Can the x flip goggles replace my favorite 03 0s, this guy's 0.03 0s on my channel and any pretty much any skyzone goggles for the last couple years have been my go to daily driver goggle and even over fat sharks. Guys don't just keep winning with me. Um, just an easy, no modules needed internal modules. Trabajan muy bien. You guys seen a ton of reviews. With these goggles can x, flip compete, let's, find out Music, chicos bien, let's just go ahead and jump right into this review. These goggles are the x flip modular 5.8, dual diversity, dual bay, goggles with antenna, oled oled displays they are 4 3 displays and they have a field of view of around 42 grados, with a built in dvr with the sd card slot right in the middle. Just like fat sharkand they do not come with the modules so that's one thing to consider: they do not come with the module, so i'm testing out the eachine, the ev200d modulesand these are the ones we're going to go with today. I have left and right here so we can try out some dual diversity, but we'll put them up against my oleds from sky zones. The o3os are some of my favorite goggles to date. So can they hold up against them? Can they beat basically a simple diversity set up like the o3os here so um, something to consider it and we'll talk about the advantages of the o3os versus the x flip um, in contrast and we'll, also talk about fat, tiburón, hdos and hdo2s as well, because i Know you guys want to know about that, but right away i mean the price on these without the modules is 289 dólares, so you will need to have some modules and that's one thing to consider.

If you decide to buy these, they are on pre order. Ahora mismo, through banggood, but we're going to test these also today um right away the the ola goggles that we have here on the bench they are decent. Ellos tienen 10 24 por 768, sony displays. So these are sony 4 3 image quality here for the displays they have this magnification in the front and they also have adjustable diopters and ipd. So that's, bastante agradable. We can go left and right here or we can use the dial to adjust the focus on each lens, que es super agradable. We have a fan on off button here, which is pretty standard on a lot of these goggles. Hoy en día, we also have the option to turn on each module bay here, so we have rx on and off very simple. They made that very simple for us. We have an avn dc in there and i i don't see the voltage range anywhere out there on the information. Hopefully this is is is as big as the skyzone, which i believe the skyzone goggles. The o3os have a voltage range up to about 26 voltios. So i can safely plug in a 4s battery. For these i only used a 3s now on the other side, we also have hdmi and we have the headphone input jack right there, so you can watch movies on these. Si quieres, they also have very similar foam pads and these are velcroed on and they also come off, which is nice so easily replaceable, and they also make a battery that fits in the back of this strap.

Para ustedes, there is a battery. Es decir, Yo creo que, it's two s, four thousand milliamp battery it can be charged with an xt60. It comes with an xt60 adapter, but in my box i didn't get one so um. One thing to consider that's also an additional 45 dollars for the xflip version of their battery, so it's called the juice q smart battery, and it does show voltage display on the side of the battery. It shows you a percentage rate and it shows you what voltage you're at it also has a power on and off button on it and a little micro usb charge port. So um you can charge that battery with a micro, usb cable from a dc wall outlet or you could charge it from an xt60 cable, so that's kind of cool and tucking. Just underneath here is the dvr port right there, and this pair of goggles records videos down to avi, which is not my favorite format in the world. I feel like i like the h.264 format that my sky zones have better because it does come down to my computer as an mov file, and that makes it a lot easier for me so i'm, not a big fan of the avi format. Now it's it's kind of an interesting fan setup here it looks like we have a nice cover for it sort of looks like a snowflake there on the very top. We also have that power button which works quite good, and we have a video record button here and a dvr with a multifunctional joystick right here.

Up down left right, push down for selecting things inside the menus and you can format the sd card from that, as well as the menu button over here. The same type of multifunctional joystick just push it down, left up and right to access any of the brightness contrast, color saturation and all that jazz inside the goggles, que es agradable. You have a search button over here which does work pretty well it's. I think it's even faster than some of the other search buttons i've used on various different modules and goggles out there. We also have a band and channel selection, and you can feel those difference inside the goggles when you're looking inside. You can feel this is sort of has a divot in it, and this one is raised so that's kind of a nice option on the front of the goggles. I guess i'm, not like a huge giant fan of the sort of futuristic cop mirror lenses that they have in the front. I tried to take it off, but i wasn't sure if they actually come off or not. I didn't want to break them i'm going to plug this one in, and i do have this one on so you'llsee that it lights up and these modules actually perform pretty good for me today. So when i show you guys, the video test between both goggles the o30s and the x flip goggles you'll notice that, even though we're using a cheaper module, they actually perform pretty well and i'm, using a lollipop three here, it's a stubby and the longer version of The right hand circular polarized lollipop three on this side over here, so um they're, going up against a set of lollipop twos on the o3os so and my my echo patch antenna, which is probably the the patchy antenna that i'm going to recommend you guys get for This set of goggles, if you choose to buy the x flips, these uh very, very cheap price, and this echo patch is about 8 dB.

So this is a really good patch and it covers a lot of ground out there. So really good penetration for freestyle and going behind trees, but i felt like the straps themselves were a little bit short and i've heard other reviewers talk about this and you can see. I have them stretched all the way out here. As far as i can get them and i'm, my head is, Yo diría, small to average size heads so guys out there that have a big bear head you're going to have a hard time fitting these on your head and one phenomenon that i had happened To me twice, while i was sort of demoing these goggles, for you guys was that i put this up on top of my head and on the back of my hat, and i had these things like slingshot off my head and land on the ground. So one thing to think about you're, probably going to want a better strap right away for the x flips, because these are made you know again, maybe for mainland china type of use, not quite american size, they're a little bit small for american size, heads that's, just One thing to to think about there, but um things i did like about this set of goggles right away. Is that the fact that they they do receive the video back very well and the lenses are really nice and bright. They do have a great resolution here.

If i could just zoom in a little bit, i can't even really show you guys how awesome these are, but i will plug in a quad just so see if i can zoom into it a little bit for you and it's going to take a minute to Come up there, it should be up if not we'll go ahead and go through the channels here until we find it, you can see there quite a bit of magnification here so we're, just gon na go over to fat shark, one okay, so the video came up, But i cannot make the camera zoom into the lens here to show you how awesome these lenses are it's, just not going to happen, but there are some strange lines going through the center right here of the the image and i'm not 100 sure what that is. But i didn't see that out of the field, one thing that i did see when i was recording videos out in the field is: there was some type of sort of sort of almost like a pixelated checkerboard pattern in the sky, where the blue is and and That was a little bit concerning i'm, not sure what that was. You can see you can sort of see that coming back in my dvr display, when i show you guys the different flights from the o3os and from the x flip. So you can kind of compare and contrast the two, but one other thing that i'm not sure about.

Is that i'm not sure if these guys handle any type of head tracking? So i know a lot of guys out. There fly long range fpv with head trackers, and you want to know if these goggles can support head tracking as well, and the answer right now is i'm, No estoy seguro, because i don't see a manual link to this yet, but one other thing for a long range. Fpv guys is that these are also compatible with 2.4, so they have a mistake on the website. éste 2 dice 2.5, but they actually mean 2.4. So if you want to use these goggle with 2.4 modules, you can also do that for your long range, fpv wings, which is pretty sweet and speaking of different frequencies and different modules. You know these are the eachine ev200d modules or ev300s i'm, No estoy seguro, and they also support trued, rapidfire fusion and tbs modules for xflips, así que um, the only drawback about that is that you can see here. Even this, Aunque, this is a really low profile sort of uh fpv 5.8 Módulo. As far as i push this in there, i can never get the cover plate to go on, and this is one of the thinner ones out there on the market. Rapid fire would not fit the cover plate on it. Um this had two antenna posts that were too far apart fit the holes that the the the covers came with uh and it would not fit so um.

None of the other modules would fit inside their their case, so they might need to have some separate ones that are just a little bit taller to help folks out, maybe some different sizes that actually fit true d, fuego rápido, fusion and tbs would be nice for Customers in the futureand i know this is going to be a question that a lot of you guys have you know, would you hold these up against skyzone or the hdos or the hd02s, because they are oled goggles well, EH, i'm gon na say that the Honest answer on the channel is gon na, be not really because price wise. I mean you could get these for 3.99. If you buy the x flips you're going to be into it 289 dólares. I think they're originally like 350, but they got they got down to 289 Ahora mismo. Uh, but that's. Without a module, so you're gon na have to go, buy another module and there are pretty cheap modules out there. Usted puede obtener. I mean you can get the eachine, for you know pennies on the dollar and it does perform quite well. They they really do it's. I would say they. They almost perform better than my just regular standard diversity setup, but i i don't feel like. I need dual diversity honestly, because most days, when i'm flying i'm fairly used to this setup, it performs well i've used it for freestyle behind trees and everything and it's just less to fuss with and honestly like.

This is kind of moving a little bit here, which you're going to have to put some 3m tape or something on this to hold it down and hold it into place, because it does move quite a bit and that could be a problem. It could also break off in transport, so one thing to think about there. None of this extra stuff here is moving. They are comfortable in my face. They fit. These had a little bit of light leaks on the side because they were a little bit wider out for my face, but you can see that the skyzone 030s have a little bit better curve on them, and these are a little bit flatter across the front there. Maybe to fit sort of a larger person's head, but again the strap is smaller here and the skyzone strap, obviously is a little higher quality, so overall build quality between the two and fat shark. You know fat, shark and sky zone have excellent, beat on the quality control. It looks like a nicer sort of more streamlined design. The overall buttons are easier to get to and and there's there's less of these buttons on top, que me gusta, and to get to my sd card down here, it's on the outside, instead of in the center of the eyes. I like it out here because i can get to it quicker, and i know for sure that these have head tracking and also both have adjustable fan speeds, lo cual también es agradable.

But i think my o30s are the ones i'm going to stick with for now and uh let's let's just go ahead out now and do a little bit of kind of side by side comparison of both these dvrs and i'll show you what i'm talking about with The h.264 versus the avi files here we go now we get to do the comparison in the dvr, and what do you guys think? Do you think the x flip looks better? It seems to be a little bit clearer, a little bit brighter. I think that in person, when i'm, looking at the x flip goggles versus the sky zone it's the other way around now the xsplit dvr might look better than the o3os, but in person the screens look better on my o30s. They look brighter and look truer to color, so i love the xsplit dvr though it does look a little bit stretched. My osd look does look stretched. I did see that my camera was set to four three, so obviously the dvr was set to 16 por nueve, pero en general, the the colors look pretty pretty well saturated on both of these dvrs and we're using the same camera. The same quad, the x95 here from beta fpv and the camera that you're looking at is the exact same camera on both dvrs we're, looking at the cadx baby retell. So that camera has great low light performance as well as mid day sun, and i feel like i do like the x flip dvr a lot.

I don't think they have a lot to change there. I think they're they're doing great there. As far as the overall performance, i felt like the x flip on the day that i was testing them did extremely well. But when i got backand i looked at the dvr hereyou can can pretty much tell that the sky zones are performing a little bit better during the flips. A veces, when you do a flip with a quad you'll see some breakup in the screen in your dvr and i'm, seeing just a little more breakup flying around the field with the x flip versus the sky zone 03 0s, but the sky's on o3, 0s. Again they're. Not perfect and that's what you're seeing right there on the right that's all the way across that huge field and we're we're pumping 350 milliwatt on both occasions that we're flying the dvr for for both of these recordings so i'm. También, using only diversity set up on the o30s versus dual diversity, on the recording on the left. Así que una cosa a pensar allí: if there's any advantage that you see right here, it might be from the dual diversity but i'm still seeing moderate breakup on both sides. Así que creo que, it's a pretty fair competition here and it's really hard to say, which ones are better. I i've been using the skyzone o30s for so long. I feel like they performed better and then maybe i see just a little more breakup in the x flip dvr, so overall performance even still only being diversity, maybe the o30s win.

I think the dvr on the x flips wins between these two, Aunque, but not bad. For version one of the x flip guys not bad at all, let's go ahead now back into the garage and uh get to the bench and let's. Just talk about the x flip. Give some final thoughts on these goggles. Can they hold up to my favorite skyzone? 030S, all right guys welcome back from the flight test from the xflips and a little bit of comparison between these and my 030s that i pretty much my daily drivers. If you guys want to put 400 down get everything you need, for the exception of the antennas, go ahead and do that with these goggles you'll be happy with them. I'Ve been using them feels like for a couple years now and i've been predominantly skyzone positive. On my channel for what, like five years now and fat shark has been around foreverand i use these even over my hd3s when these came out and i'm still using them over hd02s. So i have the hd02s, but i prefer these because they're they're easy and they're simple, and i just like the screens on the way they look now what's really important to you. If you're picking out a pair of goggles is number one comfort, you need to try on goggles in person it's hard to order a pair of goggles off the internet, because when you get them and you take them out of the box, you have no idea how They'Re going to fit the strap on these are a little bit small.

It did do that slingshot off my head thing, a couple times which i thought was really dangerous, because my modules on here and i was worried that these posts were gon na break uh or i was gon na just completely destroy my module when this thing hit. The ground the goggles survived, there's, no scratches on the goggles from the impact, but not cool man. You don't want your goggles like slingshotting off your head, so we need a much larger, strap to accommodate larger heads here for american size heads. We have big heads guys, so i like the fact that they do have dual module support bays, but i don't really think that those are super needed um, because by the time you buy two modules on this and four antennas. All the way around you're gon na have around a 500 investment into these goggles, so think about that i mean you could buy the hd02s for around 500, and so you might be even in this getting close to the same price if you buy name brand modules. For this goggles, para que sepas, is it worth it for the price? Here you get everything you need here again with the exception of antennas, and these are more comfortable. The strap is nicer head tracking and all that jazz you don't have to buy modules. So when you buy those you're pretty much done for that price for probably around 4 30, you could get out the door with these um.

Pero de nuevo, i think these are version one i feel like these are kind of like prototypes testing the waters for you, guys and we'll have to see what they come up with for version two i'm very interested to see, but i think that these will probably drop In the price in the coming weeks, if not the next couple days as more of these reviews, keep coming out and reviewers are giving their opinions on the x flips, because i think there's still some work to be done here and i hope to see more cool Things coming out from x, flip kind of a cool company and they've got some good ideas going here. Just need a little bit more polishing for the fpv community, chicos, but i'm justin davis take care. Hope you enjoyed this honest review on the channel. Please do subscribe and help me out on patreon.