It is yes all right, so we've been flying with sean a lot. Últimamente – and he keeps talking about doing this trickit's a gentleman yeahi can't even say the name right a moment a moment, so the name comes from acrobatic planes, 3d planes. This is a fixed wing. Maneuver, Bien, that's been kind of adapted for fpv, half power, loop roll and you go that way: it's a very handy trick to have in your bag because it opens up how you can maneuver around a spot. Por lo tanto, just like a split s is a great way to smoothly change your direction. Where split s mean you roll and pull under it. Emelman has essentially the opposite effect. Dónde, rather than going over an object, you get to go under an object and then change that way, right so and then roll out right yeah. So you just go under power: loop up, roll out and it's, something that you might end up starting to do. As you bail out of power loops right so like let's, say you're trying to power a loop around an obstacle right, you're, probably looping up like oh and over hit the top roll out right. But the idea is you want to make it as smooth as possible. Right well or actually do it, i can do it on purpose. Do it on purpose and make it all flow together, as you go up up and roll on out it's more than just getting upside down and rolling over right it's about getting that momentum to push yourself so having having the travel and, Creo, that's, one of The hardest parts is adding enough throttle on your way up to inversion so that you have that backwards momentum.

What i see a lot of people struggle with is they come out they're up they roll over and they're just stopped gotcha. One of the most important parts of this technique is to get your momentum going the other way as part of the power loop. Por lo tanto, as you come out and you go up use that throttle like when you're looking up at the sky, add that throttle start pushing yourself that way. Por lo tanto, as you come out, you've got your momentum going this way and so then you're already traveling this way. Por lo tanto, as you roll out, you just keep your momentum going right, so i think what we'll do is we'll start in the open air just get used to the movement right then we'll. Do it around some trees right where you have kind of no ceiling, and you can you can kind of get used to the practice you can go up? You can use the dive to hide any kind of momentum you need to make up, but ideally the best place to do this trick, and why we're here today is a parking garage. I think it's so cool when you can go out of one floor emblem and up and shoot into another it's very difficult and impressive, especially if you can ml1 up and shoot into the other level while still upside down and complete the roll that's that's tricky. More often than not i'll, Sabes, go up emelman, complete the roll and then go into the gap, but when you can get to the point where you actually blast into the gap upside down and then roll out, i've got three three cameras and three drones.

Bien, once you're starting to feel warmed up, all you want to do is do that. Half power loop, roll out of it and i'd say practice going both ways, because i think i definitely favor going kind of that way out of the rotation. So i need to try and force myself to go the other way. Um. Something to keep in mind is you'll want to mix in yaw of the opposite direction. To control where your rotation point is on the screen, so that's that's, a real fundamental skill, is mixing it's like if i go up, and i just roll see i'm looking down at the ground. If i want to make the roll centered to the screen, i need to yaw the opposite way so there now the roll is nice and centered. So the same applies when you're rolling out of an emelman. If i do the emelman, if i do the half power loop and just roll out oh i'm, looking at the sky right and that's really going to cut your momentum. So if you add in yaw in the opposite direction, so roll and yaw now we're, nice and centered, and if you you know, are struggling with the momentum thing like we're talking about. If you overdo the yaw it'll end up pointing you down so now i'm going to use more yaw than i should boom and now look i'm like in that case, i was pointed down at the ground which helped me build up some of the momentum.

I shaved off with the power loop, but really the best way to keep your momentum up is to use power in the loop part to thrust yourself backwards. So just a lot of power boom Music, but ultimately like i was talking about the parking garage, is what's going to make the coolest ones. You come out here, power up roll over and shoot in. Now you see that, like with that one i completed the roll before i went to the gap right, que está bien. I think that looks cool but now i'm going to try and get really crazy with it and see. If i can go, oh real sloppy, but i saved it real sloppy, but you see the idea there is to actually thrust backwards into the gap. But now you have to keep in mind that with this parking garage, especially when you go through the window, it's not like there's a lot of elevation to the ground, so you're gon na not have a ton of time to roll, but you still want to do It as slow as possible to keep it nice and flowy Applause come on there. It is yes, i'm, proud of that one Music, so at the end of the day i'm going to be able to do that. You'Re going to do that exactly like that you're gon na power right into the window and then we're gon na go pick up the pieces. No, Creo, you're getting to the point where you're powering in kind of invert and rolling out that's, probably a more than one day of practice.

I think that's. That takes like a lot of like timing and getting like the the muscle memory in, but i think today will get you to the point where you can go up element and then go back into the garage all right. I spent multiple days on the simulator practicing. The implement before i yeah i felt like i was at that point where i could actually go into blast in backwards. Yeah that's a little tricky. So have you done this trick in any form at all before uh, not on purpose, Bien, Sí, so you've kind of done it maybe it's like a power loop bailout right, Sí, Sí, bail out power, loops now, we're gon na get you doing it on purpose and Making it look good all right, let's, do it just warm up get some freestyle on if you want to start doing that, maybe just do some power loops yeah there that's a good ass okay, so you really blasted past yeah way past it that's! Bien, Muy bien! Aquí vamos, that was good, Bien, yeah i mean i think, you've got the power down. You know there. We go boom, that's it first right. So how much yaw did you use there? Did you use any um? It looked like you got a little bit because you didn't end up looking at the sky, so it looks like you've got a good, a good mix in there. Are you going for the garage not exactly no ceiling? Bien, so there i think you didn't use enough.

Yaw, because you see how, when you came out of it, you were looking too far at the sky. Yep use more yaw in the direction that is opposite of the direction you're rolling, so that you end up more with your nose down as you come out of it: Bien, Música wow. I got it right, la primera vez, if you're struggling with mixing the yaw just loop more so loop to the point where you're looking back down at the ground. Bien, entonces, when you just roll it'll correct, you and you'll be looking forward and you're already looking. So i was doing is that when i started my roll, my quad was like this and then i used yaw to correct as i rolled so that i went like that. What you can do is do more of a loop get upside down and then, when you, if you just use roll boom, you're perfect right, the problem with is with that, Aunque, is that getting upside down is going to be more stopping your momentum right so that's. Why you want to get to the point where you loop over and are like at this point? Your thrust is going the way you want right and then use the roll and your counter mixing to go like that. But as you're learning, it there's nothing wrong with just going up over looping and then just use roll and then you'll have to add throttle to get going forward.

So i said i don't know why i get an adrenaline dump trying to trick on camera. You should get this the whole point of doing. This is to get that adrenaline rush and it gets shaky. That means you're doing it right. Aplausos. There you go see there, Vete, you did more power, looping go even more on the power looks like get looking down at the ground more and more and more now roll out. I just get scared, though it gets scary, Sí, it's, moving pretty fast toward the ground, that's good, though nice. That was good. Así que en realidad, what i want to challenge you to do is between these two trees that you just flew through okay power, Bucle, emelement or not, and try to do it like between the trees so a little lower. So you see how you went over the trees. Sí! Try to do the power loops that you go upside down between them, it's a little bit: tighter that's, Bien! Sí, Sí, Sí, eso fue impresionante! Sí, Bien, now just ammo man out of that more oh, that was pro. That was that was so good. So you did the thing where you over looped and then just rolled and maybe try to do the same thing between the trees and do the counter mixed yaw. I don't throw a lot at you encounter me dude, Bien, yeah and i stayed out of the tree. A little lower, Aunque, because you're you're above that still, which is fine boom owen, you made it under that tire.

I don't want to push it too fast, but i'd say time to maybe start thinking about the parking garage like you're, getting there, man that's really good. So yeah you can enter from the side there. Oh, Oh, Oh! Oh! Oh, Oh! I appreciate the commitment go out further than you should um. So when you exit like the bottom to do your emerald right go out further than you should loop up and over and like you know, don't worry about kind of bringing to the stall like spot spot. Your entrance right so um to get a feel for it. So you know you were doing it tight, which is ultimately good that's. What you want to do, but yeah go out way out there emelman and now, Oh, Oh, you were good man. You were good. Your camera angle just got jacked way up. Eso fue perfecto. It'S. Just then shooting in that's a good thing to cover. Actually what camera angle are you using okay? So i was running about 25, okay and then recently somebody was giving me a little bit of grief about that, and so i was not giving you grief just saying. Gracias. They said that i wouldn't be as bad of a pilot. If i lowered the camera that was shawn, you must be talking about shots so now i think i'm, somewhere between 15 y 20. that's. What i'm using i use about 20.. You don't go as fast on average you're, not just your cruising speed is slowed down.

It helps you flow a little bit well at my age. I don't have the reaction time that a lot of younger people do so it's nice to actually slow down just a little bit so that you don't hit things quite as hard, but i think you're i mean. I think it shows that it helps you like. Do more freestyle based flying, because i mean look, how quickly you're picking this up like through the trees it was gorgeous. I think this is just really difficult, porque, even though you got to turn around, then you still have to shoot a pretty tight gap. Bien, it's extra hard for me because i have trouble. You know going through the tight gaps like that, just flying straight you're gon na get it you're gon na get it. Is he going for it? You can't, stop it. You can't, stop mike! Sí, Sí, that was awesome man that was awesome from there. I think you just work on bringing it tighter and tighter until you're, you know whipping it in, but that was epic Music. Oh wait come on get back in there honestly, i would not have uh thought to even try doing that trick without a little peer pressure got this. Sí, ah perfect, it's the parking garages are so tricky because you have a ceiling. You have a floor. A lot to bounce off back and forth yeah, not not a lot of headroom past the window. Applause that didn't sound good! Is it just not plugged nice, Bien, quads holding up these things are so durable, gopro's, still recording it's a good day, still a little shaky on it, but it's it's, coming together, like i really i would not have done, have even attempted that trick without a little Bit of peer pressure and some practice and being talked through it dude, you got it man and, como tú, you have absolutely learned the trick.

I think it's just a matter of keeping it keeping it practicing just keep at it and you know get it tighter and tighter. Como dije, i don't know if that, like getting to the point where you're really like boom blasting inverted into the window, is something that you can get one day it's. You know it's yeah, Sabes, maybe let it like sink in a bit. So my timing on my power loops, isn't great to start off with this, is gon na help a lot i mean you know just in a few attempts. You were doing the power loops like between the trees and then turning it to nimblemen. Por lo tanto, like you've got it you've got all the foundational pieces. I think it's just a matter of repetition, keep grinding at it and keep making progress because, like you make like you improved a lot today, like you're, really killing it. So if you can get it today, gran, if you need to work on it a little later another day, no worries man, maybe on the softer target: Hey, maybe that's what i'm trying. This is the cool one though, but you know something else that helps is not to just keep grinding it back to back. So maybe just get some flights in here man just you know, let's. Why don't, we all just get some freestyle in and enjoy this awesome spot. This is one of my favorite spots, so let's get some lines in let's have a good day.

Thanks for doing this, man wow hope you guys learned something i'm really impressed with how quickly mike picked this up.