Answering those questions. Obviously i have a keyboard here but i'm answering those questions till the wee hours of the morning and the reason i find that exciting is for two things really number one there's a ton of interest out there in this amazing hobby. There are people out there that have seen these quads flying they've got friends that fly they've, seen them on the news. Whatever it happens to be, they can't wait to buy one of these amazing flying machines and put it up in the air, but they're worried they're, worried about the rules in the future and what the faa is doing and they're watching the news and people are getting Yelled at because they're flying over properties, so they're not sure if it's something they want to get into having all those negative reports out there. So they're looking for some place that they can get that information and it's hard, sometimes because there's really, no one spot. You can go to to get all the answers. You need now i'm, not an expert on this, but i've been flying drones for an awful long time. I fly pretty much every drone in the market. I fly in commercial environments. I fly in residential environments, it's it's, a hobby that i've taken very very seriously and i've done my homework so i'm going to give you some rules of the road today sort of a new drone primer. If you will just to get, you started and then we're going to continue this series, where i'll walk through a couple of other clips, where i'll talk about the basics of how to fly.

I'Ll go through the rules in detail that are current with the faa today and i'll spend some time talking about the community, because one thing that's really great about this drone community is that it's a tightly knit group of fellow flyers there's a brotherhood out there and A sisterhood out there, where everybody kind of gets along there's, not a lot of cat, fighting and infighting and stuff. If you ask questions of any of the drone channels that are out there, they're going to give you a straight answer and i'm here to do the same. Pero lo más importante, i want you to understand i'm smiling, because it just gets me that giddy, how exciting this hobby is man there's, nothing like it now, i've played golf i've done. Other hobbies. I'Ve got a bunch of things. I do with boats in the shore and everything else. Nothing in my life gives me the joy that these guys do no matter what drone i'm flying to charge up a battery, put it up in the sky and look down over a beautiful section of the bay or a forest or a lake or whatever it happens. To be it's, just a joyful experience from the very beginning, and i promise you're going to feel that same joyful experience. So what i'm going to try to do today is answer some of your questions, because the worst thing for you to do is to go to somebody that doesn't really know the answers and then trust what they're telling you right there's a lot of new flyers out There that kind of know what's going on and it's almost like back when we were younger in high school or maybe even grade school.

When i would ask a friend about girls what that was all aboutand i couldn't trust any of the opinion that i got from those guys, but at that point in my life that's the only information i had so it seemed like the truth. So what i'm going to try to do today is give you the basics of a couple of different things, all the questions we get kind of fall into one of four categories and those are the rules. Everybody wants to know what the rules are because there's a lot of opinion out there about what the rules are now, what i'm going to focus on is the u.s. The countries outside of the us are different. You have to check with your local country to see what their rules are but i'm going to go by what the united states has right now with the faa specifically for the u.s, then the second part of it is the danger, because i get a ton of Questions about, if i put my drone up it's going to fly off on me and i'llnever see it again. That may be true, but there are things you can do to minimize that and again i've done clips on this explaining why flyaways happen, they're extremely rare. Most times when i have a flyaway situationand i talk to the pilot it'salways something they've donegoofy, they eat it in prep, right or they're, flying it crazy or they're, trying something they haven't done before it's, very rarely a technology issue.

So don't worry about the danger so much then i'll talk a little bit about the hassle. Now i don't mean that in a bad way. I know i sound negative here with all this stuff, but what i mean by the hassle is this: is a brand new technology right, it's it's no different than i wasn't around for this, but when we went from horses to horse and carriage to automobile, i guarantee You when the automobile showed up and you drove down a muddy, rutted roadthere were people that didn't like it. It was noisy it made smoke, come out the back you who were you driving that car down here, you know so there's there's push back on any new technology. This has got pushed back amazing push back from the public, because it's kind of scary technology i've said this before it's advanced well and well further than it should have in the short span of time that it's been around. These drones are so smart and so easy to fly nowadays that it scares a lot of people they're just not sure what they think about them, so the hassle factor is and i'll get into it in a minute. It'S other people's reaction to you flying and maybe even local municipalities, governments or beaches reaction to your flying. So i'll talk about that. The truth is you're in really good shape, because all of that kind of goes away. The faa is really the person in charge of the airspace and that counts from the ground to the heavens, so they're in charge of all that.

So any of the local municipalities that are trying to legislate that you can't fly there. It really doesn't doesn't work, so i'll get into that in a little bit and then the last part i'll talk about it's a fun because as a hobby it's hard to beat this because you can get into it for less than a hundred dollars, you can fly To your heart's content, you can fly all over the country and i know there's restrictions around nfcs and tfrs and you got to be careful where you fly and i'll explain what those terms are later, but literally 99 of the airspace is open to fly and, and You can fly it, so you got to get into the hobby and get out there just have fun with it and not worry so much about all the bad things that might happen because any activity you engage in any activity walking down the street. You could get hit in the head with a coconut knocked out, so there's dangers in everything we do in life. The benefits of this far outweigh any dangers or hassles that are out there all right. So let's start with the rules because that's, where there's a lot of confusion out there and i've, seen drone channels talk about the rules, and i see people violating the rules and they're not they're, not rules that are hard to abide by they're rules that are safety Rules just like we have with anything else, if you own a boat or a car or a motorcycle there's rules of the road.

Bien, these are rules of the sky that the faas put out there and they're very simple to follow and i'll go through these one. At a time and give you a little comment here in each of them, so the first rule is: you have to stay under 400 feet because there's manned aircraft that can't come below 500 feet so that 100 foot buffer between where you can fly and how low They can go, is a safety zone so keep it under 400 feet you'll be in good shape. You can't fly over people. You shouldn't fly over moving cars. You'Ve got to be very careful because they're worried if the drone out and falls out of the sky could bop somebody on the head. So just don't fly over people. Don'T fly over crowded beaches, stay away from people and enjoy flying your quad. The next one. Is you should register your quad? I know a lot of people are up in arms about. I don't want to register my quad what's with the registration. You register everything else important in your life, your car, your dog, your motorcycle. In some cases, your marriage license is a registration, so i'm, not a big fan of registration either, but registration for five dollars takes five minutes and you can fly as many quads as you want for that five dollars. It doesn't make a lot of sense not to register once you register your quad you've got to mark your quad and put that registration number on the outside, and the reason for that is let's, say you're doing something bad you're doing something you shouldn't do when the Drone comes down, they'll, be able to figure out who it is so.

Registration, it's kind of a responsibility if you're going to be flying every plane in the air has got a registration number on the tail. So these are really no different, so register your quad really important, uno, which i see drone channels violating all the time, and i don't understand why they would do this. We have a maximum distance. You can fly your quad, which is based on your visual line of sight, meaning you've got to keep the quad in your eyesight or in your eye line, and you can only fly it as far as you can see it now. Obviously the smaller quads like this are going to be really difficult to see even 100 Metros. When you get the bigger quads and you have a beacon on the back of them, you can see them a lot further out, but you have to maintain visual line of sight and the reasoning behind that is. If you fly beyond visual line of sight, even though you can see through the camera, you don't have a lot of peripheral vision, so there could be a helicopter coming from the side or from behind that you don't see and you got a collision. So visual line of sight is important to see the airspace where you're flying to know that there are no other approaching aircraft in that area that you may have a collision with. So i think that's a really important rule. Now i will tell you: the faa is considering and has done, testing for beyond visual line of sight flight and i think that's going to be coming in the next year or two but it's going to involve some other technologies in the drone to let you know There are other airplanes in the area, so that's that you can only fly in class g airspace that's a technical term.

What that essentially means is, you can fly everywhere. You can't fly close to airports without permission, so clash g airspace is pretty straightforward. The good thing is: if you fly some of the more sophisticated drones, especially the djis, they have built in no fly zone, protection and they'll. Let you know if you're in an area we shouldn't be flying now. I know a lot of people are opposed to that. They'Re thinking i should fly wherever i want to fly, you really can't. Do that. Try driving your car through a gate at a an air force base and see how far into the base you get so the no fly zones are areas that the faa has said. These are protected airspace. You shouldn't be flying your drone here, because they're prisons or nuclear power plants or they're some government building, or maybe even a city like new york city, where they don't want drones flying the faas, approved those areas as no fly zones nfz's and you shouldn't be flying Your drones there so fly it in class g airspace if you've got a dji drone it'll warn you, if you're getting close to that and tell you to stop flying and in some cases, it'll even land, the drone and let you enter that airspace. Another thing you have to be aware of, in addition to the nfcs are things called tfrs or temporary flight restrictions, and those are things that the faa will issue if there's some kind of vip movement or, if there's, a big stadium event.

So if there's a world series game or there's some big concert, they may put a tfr up around that stadium, which means you can't fly your drone over it because you'll be violating that tfr and again, if you've got a dji drone they'll update those on the Fly now, it's always best to check. There are a ton of applications you can get for your phone. What i like to do is put the drone down before i even put it up in the air a lot of times before i leave my house i'll check the application to see if the area i'm going to is okay to fly and if i've got no Nfcs no tfrs in effect, then i can fly my drone and i feel pretty good about it. As long as those are both green lights, there's, nothing to stop you from flying or 400 pies, keep it within visual line of sight and just fly to your heart's content. You'Ll have a lot of fun out there. You need to stay five miles away from an airport as a rule of thumb. Ahora, if you're, a new flyer or you're thinking to get into the hobby, just just treat that as an absolute now, you can fly closer to airports. If you get permission through the application, if you've got a reason to fly there, but as a new flyer, there's plenty of airspace that isn't near an airport that you're not going to be in trouble for getting too close to the airport, so just stay away from The airports about five milesi already mentioned the tfrs and nfcs no drinking or inebriated flying you can't, Hazlo.

You can't drive your car drunk you can't drive your boat drunk you can't drive a skateboard drunk you can't fly your drone drunk don't. Do that don't. Take medication that may impair your ability to fly or don't drink or use drugs, while you're flying it's just common sense stuff. You wouldn't operate a car that way, and if you did, i don't want you on the road. So if you're gon na do it with the drone, i don't want you up in the air. I mean we're, a community that supports each other, but one goofy, guy or woman that goes out there and flies drunk and hits something it's gon na be all over. The newsand that makes it harder for everybody else so just play by the rules and the last one is, and this is kind of a new thing. I know it's sensational when there's an accident or a hurricane or a fire like out in california. God bless those people with that fire that's going on right now in california, you can't fly and interfere with rescue operations. There have been more than one incident in this last year alone, where there were wildfires going on, and some yahoo put a drone up to get beautiful pictures of the fire and stop the airplanes from flying the water tankers from dropping water to shut those fires down. So if there's a fire stay away from the fire, that's all there's an accident who wants to see footage of that accident right so just be aware of the fact that you're not supposed to be interfering with any kind of rescue police, special forces kind of operations.

Just be sensible about it, because the reason you're getting into the hobby is the joy of flight and the beautiful pictures you can get out there in the wilderness. Stick to that and you'll be in really good shape, so that's pretty much it for the rules. There are others that are kind of minutia in there and you can read those on the fa side. I'Ll put a list below, but there aren't a lot of them and they're all common sense rules. Por lo tanto, like i mentioned at the beginning of the video, i have other clips i'm working on in this series that talk about other aspects of the hobby. That people are asking a ton of questions about. One of the clips is going to focus on the dangers. People are worried that the drone's going to fly off on them and misbehave the truth. Is it won't and i'll cover that and explain how you can avoid those kind of things in that clip. Then i'll talk a little bit about the hassles things like people coming up to you when you're flying asking you what you're doing with that drone and why are you flying over my backyard i'll, explain how you can get out of those situations and really how best To handle those because you're going to get those if you're out there flying in the publicand i want to make sure you understand exactly how to approach that situation and then i've got a clip talking about the joys and the opportunities what this hobby can provide.

Because as much fun as it is to fly and believe me it's, a huge stress, reliever, there are big commercial opportunities. If you decide to take it seriously and pass your part 107, you can fly these and make a ton of money flying them. So i'll talk about the opportunities in that and there's, probably a couple more sections i'll lay out after that, pero de todas formas, i've already run on too long in this first one. I hope you're enjoying these. If you have questions about anything i've covered today or the other sections i'm going to cover drop those in the comments below i'll do my best to answer them. If i get enough questions that are similar, i'll build those into one of the future segments, and really my only intention in putting this together is to help new flyers into the hobby and make sure you get all the information you need to get out there and Have fun fly safe and just really enjoy this hobby because it's really changed my life and i know i've said that before, but every time i put a drone up on a saturday afternoon and i feel like sunshine on my face and i can see that screen. Looking down over that beautiful forest, it just lifts my spirits and i know it's going to do the same for you. So hopefully you found value in the clip and you tune in for the other parts that i'll be posting really soon again.