MOST FUN WITH A WHOOP IN 2020! – Eachine DE65 PRO 2S Whoop with Crossfire – INFORME & VUELOS! ?

Why would anybody put crossfire on something that only has a 25 milliwatt vtx on there well you're about to find out Music? Hey all right, chicos! Welcome back from that, quick little break a little flying sort of preview of what we're going to show you the full flight review coming up for the […]

KILLED THEM ALL $145! – Reptile Cloud149 HD V2 Cinewhoop – REVISIÓN COMPLETA & VUELOS

The great price flies great lightweight long flight times. My old freestyle seems like you had it all, and now here you are back again for version 2. Super excited to see you back better than ever let's check out the features do a little flying you guys. Here we go reptile v2. Bien, welcome […]

$119 Largo alcance Fpv Quad! – Eachine TYRO119 – Construir, Programa de instalación, & Betaflight

Este es un quad de seis pulgadas con GPS a bordo. So I'm gon na walk you through the steps we're going to build up the frame. We'Re gon na slaughter up the esc s to the motors. El controlador de vuelo configuró el RX, el VTX, el gps. Todo aquí, we're gon na get […]


Tenemos un controlador de vuelo f4 aquí: 20 Amp, ESC s y 1204 6000 kV motors and I'm running the HQ two and a half inch props. This will make it awesome on acro mode, so we can go up and do this power loop right here on the playground, no probs it does […]

Bugs3 MiniBrushless Quadcopter with Acro Mode

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