MAVIC PRO vs PHANTOM 4 PRO – Point & Shoot Camera (Auto camera settings)

Are you pondering of shopping for a Mavic Professional or Phantom four Professional for taking movies at residence or on trip? What’s the finest Level & Shoot digital camera drone?

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  2. Buen Video. I own a Phantom 4 Pro only for good Camera Reason, but i am always impressed what the Mavic Camera is capable to do.

  3. ╭━━┓┉┏┳━╮┳━┓┳━╮
    ━━╯╰━╯┻┉┉┻━┛┻╰╯ Nice video Thumbs up!

  4. I understand what you're saying but most people who buy the phantom 4 pro buy it for its cameras capabilities.There's nothing like having an adjustable aperture to get that perfect shot while keeping the shutter speed and ISO where it should be.

  5. Muy bien. It would probably help if you added some manual footage to show the differences there, but well, there are plenty of other videos so that's fine. Auto settings are great in both drones, however if you don't like fluctuations to your exposure that will in the end look weird in your videos, you have to stick to manual. The camera differences can be dramatic for an experienced user but negligible for somebody who just wants to fly around and get some footage without really bothering for details. En mi opinión, for a hobbyist photographer, the P4 Pro is the only option. I wish we could have Mavic 2, with variable aperture, 60p and some better heat handling, pero, bien, we will, just not right now.
    Could you give more details about the gimbal proterctor you're using on the P4 Pro?

  6. i thin anyone watching this would be more interested in the difference between graded footage.

  7. Some Mavic footages looks production quality but thats with filters and color grading but the Mavic really has all ive ever wanted in a drone. Phantom just gets too big. The mavic is always with me, if i stumbled upon something cool i just bring it out. A Phantom is just too big to carry everywhere. But also whats cool about the Mavic is its noise level, its really a stealthy drone. People have no idea there is a drone flying around, seen that happen many times while shooting close by.

  8. two different purpose drones , Mavic for the compactness phantom for the prosumer camera , depends on what your needs are

  9. What is that thing under the camera on the drone legs?

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