Hoy tengo una crítica bastante genial para ti: we're, looking at the eachine civitar it's sort of named after avatar they combined cinewoop and avatar to make the civitar i'm just gon na call it caviar because it flies really well and it actually flies better than the Bumblebee v2 that i just reviewed […]

HALCÓN TOVSTO 210 & Redcat Carbon210 Review – [Unboxing / Inspección / Prueba de vuelo / Pros & Contras]

Holybro Shuriken 180 – Prueba de vuelo, Consejo, y visión general

Ajuste de tarifas! con Alex Vanover y Joshua Bardwell

Alex and Joshua focus on how they set their charges for FPV freestyle and racing. Are your charges too low? Or perhaps too excessive? Typically Alex modifications his charges for various race programs…. Charges immediately outline how the drone reacts to stay enter so setting your charges accurately is without doubt one of the most […]

MEJOR MOCHILA DE FPV – $38 Mochila URUAV FPV – Revisión honesta

Bajo costo sin embargo tan bueno! URUAV mochila de Fpv evaluación. Compra uno bajo : $38 URUAV mochila de Fpv : Bajo costo código : toyho iFlight Fpv mochila : Bajo costo código : toyho RealAcc Fpv Backpack : Bajo costo código : toyho Transportable XT60 Glue Gun : Bajo costo código : toyho TS100 Transportable Soldering Iron : […]


Betaflight for DummiesConfiguration Betaflight on your very first fpv racer quad. Talked. The easy method to get your quad in the air. Tutorial by Drone Camps for the fpv community. Quad Core 13" Windows 10 Tablet I use for Betaflight here: Connect for developing your 1st DIY Quad video clip below: Join the […]

30 Segundo – Consejo Profesional #1 – (Cortesía de Drone Camps RC)

30 Segundos consejos rápidos. – Learn a great deal in a short time! Nuevo 30 Second Pro Tips included all week long. Pro Tips Offered by: Justin Davis @ Drone campos RC. Barrio de Drone Camps: Subscribe for regular new drones, Comentarios sencillos, prototipos de, tutoriales, y aparatos tecnológicos. – Mon – Vie . Organización de consultas:. Para […]

Vista previa rápida: DAL F722 RC FC y cohete 4 en 1 ESC

Let's have a look at peek a couple of new drone racing products just in from DALRC in the type of a new F7 "twin gyro" vuelo de controlador y también un 6 50A 32 bits 4-en-1 ESC. Testimonios completos a adherirse a, Cuando he hecho obtenido les en una estructura.