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Global Fly In With Oz By Drone

Primer viernes – Noviembre 6, 2020

I actually had the 2nd of november in there and bud pointed that out to me. Thank you bud for uh, letting me know. I think i think the last program had been on october, 2nd and so therefore um. I had used that as a template, and it said second but it's november, 6TH […]

Speed Dial Ep 19 – Oz By Drone

We have absolutely beautiful weather this whole past week, it's been sunshiny, it's been great, flying weather, i've, actually gone out and gotten some really really cool shots of some flags that are backlit and some artwork uh, grande, murals and stuff, Me gusta, it's been fun, been flying. More good to hear and just […]

Revisión de abejón – GEPRC Mark IV QuadFPV Smoothness!

Hd from gepp rc i've been flying this thing quite a bit recently. It is quite amazing, stay tuned and we'll check it out. Por lo tanto, first of all, i want to say if you haven't already subscribed to ready, set drone we've been doing a lot more fpv stuff. So if you're getting into fpv […]

Potensic Dreamer 4K – Revisión completa

Aplausos musicales – todo bien, así que al igual que otras compañías de drones por ahí potenzic tiene su 4k gps insignia cámara drone llamado el soñador. Potenzic es una buena empresa. I'Ve enjoyed most of the products i've flown that they make. Parecen hacer drones de grado juguete bastante bueno, Pero esto, Creo, es […]

$30 Auriculares Bluetooth – Cómo se comparan con los Apple Airpods?

I like the apple earbuds, but i have some issues with them and particularly the battery time for me seems to be lower than it should be. These are supposed to have great battery time, uh they're supposed to be compatible with both android and ios, and so i got them and i want to […]

ERRORES 20 EIS – Drone de cámara de bajo costo pero cómo funciona?

I s and we're gon na check it out so stay tuned, Aplausos musicales. Por lo tanto, first of all, i want to say the bugs line of drones is amazing. I'Ve had several different types of bugs drones from the bugs 3, the original one that i first got the bugs 5, los bichos 8 y […]

Actualización sobre el concurso de canciones, Premios SpinUp y marcación rápida

I just wanted to make a quick video to update you guys on a few things number one. If you watched spin up last week, thank you very much for watching. It was a great event had a wonderful time, definitely put a lot of effort and time into it, and it was so great […]

FPV Volador Después de SpinUp – Persiguiendo a Mavic Air 2 y Buzzards