This is the highway. I wanted to stand on the highway and do my intro because i’m on a road trip, so it’s Applause, relevant uh. I was trying to find somewhere more interesting to do this part, but everything in the past three hours of driving has looked the same. So here we are mr matthew bluntz a few weeks ago was like hey bot. Do you want to go oh i’m, going too fast, maddie bluntz was like hey bob grinder. Do you want to go on a relaxing long range weekend where we just rent a cabin in the woods and we fly long range drones and just relax, and i was like holy matthew bunts that blunt, the bits that is the coolest thing i’ve ever heard. Let’S do that so here we are. I am currently four hours in to a five hour trip to uh east western western pa right by west virginia i’m, going to meet up with maddie we’re, going to spend the night there and tomorrow we’re going to go to the woods and we’re going to fly Long range drones does that not sound like a great time and i’m going to document it all. So you beautiful people can come along with me and watch my awesome adventure so we’re almost to uh. I have no idea where we are. Vaya, Vaya. What a drive it is so early in the morning. I am here in beautiful wherever the i am.

This is where maddie’s house is let’s, Ver, sees maddie’s, awake, es, very early, hope maddie’s here, Hola, Hola, Oh, Oh, Oh, Bien, umm sí, here it’s, the imaginary one right. Bien, there you go sweet, Es decir, the imaginary order, Dulce, impresionante, Estoy, Frío, frank man! Do you want to go to west virginia? Oh, i can’t come in y’all yo maddie has the coolest house holy i’m, not gon na show you anymore, you’re gon na have to come, hang out with them to see, but we’re here, we’re gon na get ready. We’Re gon na go on the most amazing long range vacation journey trip. I have no idea where we’re going let’s get started. Qué estás haciendo? What you never done feels like you’re running incredibly fast harry all right part. Two of the journey we got maddie blunts. Now we have a four hour drive to west virginia to go to this cabin to have our long range getaway weekend in the woods i tell y’all y’all for real. I could not be more excited. I need this break. I need a vacation outside of philly outside of freestyle. Just doing some long range, we’re still going to do some freestyle just having a good time relaxing flying long range drones, as relaxing as that grown, as relaxing as that can be now here’s. Something, though that is not relaxing i used to live in west virginia i’m, pretty sure i got a bench warrant for my arrest in west virginia for a traffic ticket which first of all, is to put out a rest warrant for a traffic ticket.

You number two i’ve been at dealers once a while it’s kind of sketchy, so i’m gon na have to do my best. This entire trip to not draw the attention of the police because, if cops, come and run my name it’s a good chance, i’m going to jail for only like a day or two but that’s still pretty annoying jail. So here we go i’m on my best behavior driving 30 miles over the speed limit. Let’S go to west virginia let’s have a good time. Road trip, montage i’ll, see you. When we get their oh, Dios mío, we made it hey maddie. We made it what a what a fantastic drive we’re here, i’m about to tell them holy everybody. We are here in west virginia. I really don’t know where the we are, except that it’s west virginia. Let me show you the best part. Let me show you the best part just turn here. Let me pan you, oh god, it was a bee. Let me just pan you this way: look that’s water, Es decir, a whole ass, high car whole ass body of water, the whole ass mountains right in front of this house. This is where we’re staying yes, matty blunts has rented the most beautiful cabin right next to water and mountains. We got drones, we got oh, Dios mío, Estoy, so excited. Let me show you this whole thing, so this hair is like this giant porch it’s a part.

Oh, Dios mío, this is so nice here and it’s a whole. Oh there’s, no pipe it’s a whole thing, it’s a whole thing, but the main part is that you can sit at these tables. That’S right. You can sit at these tables and fly drones to the mountains. I cannot wait i’m far too excited about this. I need i need to just sit down in front of the table and fly my drone to some mountains. I need this so very badly, and here we are i’m, so excited what’s up west virginia, Oh, my goodness have y’all have y’all not seen such a beautiful. I don’t know what words but look at this. Look at all these beautiful drones, so upon the being on the pictures of the bnb, it showed that this was like just roll secluded, Hay, water and a thing, but it’s a bunch of houses over here, there’s a bunch of houses over there, so maddie is doing A little micro exploratory rip to see if there are any people around and if not then we’re gon na rip five inches all over this. If there is or not we’re just gon na fly long range, but hopefully there’s no people. So i want to freestyle in the middle of west virginia. You know what i’m Music saying this is uh fat shark. Seven, Creo, cause it’s, Extraño, Muy bien. No satellites, we’re gon na go to the top of this mountain, no losies, no qualities.

Aquí vamos. No satellites because it who needs satellites when you got uh stupidity, EH. You know what i’m saying let’s go. Let’S go. Okay am i are my fog things on my goggles, no es bueno. Oh, i shouldn’t have done that top of the mountain that’s, all we’re. Doing top of the mountain, why does it sound weird already yeah? I think this vtx just sucks on this hex. It was going behind that tree that we talked about too yeah yeah. I just want to make it’s a drone’s fault. Never my fault! Top of the mountain mission succeeded here we go yeah we’re behind this i’m underneath the roofoh wow it’s doing pretty well, Aunque, actually let’s keep going and it let’s see. I don’t care about this gopro anyway, i broke my naked six. I loved that thing. More than any gopro i’ve loved before i’ll never know another gopro yeah. I will have plenty look at this, so this is the top of the i’m gon na. Take a little don’t look down don’t look down! Dios, i shouldn’t have looked down because now my video’s gone all right. Let’S keep going let’s keep going up this thing, yeah that it all up keep going little drone very top very top of mountain and we’ll dive down the whole mf good good. Lord goodbye, video goodbye, quad i’m, sólo gon na, accept my fate. Bien, my video’s gone. I hit return to home, i hit return.

Do you have video, oh you’re, falling you’re falling you’re, not gon na make that no you’re in the woods you lost that one? No! The hex, my video, sólo, went all the way black like i have all all black video wow. I hit return to home, but you know what i did. I dropped the throttle to zero because i’m, an idiot, Oh, No, Sí, Sí, really yeah in the trees. My goggles went to black. Ahora. How do i blame this on orca? Why would my videos just go to black Applause? What the well all right later, quad that’s, what happens in the long range game all right! The sun is going down i’m vlogging in the middle of the road because it doesn’t matter there’s, not a goddamn thing around just water and trees and west virginia stuff. This is so relaxing i tell you what thank you for watching me. Lose my drone, there’s gon na be a part two to this video. This is just the first day. There’Ll be multiple days to this trip, but i’m spacing them out like a normal video. So you’re gon na have to come back next week to watch part two which for me is just tomorrow so time and right. I really appreciate everybody watching part one. Muchas gracias. I promise part two is gon na be better. Maybe not. I might not lose a drone. This might actually be the better of these.

This two part series make sure you come back next week and watch part.