Hard Shell Backpack for DJI SPARK & MAVIC PRO

Now you can carry your DJI Spark and Mavic Professional is a climate resistant arduous shell backpack. You should buy this backpack right here: https://www.lightake.com/Product/Search?Página Web = 1&key phrase=backpack&kind=6&showtype=1

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  1. Hey palare you planning to do some flight test with the Spark? I know there are a million already on YouTube but would enjoy seeing you do a few!

  2. Love this! This is perfect for hiking!

  3. Are they YKK zippers or some no name chinese garbage ?

  4. Lo i'm at owner of inspire one-mavic pro combo-spark combo could that backpack fit 3 drones at the same time 😎

  5. Wish that bag was available for the Spark instead of the Mavic. Can't find a decent case that will hold all the Spark gear, 4 baterías, iPad, and ipad mount. That one's big enough, but that big mavic hole in it ruins it. This one is nice, but their ridiculous shipping ruins thathttp://bit.ly/2uEJ7TT

  6. Sólo por curiosidad, why do you think they will stop making the bag for the Mavic Pro? Don't they still sell the Fly-More bundle?

  7. Heads up your link is dead in the description. I have a tiny hard shell backpack for my Spark and it’s silver and looks cool. I have to carry two backpacks though because my iPad Pro is my life.

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