Holy Stone HS720E – UNBOXING + Primeras impresiones + 10% DISCOUNT CODE | 4k drone for UNDER £300

But before we start this video, a short disclaimer, yes holy stone did get in contact with me to see. If i wanted to do a review of this drone, which i obviously said yes to hence its in my handbut this is not a paid video, its not a sponsored video or […]


Por enquanto eu vou, no sono fpv, vo virar, él, para c E. A eu acho que nessa direo aqui ele, T, De acuerdo, Maravilha, t ventando, baby Pessoal, ustedes, podem perceber aqui pela, vegetao, n quem, quiser comprar, o dono igual, a esse j, sabe s. Clicar nos links, a embaixo na descrio E, un […]

2021 Honda PCX 125 Lessons Learned Review | The Pros and cons

What im going to do is give you all the lessons ive learned. So if youre interested in this bike stick around and stay tuned Music, so the honda pcx125 scooter britains best selling powered two wheeler for absolutely ages and it is a cracking little bite. I can entirely see why it has that […]

LYZRC L900 Drone | Hfun Pro not working & changed to RX Drone App on latest models?

This is the ly z, RC, l900 and the reason im making this video is because i reviewed this one way back last summer. In january, okay of this year and the reason im making this video is that even seven to eight months on now, it still seems to be getting really good views. […]

[Review Phim] Được Cứu Mạng Cô Gái Tặng Cái Lò Nướng Khoai Lang | Jason Statham

Li ti 4 mnh 3 Iu, lut Lun tun th iu, mt l, khng thay. I dao ko thm mt ngi l, thm, cn nng s, chy chm, hn d, tnh nh vy s, khng th, chy, nhanh, hn, vehículo, cnh, st Cn nu cc bn rt, mnh, TH, cc bn, cng, khng c mt […]

Customized Drone Utility Vehicles

If you have an existing vehicle, we can modify that for you or we can take a brand new vehicle and build it up and modify that and customize it any which way. So these vehicles are completely customizable. We can make them with whatever is needed for the type of workflow that the agency […]

Best DRONES in 2021 | Arriba 5 Drones to Capture Amazing Videos!

The drone can be intuitively controlled with your smartphone using the telo app. It features throw and go start flying by simply tossing the tello into the air or use the auto take off and landing feature with. A single tap perform cool aerial stunts, like 8d flips, by sliding your finger across the screen […]


Eu tive algumas dificuldades se voc sincero com, vocs eu tive, alguns desafios aqui, pero, o mais da hora que com, esse kit, eu j tenho por exemplo, o culos para poder. Ver o que que a cmera t aonde o Drone est indo eu tenho rdio eu tenho tudo aqui que eu preciso e […]

Nikon Z FC Review // GOOD at everything, GREAT at nothing?

You can make all right, thats, Bien, ill, just um ill. Just look up a tutorial if that works. Um heres one lets try this guy Music. Are you sick and tired of having the same old foods every day, but all you got in the house is fuji. Flavors well fear not because today […]

unboxing 4-axis spy drone get it now | revisión de abejón

So we need to okay, Bien. Here we have the manual of course, but if you know how toand this is for the camera for the drone – Bien, so thats doneand here we have the herewe have the indicator, which is i mean? What is it again? Oh, […]


You know its rush, so were here with another drone video, so definitely stay tuned for some aerial action. Music done, Música, Música, hey rush fam welcome, welcome back so were in the arbor view shopping center. This is the commercial era for abba vue, so this video is really a drone. Video so were […]

Eachine EX4 Pro . MEJOR 3 AXIS GIMBAL DRONE under $200.

What makes it more beautiful is theres actually a zipper on the outside as well: Bien, thats what we got going on there. He even has a little gusset pocket there. Another strap holder and a hand bagging, and it opens up two zippers here, zip on the top zip on the top open up, […]