Drone let’s. Do it won’t you wait for me, Hola, chicos, thanks for stopping by always appreciate it, it’s good to see you. So if this is your first time here, my name is keith and this is alien drones. I do a lot of drone tech, photography tips and tutorials and industry news and, if that’s something that’s of interest to you, you might want to hit the subscribe button and the notify bell that way. Voy a, let you know when there’s some new content that might be of interest to you, so let’s get right to it. The review of the new ah15 snaptane drone. It is a smaller drone. I hesitate to call it a toy drone, but it is a toy drone. In the sense that it does not have gps and it has a non gimbalized camera, but it does have a camera just the same and it does have some altitude hover and some other things like that. So it is not too bad for the price. But what i’m going to do is i’m going to go through it, rápida, take it out for a fly and then we’re gon na go through all the details, UH. Some of the things that i found that were pretty good for this price point and some that were not so great. En mi opinión, dicho esto, let’s just get into it now i don’t typically like to do much for unboxings, so i’m going to pull this out and just show you briefly what’s in the box and then i’m going to go into the parts right away.

So here we go here are all the parts, so we have the main component, which is the drone itself, which is a foldable type drone. So it looks like such uh, not a bad looking little uh uav here let’s set up here, so we have the remote next, which it takes three triple a batteries. It does not come with rechargeables uh we’ll talk about that a little more and it comes with some other accessories. Viene con. Two batteries also comes with some extra props here, uh quite a few, some extra screws, que siempre es agradable, because these uh props are screwed on a couple of chargers, que es agradable, two chargers, instead of just one and a little screwdriver for the props, and it Also works on the remote there’s, a cover on the back of it that screws it into place, so that gives us a little screwdriver as well. Also on the back here we do have a little carrying case for the little felt pad case, que es un poco agradable. Bien, and we do have the instruction manual comes with it, so that is the uh unboxing uh for me. Por lo tanto, first i’m, going to start with the manual and before you click away uh, usually we throw these away uh they’re, not good there’s, not useful information in here. Afortunadamente, snaptan has done a really good job with this other drone manufacturers could take a cue from this. It is small in size, but the information is concise and relevant.

It shows you how to assemble the drone. It shows you what the buttons are on the remote and what each one means they go through the app and what all the buttons are and how they operate. And what to do gives you a troubleshooting section. It is actually very good, so i would recommend, take this manual and run through it. It does give a lot of relevant information it’s just going to be a five minute, read but good stuff and keep it around for reference next we’re actually going to start with the uv itself. The drone itself is not too bad. It is heavy enough that it is going to require registration with the faa in the united states here. So looking at the underside of the drone here we do have a camera. The camera does have a cap on it, so make sure if you’re going to take this out and do some video or some pictures you take that off it kind of blends in so it’s easy thing to miss. So if you’re not getting any video or image at all, you might want to check see if you have that on though it is just a manual tilt on here, is not adjustable once you’re in the air so make sure and adjust that where you want it Before you take off further underneath the drone here is the one battery i already did put uh the battery in uh one of the batteries uh.

So they kind of slide out here, i’ll pop that out of here you can see it pops back uh, por lo que hay, two of these batteries here pops in like so goes in and then snaps into place. They say the flight time is about uh, eight or nine minutes or so uh, so we’ll double check. We'Ll. Take that out and see what kind of flat time we get per battery it’s pretty cold. Hoy. I think it’s about 20 por debajo de cero, with wind chill so i’m, not going to be standing out there too long, but we’ll see how it goes. So they did say in the manual that the cold temperatures does affect the flight time. So we’ll see how that goes. Also on the bottom of the drone itself, a couple things i want to mention uh one is that, even though it looks like these, these may be brushless housings. They are not. These are brushed motors and what that means is you’re going to have a brushes around theirs they’re, not going to be quiet, they’re not going to be as robust long term. So this is a drone that isn’t going to have the longevity of one with a brushless motor and also when you look underneath here, you’re actually going to see exposed gears. So that means they have a little motor here running and this is going to turn a gear which is going to then uh translate into the motion of the props.

Por lo tanto, of course those gears are going to have a limited lifetime as well, and i can see through here, they’re just white plastic, so these gears are not replaceable so once they strip off or if you run into a few things and you start to damage them, You won’t be able to repair them, so the the drone then is going to be garbage so far. I know we’re not quite done yet, but if you have found anything of use or value or something that you didn’t know before, take a second and click that, como botón, i always appreciate it does help the channel grow. So please take a moment and do that and then we’ll continue so the remote itself. Uh is not bad. It feels pretty good in the hand. Uh has a little arm here. That comes up, so you can mount your device in it has a little spring loaded kind of catch with that again, the remote is something that i think some other manufacturers could take. A cue fromand that is every single button on here is labeled what it is right on the front now that is really nice plus, of course you have the sticks, the sticks feel pretty good, they don’t feel super cheesy and weak. They actually have a good tactile feedback, so so not bad at all, no está mal en absoluto. So to keep this short we’re going to do two things here. First we’re going to connect the drone to the remote and we’re just going to fly it that way no device attached now you don’t need the device to fly it.

It flies perfectly fine that way using the sticks. There is no benefit to using the device other than it gives you a couple of extra funky functions that honestly, i probably wouldn’t use anyway, and it also does give the option to record pictures and video and those will be stored to your device. There is no card in the drone itself there or in the remote or anything like that. It just records directly to your phone so to connect the drone it’s real, simple we’re, going to take the drone itself, always turn the drone on. Primero, you have a button here, we’re going to press this button, hold it in for a couple of seconds and on it comes, you can see these lights flashing when they flash uh fast like this lets. You know that it is not connected. So we’re gon na set this down there we go and then we’re gon na turn the remote on now the remote we don’t need this up here. The remote has an on off button simply going to turn. This on has a little flashing red light up here. When it is on, we are going to stick left. Stick up left, stick down that will sync us up we’re, going to go ahead and do that and you’ll notice that the lights will change and go to solid. Now the remote is connected to the drone. So right now we could take off with this, and if we actually did this, we could you can see here we’re.

We could start to stop this right now we could take off and go up. It would make a mess inside of the studio here, but that’s all there is to it. We can take this out right now and we can fly it with one exception. You always want to do a reset first and there’s a reset button here. Let me just push and hold this button, so this allows to have the drone kind of calibrate so that it would keep stable. So you always want to do that on flat ground. If you do it kind of crooked it’s going to set the stabilization in there and the hover mode or the altitude hold and you’re constantly fighting it so make sure you reset this on level ground. Por lo tanto, in its most basic form, then we do have the drone connected to the remote and uh. It is solid lights, so we know that it’s indeed connected and we’ve reset it so that we know the stabilization should be pretty good when we go outside so let’s. Just take it outside we’re gon na run it around and see what happens. It’S really cold, so it’ll be a quick few flights, but we’ll just see how it works and then we’ll come back in and we’ll finish off. The review. So here we are outside is a cold one out here, i’m gon na try to make this quick and keep in mind that this is a review of the basic functions.

Does it fly, does it work at all? Is it controllable or is it a waste of money, uh we’re not going to go through all the exact details of every button, try out every little function in the app see if it works as a full tutorial, i will put a link in the description, though So if you want more go ahead, click that it’ll take you on through and you can see. Sin embargo, people are using some of those weird functions and see if they work for them. So what we’re going to do is just get this started by connecting it first. Así que aquí vamos. I would always recommend uh taking a small drone like this and starting it up basically indoors or someplace covered, because if you start it up and there’s something defective right out of the box and a thing just goes wild and you have no control well. Now you’ve got this thing uh out in the air space uh if you’re outside. So i already did started up inside just for a couple moments to make sure it hovered and it was pretty good so i’m out here outside. But again i am not going to go higher than the trees here, because with these types of drones that have a limited range, if it does disconnect, i want it to hit something rather than fly in the air space and then have it land on the highway Or get near a helicopter or something so it’s really cold, así que estoy, going to do that i’m going to keep below the trees on purpose for that, and i would recommend that you do that as well.

Okay and the drone is flashing here, so we know that we’re powered up we’re going to power the remote next there’s a power button here, we’re just going to do that. Bien, we’re powered next thing, you’re going to do is we’re going to link this so we’re going to go ahead up down. Get that linked good next thing. We’Re going to do is hit the reset button, hold it that calibrates the drone of the imu. If you’re used to those types of functions just to try to get it level and make sure it’s, Bien, so we’re going to hold that it beeps the drone it’s hard to see here, but the lights stopped flashing and they’re now solid. So now that we got it solid uh, we should be ready to go there’s a couple ways. You can do that we can hit the uh take off button here and it should take off automatically or uh. We could actually drop the sticks out down and out, and it should start and then we can raise it normally i’m just going to go ahead and do a take off right now, with the button get it started there. We go okay and i’m having to pull on it a little bit here, uh to keep it in place, but but not too bad, no está mal. So i’m gon na go up a little bit and if you do have a drift around like it’s doing here, UH, if you do have it drift around uh, you can use these trim buttons and that’s.

What i’m going to do now is to try to trim it out it’s, pretty pretty calm it’s, not very windy out here, so it shouldn’t take too much there. We go now we’re getting closer so now, we’re trimmed that’s, Bien, no está mal en absoluto. Es! Actually doing a pretty good job, i mean for uh for a small drone it’s, Bien, Bien, En absoluto. Bien, ningún problema no, so we do have a little bit of a little bit of trim here, it’s a little bit wild, but really for one of these small drones like this. It isn’t too bad at all, it’s doing a pretty good job. I have to say we’re going to drop the phone on here and open the app and record that a little bit. So you can see what the camera and the video sees and i’ll go through a couple of the things on here, pero de nuevo, it’s really cold. So i’m going to keep this limited out here today, but at least you’re going to be able to see what it is and the wind is picking up a little bit, which is making it harder too so it’s, Probablemente 20 degrees below zero here with the windshield. Por lo tanto, i’m going to keep this a little short, but i will put the phone on here so you can see what that looks like i’ll. Try to do a screenshot and we’ll go from there and the lights are now solid, so we can go ahead and take off and we’re just going to go ahead and do a automatic take off here using the remote let’s go ahead and do that and there We go not bad at all.

Now you can see what i’m seeing here so i’m going to trim this just a little and let’s go take a little bit of a flight. Here we go now when the wind does catch it. It does does push it around. Claro, with the weight, so there we go let’s pull her back here. Wind is getting pretty strong, so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Get this thing ended up going someplace we don’t want it to go: Bien, Bien, Muy bien! So let’s go warm up our fingers a little bit and finish out this review all right. Bien, i have to say it was cold out there. I am frozen, my fingers are cold, but it did perform pretty well uh. It was a little dicey, UH. I went back and forth a few times, as you saw in that piece of the video, but overall it did fly uh. Is it uh perfect, UH, no uh but again, for i think it’s 79 UH? Is it worth that so far, uh it’s pretty good. If you wanted to learn how to fly and uh didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a an expensive drone, or had some kids that you wanted to kind of get them into the hobby, and you wanted to see if they liked it or not. Before you spent five six hundred dollars a thousand dollars on a much more expensive drone, it’s a pretty good starter drone, it really is it’s.

Not bad i’ve had some other ones that honestly, they really sucked uh you couldn’t keep them on the ground. They were just constantly flopping upside down losing connection uh. I did get about eight minutes out of the battery when i put a full one in uh. The phone does snap into the remote here. It does pop in here uh now. One thing i think they could have done a heck of a lot better. Is that with my case onand i have a pretty skinny case – UH? Sí, it does go in here, but there is no way i would rely on it sticking uh in there. It pops out very quick just like that very quick and there’s. No little lip on the bottom, so there’s no way i’d take a thousand dollar phone and uh dump it in here it’s gon na fall out. I did take the cover off and it’s better, but even that it’s kind of uh, a weak connection, so just be really careful. If you’re going to use the your phone in here that when you put it in here, es, not the greatest holder here, i don’t know if you want to put a rubber band around it or something. But i would be really squeamish that you bump this and it’s going to fall on the ground, Hay, no cables or anything to hold it so that’s kind of a miss. I think it’s pretty simple to design this, so the phone doesn’t fall out.

Snaptan needs to do a little bit better job with that, en mi opinión, so something else i wanted to mention that i wasn’t the greatest fan of, and that is the battery underneath uh. It you’re supposed to push a tab here on the bottom and then slide it out and it just i can’t get it to move. I ended up sticking a knife or trying to jam my fingernail in here trying to move it. It was just too tight. Now maybe uh you could put a little bit of silicone or something on it or with wear or use. Maybe it will get better, but yeah in, en mi opinión, it’s kind of a miss um. So when you’re trying to do this, i i mean you end up pressing so hard that you almost break the body of the drone trying to get it out of there so i’m, not a big fan. allí. We go okay, so i did get it out of there and you see it’s just supposed to drop down and slide over, not very easy, so i think they had a miss on that, pero es, something i think if you fooled with a little bit or maybe Siliconed it or something it might be a little better but uh right from the right from the factory it’s uh, probably not the greatest all right. So that is my quick review on the new ah15 drone from snaptane. It is not a bad little starter.

Drone at all, it did operate, it did control the trim. Controls did work nice. It is not a professional drone by any means it does not have. The gimbal does not have gps and does not have professional camera specs, which are the three for me that really kind of make the difference between kind of more of a toy uh, a recreational hobbyist type drone just for fun fly and one that you can actually Do some commercial work with so it’s, Bien? I will leave a link in the description if you want to know more about the details of the app how it flies problems that people had things like that. Go ahead and click through those links and you’ll get some more information that i may not have covered here so go ahead and do that. So if you found anything of use in this video or things you didn’t know before, please i urge you to click the like button. It does help the algorithm. Let youtube know that there was some use to it without your help. Youtube will never promote us and you’ll never see any content from this channel again. So if you do like the content that you see here, please click that, like it does help and it’s free. Lo prometo, and with that i don’t have anything more for you today.