BEST FISHING DRONE for 2020 – Salt Water Proof!!! ??

It is one of the world's premier speaking destinations for Marlin offshore fishing swimming beaches in thousands, if not millions of people go there to see in big attempts to bring home, pero hoy, if you're looking for a clickable zone that is usable, install water or fresh water, This is probably the drill engineer […]

SPLASHDRONE 3 PL3 Informe de la gota de aire – Waterproof Payload Release with Stabilization and 4K Camera ??

PRUEBA DE TORTURA DE PESCA ABEJÓN – SPLASHDRONE de SwellPro impermeable 3+ (Pesca & Que se caiga) ???

Ven y sé parte de mí para pescar drones & Crashing with the Waterproof SwellPro SplashDrone 3+. Get it right here Surf Casting Ulua Pole Penn Reel Drone Touchdown Pad Hope you benefit from the video. We bought just a little little bit of all the things in right here from payload lifting […]

SwellPro resistente al agua SPLASH ABEJÓN 3+ Además de revisar – Parte 2 – Vuelo & CRASH Test! – Prueba de mar?

Obtener placer de la mitad 2 de mi Splash Drone 3+ Además de evaluar el lugar donde volamos & torturarlo dentro del océano aquí en Hawái! Get it right here Drone Touchdown Pad FPV Goggles FPV Linear patch antenna My hat cam Actually had plenty of enjoyable doing this flight checkor ought to I […]

SwellPro resistente al agua SPLASH ABEJÓN 3+ Informe – Parte 1 – Unboxing, Inspección, Programa de instalación

Obtener placer de mi mitad 1 Evaluación del ABEJÓN de chapoteo impermeable SwellPro 3+ con Unboxing, Inspección & Programa de instalación. SD3+ right here Drone Touchdown Pad Hope you loved the unboxing evaluation. See you within the subsequent journey the place we flight check it within the ocean and see what it might actually do. Asistencia […]

ABEJÓN DE SPLASH 3 Informe – Nuevo Drone impermeable de SwellPro – Parte 1 – Unboxing, Inspección, Programa de instalación

Obtener placer de la mitad 1 of my Splash Drone three evaluate sequence. Get the Splash Drone three right here FPV Goggles: Explotar energía Director 15 para editar mis videos: Under are My Earlier SplashDrone 2 Assessment Movies, I'll add Splash Drone three elements as they’re accomplished: La mitad 1 con Unbox, Inspección & Programa de instalación: La mitad […]


The Attack Rifle of Fishing Drones! A lot more options than a dressed up AR-15. Water resistant with a 4K undersea video camera. $1699 obtains you all the bells and also whistles you'll need to kill it. See why Swellpro is eliminating the competition in water resistant drones. – "Plug and play is what people […]