KILLED THEM ALL $145! – Reptile Cloud149 HD V2 Cinewhoop – REVISIÓN COMPLETA & VUELOS

The great price flies great lightweight long flight times. My old freestyle seems like you had it all, and now here you are back again for version 2. Super excited to see you back better than ever let's check out the features do a little flying you guys. Here we go reptile v2. Bien, welcome […]

QUAD EN ESTA CAJA?? – NUEVO’ ZEEZ Design Capish 5.5 y FC

Este es el capisce 5.5 Capisce. Bienvenidos de nuevo a los chicos del canal. Can you believe it there's an entire race quad inside this box? When i first got it and i looked at it, i had both of these boxes in stack inside the box, and i thought oh new flight controller, probably some other […]


For you check out this beast. This one is looking really nice. It is very similar looking to the diatom and take ham, but we have options on here. It looks like to go from 4 Para 6 s. We have T motors on here, so those are a really nice high quality motors. allí, […]