HUBSAN X4 H501S ADVANCED – Parte 2 – [Dual Battery Mod / Antenna Swap / Prueba de rango]

This is the black version, como se puede ver, and this is the advanced version with thisa little bit upgraded controller it's a little bit of a smaller screen than the original one. But it's got the antennas mounted on the outside of the controller, and this is going to be an interesting […]

DJI PHANTOM 4 Informe – Parte 3 – [Prueba de vuelo, Pros & Contras]

XK X100 3D ACRO Quadcopter Giveaway!

All you have to do to win. Is you got ta subscribe to this channel and you got ta like this video you're going to like this video and you got ta leave one comment anyway: good luck and see you in the next giveaway.

MAVIC PRO MINI (TIANQU XS809W) – Revisión completa – [Unboxing, Inspección, Prueba de vuelo, Pros & Contras]

The first toy grade replica of the DJI Mavic, is here and it's called the Visio XS eight, oh nine there's, a few different variants of it. We'Ve got one variant that is just the quadcopter. The quadcopter with altitude hold, which would be a barometer and we have a camera version and a Wi […]

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HUBSAN X4 H501S ADVANCED – Revisión completa – [Unbox, Inspección, Programa de instalación, Prueba de vuelo, Pros & Contras]

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