iFlight Alpha A85Digital FPV For Beginners

So if you like, abejones, quads and other rc stuff be sure to hit the subscribe button and check it all out. What i have here is the iflight alpha a85 i've actually already got it all set up, but i thought i'd pull it out of the box. Sin embargo, it is a little whoop […]

NewBeeDrone AcroBee BeeBrain Pro – New Tiny Whoop!

Acro be pro and we're gon na take a look at this little thing and see how it does so stay tuned. So the acro be pro from newbie. Drones has been out for a bit. There are different versions of this. I have the binding fly, brushed version right here and it's, a pretty […]

FPV RC Race Car – EMAX Interceptor

Este es un grado de juguete, carrera fpv, coche, so stay tuned and we'll check it out, Bien, so for anybody who's into fpv, this is going to be a real treat and, if you're not into fpv, this is actually a great way to kind of get. The hang of it on the ground, porque […]


Este es el tipo de una introducción para principiantes a fpv droning en general. Esto viene con cada cosa que necesitas, don't have to buy anything extra in order to get up and running with fpv goggles with the controller and the little drone all in this package. In one box for a great […]

Furibee Geniuser 160 – BUENA UNA! – Revisión completa

Aquí estamos con el genio B peludo, Er, género, er o como quieran llamar a esta cosa, it's a pretty cool, looking quad it's super stretched, como les mostré antes. Tengo un veneno 650 batería aquí. This is 4s and it's also can't see the C rating on it, […]

FREESTYLE FPV TRAINER – Skystars Piper 105mm Palillo de dientes – REVISIÓN COMPLETA & VUELOS ?

Esta es una versión xm. Han hecho algunos cambios con refuerzos adicionales en el marco, so it's gon na make it fly even better. Si decides conseguirlo, así que el mío es el prototipo original, como se ve aquí sin refuerzos, it also has a TPU mount on here that they have […]

Runcam Micro Eagle – LANZAMIENTO OFICIAL – Informe, Comparar & Especificaciones

Es una escena anderen, invierno eterno, sd spot opera. 5 nm saber especial, un resfriado de k, ver tours 4 de kim sr sod puntos, Asc, Extern, bool, ywca, insert vertex, open muerte, soso 3.2 der anwendung wesc stern ce scammers, free fein 3 e. I lose them oman km. Wafer on her and write letters […]

NANO SIZE 8CH SBUS RADIO / Sólo 145 Gramos!

Bugs RC MJX 8 Informe Pro

BYROBOT LIGHTRONE Full ReviewBeginner FPV All In One Box – [Unboxing, Prueba de vuelo, Pros & Contras]

ZOHD ORBIT – Reseña con AKK X2 Ultimate 1200MW Video Transmitter

Furibee Bisonte 150 – MINI DARKMAX! – Revisión completa, Vuelos, Pros & Contras