviously have no regard for rules. People like him are why the drone rules around the world are becoming much more strict. And to think he is a licenced drone pilot and should know better. Though if i remember right he lost his Mavic 2 pro in the sea because he flew it to far away.

  4. Well Done Ash as always!

    This kind of people is the reason why EASA is gonna restrict the rules alot for private users at 2020.
    Most of the people flying drones isnt even aware of notam and airspace in general.
    A small drone can make a chopper or an airplane crash.
    Its not a toy, consider it like an airplane because thats What professional pilots do.

  5. Instead of sinking it could they have sent it back to the takeoff point?

  6. Everybody makes mistakes that's just life.

  7. As usual, well said 👏👏👏

  8. Sound advise Ash👍😎
    If I was testing a new product like that, it would be flown at very close quarters with my finger poised to land at any sign of error👍😎
    I certainly wouldn't leave a panicky, swearing, shouting sound track on a video if something went wrong!😯😮 😊😁 I'd heavily edit it and remove such nonsense (Not that I would panic anyway!😎👍) and add a calmer, informative voice over during edit! 😎👍😁
    But from a comedic perspective it was quite entertaining😁😊

  9. Ceniza, have been a sub for some time now and have enjoyed every episode, great info and commentary however calling viewers "trolls" simply because they disagree or did not like your opinions therefore gave the episode a thumbs down is kind of harsh imo. Mantener el gran trabajo !

  10. 98 percent of the people making youtube videos ,are showing videos of them clearly breaking the rules , now if the ffa wanted to fine them they could, and most have flown or are flying dji drones , what if . dji just start landin the drones they fly right then where ever they are flying ,I have watched thousands 0f youtube and vimeo videos , y 99 pecent of them have broken some rules, y 80 percent of them was using dji drones, all these hypocrites ,and so called law abiding drone operators 99 percent of them or liars and the truth aint in them. My point is if your going to auto land a drone for not following the rules dji, then land all the drones that break the rules . If you who are are perfect , and never made a mistakes , let them shoot down , them shoot down the first drone.

  11. Spot on! Great explanation! 🙂

  12. Seemingly "DJI said their Teams are working on the TFR logic adjustment now." since Drone X Factor post.

  13. im very suprised to see my responsibility comment on such a large channel im humbled but im also very proud that someone may learn about our responsibilities as aviators and content creators. We have a large resposability that comes with the power we have. If we dont take it seriously our hobby will be taken from us and i can not allow that. BIG THUMBS UP TO YOU MY BROTHER DRONER.

  14. buen video, not sure about the auto land, the drone could land on someone, return to home would be safer, or a warning about TFR as a message on your controller, is'nt only DJI drones that auto land, what about the others, seems a bit one sided, a DJI drone is one of the safest drones to fly, if a TFR triggered a RTH i cant see a problem, i know you said its the law, but if a drone landed on you who do you sue, DJI or the operator

  15. Fundamentally disagree that blos is necessarily irresponsible, whilst it is often illegal. It is considered illegal in most places but we should not be accepting this as a community. The first incident demonstrates how modern tech has dramatically reduced the risk of any incidents even in the worst of circumstances.

  16. A lot to take from this, great education as always 👍🏻👨🏻‍✈️

  17. As a pilot of manned aircraft, and unmanned ones, I'm all for bringing the existing legacy of safety over to unmanned stuff. Yes it's less fun than just buying a flying toy and launching it out of the box, but those who can be bothered to take responsibility for their actions and go through the process of becoming proficient are rewarded with pretty much unlimited freedom of the skies. You need to know the rules, and you need to know how your machine works – OMI, that's no different if you're in it or not. Gran contenido, I enjoy your intelligent commentary on the drone/UAV hobby.

  18. vuelo 4 freaking flying blades indoors ? well that's smart. What about your own safety and other people around you in the house ?

  19. Profesional, or careless and clueless!

    I think Bill should of watched Ken's experience with that aviator controller, now he did it right!

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