2 a 4S Power Combo! – EMAX F3 Magnum Mini Torre & Runcam Micro Sparrow – REVISIÓN COMPLETA

Hoy, we're gon na do an Emacs, f3 mini magnum revisión, for you guys and we're going to do a review on the new runcam Sparrow micro. I just got this yesterday and I had to take both of these and just build you guys, a quad really quick. So I could do some testing […]

MJXRC Bugs 8 Pro – 1080p Principiante Fpv Quadcopter [ PROS & CONTRAS, LOS, FPV TEST Review ]

IMPRESIONANTE! – Furibee X215 ProKakute FC, 30Un CES, 2206 Motores, OSD – Revisión completa & Vuelo


Winner of the December 2017 DC/RC Fpv racer drawing! Discover out who gained and say congrats to the winner! Por favor Suscríbete a mi canal. I’ll do a brand new January 2018 drawing arising subsequent week! Discover the 2017 Drone of the 12 months winner the : DarkMax 220 Aquí mismo : 32% off in the […]

HGLRC XJB 145 es un 3″ 4BESTIA S! – 100% Revisión honesta & Vuelos

Visión general sincera del HGLRC XJB 145mm 3" Cuádruple con un poco de energía severa en una batería 4S! Controlador de vuelo F4, 1407 motores sin escobillas y un combo 28A 4in1 ESC. Bastante una influencia en casa que tengo aquí. Benefíciese de la visión general confiable de este pequeño 3" Bestia… Descubre el HGLRC XJB 145mm Fpv Racer aquí […]

100MPH BESTIA? – GEPRC MX3 Sparrow – 100% Revisión honesta

100Mph Micro brushlessThey are saying it may possibly do 105mph? Sincere and full evaluate of the brand new GEPRC MX3 Sparrow. This little 139mm carbon, aluminum quad is an absolute pocket sized beast. 1408 motors swinging 3" props and 28A 4in1 ESCs make this little man break the barrier. To high it off it […]

GANAR? – Detroit Multirotor & Drone gota caja regalo!

We’re making a gift of an entire customized Detroit Multirotor Fpv racer with Magnum F4, 30Un CES, Foxeer Mini Cam, and ZMX 2205 motores. Constructed by Justin Davis. Additionally the remainder of this month's Drone Drop Field. Did you win? If not please don't be an enormous child. 😉 Let's remark and congrats to the […]

FASTEST Race Prop I’ve ever flown – Apoyos de energía azul – Revisión honesta

Quickest prop I've ever flown? New Azure Energy props sincere evaluate and flight check in opposition to the favored Racecraft props. Try the complete evaluate and flight check of every of those new props. I feel you'll like them. I can actually say I’m a fan of Azure Energy after flying these. Beneficiarse de la […]

FPV COMO LOS GUYS EN ESPN? – Revisión completa del Airhogs DR1 Racing Drone

You've seen them on ESPN… Ahora puedevolar como ellos en su patio de nuevo? Vamos a ver acerca de eso. Le proporcionamos un aspecto confiable y la opinión del paquete de corredores fpv ofrecido por Air Hogs y DR1 Fpv Racing League. Benefíciese de la visión general completa, línea de vuelo de la vista, y […]

iFlight VX5 Frame Giveaway!

iFlight Vertigo VX5 frame kit free gift. I forgot to provide this away! Below we choose the winner of this amazing framework. Much more free gifts to come. Please state congrats to the victor! Por favor mantenerme en Patreon: Bonus "Patreon Only" regalos de abejón! Enlace Web a continuación: Justin's Pick's: Mi Radio de pasatiempo de opción: Frsky […]


Quad of the year? FUUTON 2 increases above the remainder of the 5" pack to be a Drone Camps favorite. Helifar seems to have actually elevated bench for the Furibee line of Quads. High end parts, solid slim structure, and great performance make it a 2018 quad of the year prospect. Buy the Helifar FUUTON […]